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Beyond the Two-State solution

Zionism can be used in a racist sense, there are anti-conspiracy anti-semites, the existence of Israel can be seen as a product of the need for a Jewish homeland after the any discussion of Zionism is going to be difficult and sensitive but unfortunately necessary.

The two state solution which of course is Green Party policy may be in practical terms necessary....the idea of Pal-Isreal, with the two very antagonistic communities living in peace may seem idealistic, especially given the kind of polarisation which grews with the appalling war we see at present.

Nonetheless as Joel Kovel notes here, ecosocialist should have the vision to call for a single state which transcends ethnic identities.

Kovel inspired me to energise my commitment to ecosocialism and is one of the most important ecosocialist activists and writers on the planet, he is also Jewish and a strong campaigner against anti-semitism, we have a common interest in how anti-semitic nationalism can infect the fr…

London Islamic Network for the Environment Picnic

As you will have picked up from previous posts I am keen to network with progressive Muslims, noting the green strands and traditional tolerance of a sufi approach, here are some details of the LINE picnic next sunday, hopefully I will be able to pop along.

My garden is providing tomatoes, chillis, coriander, onions, courgettes....I have now had three pizza toppings (cheese from Waitrose) from my modest production, all organic, inter cropped from raised beds....very very little work.

Zen seems to be dropping off a little not in for zazen in London for a week or two, must keep this up of course....I would encourage all of you to practice, see weblink...don't feel it is about reading, just the practice of being here alive in the world.

Peace -

Please keep Sunday the 6th of August free, and join us for our upcoming annual organic picnic, for which we've always had great feedback. Please note that the August LINE meeting will be on the second Sunday of the month as usual, and hence wi…

post back to your Labour MP

well back from holidays with the Wall brothers and Sarah, staying with Larry Wall's godfather the ever fascinating green activist, anti-fascist and anti-spook Master, Dr Larry 0'Hara.

Anyway back to is Caroline's statement against the war, remember if you are still in the Labour Party, burn your card, stick the ashes on a piece of cardboard and post back to your Labour MP, especially in marginals. If no MP, try and find a Labour councillor.

Revelations that Blair is going to intervene on behalf of Cliff Richards, his holiday host, to extend copyright back to 70 years, disgusts me.

Within a capitalist system the best of politicians can be corrupted, may be this is Blair's aim to take such capitulation to such extreme and kitsch heights as to make us all into anarchists....bit like Ayn Rand, so pro-the market as to be propagandist's for an anti-capitalist economy.

I mean turning the dome into a giant casino, he is taking the piss, what a legacy.


Rewriting history-Green Party

No, this isn't an expose of what Jonathon Porritt really said, I have just started on the job of updating my history of the Green Party written back in 1993 for it's 20th anniversary.

Spent a lot of time in archives and looking at things like back issues of peace news, PN, far from just covering anti-war material and events provides a history of ecological and alternative politics that goes back to the 1930s.

Any suggestions for updates welcome.

Knowledge sadly is often enclosed in universities and access to the public has declined, university focus on the commercial has correspondingly increased.

The LSE library which can be tough to get into without an academic connection has all the back issues of Peace News.

The Commonwheal Collection at Bradford University is a great archive of peace and ecology newsletters magazines, I get the impression that anyone can join and browse, a great resource if you are in Yorkshire, UK.
This is what they say
About the Commonweal Collection http://ww…

Power cuts cut my space.

Well we thought it was Mossad or the Chinese secret service, lists down, inability to send emails, a range of web problems but it seems more likely that global warming rather than our opposition to war or torture was the reason for these problems.

122 temperatures in California have led to power cuts as energy demand rockets in an attempt to cool the with air conditioners. This led last week to some major problems with my space, etc.....Now this could be because of seasonal freak weather but equally it could be an effect of climate change induced by increases in CO2.

So this seems a good time to introduce George Marshall’s climate denial blog which will be challenging the Lomborgs who say that there are more important things to spend the money than dealing with global warming (Trident at £24 billion any one?) and those who simple say there is no evidence for global warming.

Decentralised energy production seems like part of the solution and a shift to conservation, I guess if demand is …

Latvia - Neo-Nazis terrorise Riga Gay Pride rally

Had this from Outrage, Greens are campaigning hard against repression of sexual freedom in Eastern European..

Latvia - Neo-Nazis terrorise Riga Gay Pride rally

Armed guards called in to protect gays and lesbians

Homophobic threats declared a ‘state secret’ for five years

Peter Tatchell reports from Riga, Latvia – 22 July 2006

“Neo-Nazi, Christian fundamentalist and extreme nationalist protesters
terrorised participants at the Gay Pride rally in the Latvian capital
of Riga last Saturday (22 July 2006).

“Private armed guards were drafted in to provide security, after the
Latvian police repeatedly failed to halt the aggression of the
homophobic mob,” said gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of
OutRage! London.

Mr Tatchell attended and spoke at Riga Pride, at the invitation of the
organisers, the Latvian LGBT rights group, Mozaika. He witnessed
first-hand what happened there.

“Following the decision of the Latvian court to uphold the Riga City
Council’s ban on the gay pride march on 22 July, the …


GL organised a Green Party prescence on the anti-war demo, with Tim Summers producing a strong leaflet and Sian Berry, campaigns coordinator, famous for her anti-4 campaign bringing some 'Green Party-Stop global Warring' placards. Green Party London Councillor's Maya de Souza and Romayne Phoenix supported plus lots of us GPEW rank and file.

We obviously need to step up the protest, the whole of the Middle East is at risk of burning.

Here is Tim's statement.


Green Left statement for the Green Party of England & Wales.

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and Lebanon demonstrates the descent to barbarism of US/UK foreign policy, to seize energy supplies and suppress the people of the Middle East and Central Asia, since the illegal attack and occupation of Iraq in 2003. Israeli Zionism is funded by $200,000,000 of US military aid each year as its main guard-dog of the Middle East. But their guard-dog is off the leash to invade …

Corporate Planet

Well why post this? The fact that the US economy is fuelled by military Keynesianism, by that fact that military spending creates profit is one of the reasons for war in the Middle East.

Blair is another reason, corporate government.

I am amazed by how many Ayn Rand fans one finds on the net, I always thought she was a fictional are never free.

This is from Babylon, its taken from the chapter looking critically at David Korten's ideas.....would value your feedback on how we change this, order Babylon from your library and spread the word....

See you on the Embankment at 11.30

Global government inc
Korten suggests that modern corporations are the ‘dominant governance institution on the planet’ (1999: 60). The Bush junior cabinet of 2000-2004 was, for example, staffed by key corporate figures. Andrew Card, Chief of Staff, was a former chief lobbyist for General Motors; as head of the American Automobile Manufactures Association, he led their $25 million campaign a…


Green Left have coordinated a green response, march with us, we are meeting Cleopatra's needle, 11.30 tommorrow (22nd July) This is from the web, followed by draft statement from Tim Summers of Green Left.

End Israel's Barbarism Now
London: Saturday 22 July
Whitehall Place, SW1, 12 Noon
(Nearest tube: Embankment. Please note there are some tube restrictions this weekend.)

Route: Whitehall Place, Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Piccadilly, Berkeley Street, Grosvenor Square (by US Embassy), Park Lane, Hyde Park.

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Muslim Association of Britain, British Muslim Initiative, Lebanese organisations.


Green Left statement.

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and Lebanon demonstrates the descent to barbarism of US/UK foreign policy, to seize energy supplies and suppress the people of the Middle East and Central Asia, since the illegal attack and occupation of Iraq …

Anti-torture blog: close the escuela de golpes

To do something practical to stop torture, support the 'November 17-19, 2006: Converge at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia'to close the school of the Americas

I have signed up on the anti-torture blog roll, this involves a committment to blog on torture twice a month (click on the link to get involved with your blog). This is a matter of self interest for Greens in both China and Saudi Arabia underground Green Parties exist and are threatened with imprisonment and worse. The big torturer is China, which is a state that routinely abuses its population, but given its huge economic importance seems to face few sanctions. Today I want to flag up the School of the Americas, a US college for Latin American military leaders, the worst dictators and death squad leaders have been here and there is a big campaign to close it down. Mumia has written on it and sums up the historical background with his usual clarity. I have included an excellent LRB review on the invasion of South Ame…

March with Green Party against war

Green Left are mobilising in our modest way against the war. We believe in non violence, we oppose Isreali aggression and the kidnappings. March with us for peace.

'There will be an emergency demonstration in London on Saturday calling for an end to Israeli attacks on Lebanon and no attacks bu either Israel or UK/US on Iran or Syria. Both the national Campaigns Coordinator and the London Campaigns Officer will be present with placards and materials. Members of Green Left are also distributing leaflets on the march.

Can as many Green Party members as possible come to the demo? This is an extremely serious situation in the Middle East. Greens are meeting at Cleopatra's Needle on the Embankment at 11.30am.

Joseph Healy
GPRC International Friend

Hottest day of the year points to global warming

Hot, hot, hot...into London to see the wind that shakes the barley, hate to think how hot it will be, there is talk of breaking the July record which is 36....normally the average for July is 23.

The summers always seem very hot, compared to when I was a child back in the 1970s, one summer does not make for global apocalpyse but these are worrying. The real issue is that we have an economy, a capitalist economy, that works best the more that is produced and consumed. Everything else has to serve the process of throughput through the collective human gut. Blair and the rest don't critique capitalism, the far left are generally productivist and the Greens in a cold political climate rarely have the courage to say how it really is.

As Clinton used to say 'It's the Economy, Stupid'....we need to work less, we need to make goods to last longer, we need to share more, we need a permaculture economy, an organic, largely localised economy, an open source economy....the presen…

LabourStart editor Eric Lee backs Israel*s war

labournet editor Eric Lee has come out in favour of Isreal's attacks, this seems madness, some calls for calm seem more appropriate.

here is my reply to Lee

This seems way off the mark, I can understand why many people who have friends and family in Israel might support much of what the current government has done, equally I can an understand why many people might reject the 'islamofascism' of Hamas.

However the Isreali response, even if one is broadly supportative of the Israel state, is crazy. Hundreds of people in the Lebanon who have nothing to do with Islamofascism have been killed.

Lets face it Israeli action, the action of Bush and Blair, breed Salifism of the worst kind and weaken secular and moderate opposition to oppression.

I can imagine some difficult debates in the political organisation I belong to (Green Party) over the middle east, I can't imagine a single member supporting the bombing of Beirut!

its worth quoting Keith Taylor's excellen statement from t…

Britain's asylum system is out of control

Please read and support, asylum seekers are being kicked out of Britain to be imprisoned or even killed because of their sexuality...

I am forwarding this message from John Hunt, which appeared on the LGBT list, as it concerns asylum seekers, an issue which GL has been active in recently.

Joseph Healy

The leaflet below was distributed at tonight's meeting
at London's City Hall of the Quarterly LGBT Forum.

And I'm pleased to say that I was not the only LGBT Green present.


Deportations / "Removals"
Coalition aims to change Home Office policy

One of this year's IDAHO events in London was a demonstration outside the Home Office, attended by Liberal Democrat President and Shadow Attorney General, Simon Hughes MP, against the deportation of LGBT refugees to face homophobic persecution in their home countries. At EuroPride another protest highlighting the same issues targeted Pride sponsor British Airways, which just three week…