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Listen to Ewa Jasiewicz: speak out against the war for oil

Oil is the vital resource under the feet of 35 million men, women and children in Iraq. And it still theoretically belongs to them. The Iraqi National Oil Company is still publicly owned. The warmongers and occupiers haven't yet got what they came for. Iraq's oil is still un-privatised. And Iraq's oil workers in particular are in a strategic position, socially, industrially and historically to make sure that it never is. wrote Ewa Jasiewicz

Two announcements which are important, one on the oil war from LINE and one on direct action against war.

i.e why war must end from my favourite Islamic green network and how we can stop it from a serious focus network.

Peace -

Whilst runaway climate change looms, the pursuit of the world's oil reserves appears no less intense. Within the upcoming February LINE forum (see below), we will look at how the oil wealth in Iraq is being carved up, the implications, and actions that can be taken to resist and to push for alternatives. The dyna…

Gilad Atzmon libel threat to Sue Blackwell

Let me make a confession. I was brought up as a Zionist in an orthodox Jewish household. I also grew up in the shadow of the Holocaust. I concluded from an early age that if anti-Semitism was wrong, then all forms of racism were equally wrong.

Unfortunately the Zionist movement drew the opposite conclusion. Indeed it accepted the arguments of anti-Semitism that Jews did not belong in the lands where they were born and grew up. They were strangers living in exile (Galut). They should ‘return’ to Palestine. Unfortunately they took with them the ideological framework of European racism. In essence, the anti-Semites said ‘you do not belong’ and the Zionists said ‘we agree’.

This is from Tony Greenstein, who is part of the Alliance for Green Socialism (who I as a green and a socialist would love to see in the GPEW! not organising as another Party), he has a fantastic record as a campaigner on a range of issues including support for Palestine as well as opposition to anti-semitism...issues w…

Support the strike!

I took industrial action as a university teacher and a tough experience it turned out to be even though I only work part time for them...more of this in my diaries in 2046.

Here is my statement in support of the PCS! More here
Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker, said "The people going on strike do so to defend the services we all take for granted. They aren't high flying mandarins or faceless bureaucrats, but hard working ordinary people.

"Massive job cuts, low pay, privatisation, office closures, worsening working conditions and plummeting morale mean that the PCS will go on a one-day strike tomorrow - and they have the Green Party's support."

The selected day is the deadline for self assessment tax returns. It will be followed up by a two week overtime ban. The strike will impact on more than 200 government departments.

Derek Wall also highlighted misdirected government spending on the Iraq war and replacement of Trident, and emphasised the need for civil s…

Vista no thanks, Greens gang up on microsoft

Principal Speaker Sian Berry said:
"Future archaeologists will be able to identify a 'Vista Upgrade Layer' when they go through our landfill sites."

More from us on the deficiencies of microsoft and in praise of open source software here

Resisting the big brother eviction

"Although we won the first battle we still have a fight on our hands. But I bet the Big Brother household will have the first eviction before us."

Well don't forget to rip up your juice contracts to save the lakes from the electricity company Npower who plan to fill with ash.

The Radley Lake Squatters are dug in and defending the lakes, I say, good for them...there is so much ecospin, good to see some solid eco action for a change...go on lib dems and cameroons, make my day and come out and support the squatters!

But (this is from EF!AU) on the 24th Jan Npower got the court agreement to shift the protesters 24.01.2007

today the oxford courts found in favour of npower and have granted immediate possesion of Sandles. A call out to anyone to come down and bring cake and lock on tubes!
Call the site mobile 0777 2055 384

Squatters include veterans from Newbury anti-road protest, have discussed this kind of direct action in my book on Earth First!
and done a little bit myself!
Lets b…

Rolf Gardiner and the roots of far right eco politics

The Gardiner family feel as though they have always been here, too. 'My father was one of the first truly organic farmers and a founder member of the Soil Association. He started in 1927 down the vale two miles away, embarking on land reclamation in Cranborne Chase after much of it had been felled for shipbuilding and the railways.

'It was a broken-down landscape of scree and brambles, gorse and rabbits. With my great-uncle [the composer] Henry Balfour Gardiner, he established four million trees over the next 30 years. Initially, he employed up to 30 men who were glad to have the work in forestry when agriculture was so depressed in the Twenties.

Interesting interview in the Observer food and drink magazine today with Sir John Eliot Gardiner, composer and organic farmer. His father Rolf Gardiner, put on the road by his interest in social credit/monetary reform, was one of the most important far right greens of the 20th century.

This is kind of glossed over by the Observer...


I love Schnews

1. Read the Economist from cover to cover.
2. Read the London Review of books from cover to cover.
3. Read Schnews...essential.

here is some stuff from this weeks schnews,

SchNEWS Fundraising Roast Dinner

Sunday 4th March 2-6pm at the Cowley Club, 12 London Rd. Bar open. All members and their guests welcome.


Crap Arrest Of The Week

For Taking The Biscuit...

The crunch came during a mid-December's night party in Cornwall for one bunch of SchNEWS reading punks when the drummer in a local hardcore band was arrested for throwing chocolate digestive biscuits at the outside of the bar he'd just gigged in. His mate was then arrested, beaten, CS sprayed, cuffed and locked in isolation for asking why he was being arrested, whilst another was nicked for trying to film it and calling the police "F*ckers" when he couldn't. Police overreaction perhaps? Crumbs.


We Are…

End Torture

had this, hope it is of interest.

Dear Derek,

I am writing to inform you about a new anti torture campaign – End Torture (www.endtorture,net) – launched by Citizens for Global Solutions, a Washington DC based NGO working on foreign policy issues. I was very interested and encouraged when I was reading your blog and came across the article on torture. With the new Congress and Democratic majority, the time has surely come for elected leaders to step up to the plate and address this issue effectively, and time will tell if this does indeed happen.

For that reason, I wanted to let you know about our recently launched End Torture Campaign, which calls for the creation of an Independent Bipartisan Commission on Interrogation to bring experts together to critically investigate the use of torture as a U.S. interrogation strategy. We believe we are at a critical juncture, not only with a Democratic majority in the new congress, but also with widespread dissatisfaction over Bush administratio…

Into the valley of the ultra liberals

"Mandatory recycling is usually a mistake. For one thing, we don’t need to recycle everything. We aren’t running out of room for our trash. (One expert, Clark Wiseman, calculated that all the trash produced by the United States for the next 1,000 years could fit in a landfill 44 miles square and 300 feet deep.) We aren’t running out of natural resources, either. Nearly all raw materials today are cheaper than they were in the past--a sign that they remain plentiful." says Julian Morris, free market critic of environmentalism.

so land fill and incineration are no problem, according to him

I debated with Morris on radio 4, yesterday...he makes the Economist magazine look leftwing and radical, recyling, organic food, you name it green is ungreen, according to him and economic growth possible for ever.

more on him here

Death of a Trade Unionist

The Green Party today condemned the brutal murder of Guatemalan trade unionist Pedro Zamora. Zamora, the General Secretary of the Guatemalan STEPQ dockers' union was shot 20 times by multiple assailants in the company of his two young sons, one of whom was injured in the attack in which 100 bullets were fired at the family. this is from Green Party statement.

I am aware of the stats that show with globalisation, that growth in income is going to a minority and that ordinary workers (i.e. most of us on this planet) are getting a smaller and smaller share.

Strong unions are vital to maintaining equality and moving towards a socially just planet...the world over trade union rights are under threat and in many parts of the world trade unionists are actually being killed.

The situation in Guatamala is particularly shocking, remember how a couple of days ago I reviewed El Norte, an 1980s film about peasants under threat from death squads escaping to America.

Remember how the 1954 coup in Gu…

Free market madness?

Infected by affluenza

Blair's encouragement of free market capitalism has boosted spiralling levels of British mental illness

Oliver James
Wednesday January 24, 2007
The Guardian,,1997427,00.html

Mumia on the great conspiracy

More ecosocialism from brother Mumia!

read him, blog...spread the word from a cell in the USA across the globe, creative commons applies I guess.

[Col. Writ. 1/14/07] Copyright 2007 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Quite recently, I offered some thoughts on the startling warm winter
weather we're having.

While I talked about the probable impact of global warming (greenhouse
gases), I didn't directly address the sources of much of it.

Let's be clear. Much of it, perhaps most, is cars. Some folks may be
thinking -- 'uh oh -- here he goes again with that back-to-nature, John
Africa talk again. He actually wants us to give up our cars!'

But how many of us know that in the good old days -- say, in the
19-teens, and the '20s, cars were electric cars -- run on batteries?

In the early third of the 20th century, most American mass transit was
an electrical aff…


Claire Melamed of charity ActionAid said three million people in the developing world supplied food to the leading UK supermarkets.

She said those overseas suppliers were seeing "wages and living conditions going down and down, while supermarket profits are going up and up".
this is from the BBC report on today's comments from the Competition Commission on supermarkets. Looks to me that they are unlikely to take serious action against Tescopoly, although they cautiously note that the power of the big four supermarkets may be putting pressure on farmers.


George Monbiot notes the efforts of Tesco, etc to appear green but notes the very fact that they have to sell us more and more is problematic, I think he like the CC could have been tougher. Supermarkets are a barrier to the creation of local, diverse ecological food production, those owned mutually and cooperatively like Coop and Waitrose alone have the potential (but only the p…

npower and better energy

A contributer writes.....

To my shame, I used to work for npower (albeit in the renewables division) and they are the biggest bunch of sharks you will ever encounter. Regarding 'tearing up your npower contract', the best approach is as follows:

1) Switch supplier, to either Ecotricity or Good Energy, neither of which invest a penny in fossil or nuclear generation.

2) Write a letter to Andy Duff, RWE npower's CEO. He's based at their Swindon HQ. Address is:

RWE Npower
Trigonos Building
Windmill Hill Business Park
Whitehill Way
Wilts SN5 6PB

thanks for this info!


This is from LINE....useful digest of green faith events coming up...


Here's a few events and notices, capital-centric but hopefully inspiring, if not useful even to those outside...



Date: Tues 30th January
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Venue: St Ethelburga's Centre, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG


Aubrey Meyer (Director of the Global Commons Institute)
Imam Abdul-Hakim Murad (Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge)
Claire Foster (Policy advisor to the Church of England on environmental issues)

A multi-faith gathering on the theme of climate change to mark the anniversary of Gandhi's assassination. With live music, refreshments and readings from Gandhi. In collaboration with the Gandhi Foundation. This event is free and open to all.

Web:; E-mail: ; Tel: 020 7496 1610


South Asian Climate Ch…

El Norte: A film for John Reid

El Norte poster

We came only to sleep, to dream. All things are lent to us. We are only on earth in passing. Rosa's funeral song sang in Mayan.

Discussing the complicity of the right wing Reagan regime with Guatamala death squads, the lead actor in El Norte stated, according to wikipedia,

Fifteen years ago, the indigenous people in Guatemala were living a cruel extermination that forced them to flee toward Mexico and the United States. This exodus lasted a decade and half a million Guatemalans made the journey to America seeking for asylum and refuge...El Norte became a powerful fighting element, grew an audience, searched audiences, and left the theatres to tell its truth

Watched El Norte, an 1983 excellent Spanish/US film about Guatamalan peasants escaping death squads and poverty to go to 'El Norte' where they have flush toilets. They struggle through disused sewers into Las Vegas. But life in the north sees them suffer and remain as cheap labour for those with wealth an…

don't fly unless you need to.

thanks for this,

as Green Party of england and wales male principal speaker i don't feel I am in a position to go to global conferences that involve air flights.

I am keen to discourage people from flying unless absolutely necessary

best wishes,


>From: "Congress 2007"
>Subject: Fwd: Personal Invitation/ Global Conference
>Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 06:32:35 +1100
>Dear Dr Wall:
>We sent you an invitation to attend a Global Conference a month ago
>but as
>yet, have not heard back from you. We hope that this is not an
>indication of
>your inability to participate.
>I am re-appending my original email replete with Invitation and
>Conference literature. Kindly look through the material and let us
>know of
>your decision as soon as is possible. We certainly hope to see you
>in Salt
>Lake City in August!
>Thanking you,
>for the Steering Committee
>---------- Forwarded mess…

Principal speaker fun: this week!

Well another week of PS fun, tuesday a meeting on the politics of survival for East Berkshire green Party in Bracknell...good turnout and discussion.

Thursday helping Sasha Khan, GP candidate in Bensham Manor by-election Croydon. economics meeting speaking to Kent Federation of Green Parties in Wye, Kent.

Sunday Times interview on the greening of Bush! see what if any of it they run tomorrow.

Letters sent off on Brown's turn to Gandhi!

And as you will have picked up from this blog, battling away to save Radley Lakes.

Letter on Mcdonald campaign and need for rail nationalisation in tuesdays Morning Star published.

Must flag up the Green Party's support for the Trade Union Freedom Bill!

A green Tesco? I don't think so

It would take more than 60 greengrocers to match the carbon dioxide
emissions from a single average superstore.

Tesco’s new “Extras” stores are extremely inefficient in terms of energy
use. A survey by Sheffield Hallam University found that large
superstores are the most energy inefficient buildings in the
retail/light industrial sector, despite the relatively new building
stock. Taking into account the average size of buildings, the amount of
climate changing emissions from superstores compares very badly to those
of other food businesses, emitting three times more carbon dioxide than
a greengrocers, per square foot.

This is from Tescopoly.

George Monbiot in his excellent book Heat, argues that supermarkets are giant sources of energy waste with their bright lights and empty spaces that need heating. Instead he argues we should buy from them on line and get a delivery, I would say supporting local markets is even better and a bit of grow your own is good.

From instant meals packaged with waste …

How Can Jews Help Prevent an 'Environmental Genocide'

Climate Changers,

Announcing a great event on Sunday 4th February 2007 at 2pm

Please circulate this amongst any of your relatives and contacts who
are Jewish, or who are keen to find out about the impact of London's
Jewish community on the global problem of Climate Change.

How Can Jews Help Prevent an 'Environmental Genocide' and Save the Planet ?
with United Nations 'green negotiator' Aubrey Meyer and friends.

Sunday 4 February, 2pm
Tickets £12
London Jewish Cultural Centre
Ivy House, 94 - 96 North End Road London NW11 7SX

Renowned United Nation's green activist and musician Aubrey Meyer will
open the debate 'How can Jews (help) save the planet ?' with a violin
performance of the theme to Schindler's List. The music will accompany
a screening of incontrovertible images of the 'environmental genocide'
he suggests we now face.


Response from save the lakes to npower

Thank you for your support. We want more people to switch their power supply and tell NPower the reason. If it starts to hurt them in their finances they might begin to change their standpoint.

The save the lakes people have asked me to post up the following response to N powers reply to those of you who have been busy tearing up juice contracts and sending them back.

Your good actions are having an effect on Npower and remind all corporations in the energy sector that green action is necessary and that greenwash will be spotted.

I would anser the points as follows

Didcot "A" 's recycling has dropped over the years. This is because of the emissions coming out of their stacks; the Environment Agency forced them to take action to reduce the NOX emissions from their coal burning chimneys. Accordingly, instead of fitting catalytic convertors they decided to burn the ash at a lower temperature, which, because it contains unburnt coal, makes the ash unsuitable for use in th…

Save the lakes

Activists are occupying and intend to defend a squatted lakeside property in order to prevent the infilling of Radley Lakes with toxic ash from the burning of coal at the nearby npower owned Didcot power station.

The occupants intended to use the property as environmental field centre with the support of the local community, where there is massive local opposition to the destruction of the last two remaining lakes at Radley.

The lakes are unusual in their clarity and the area contains local and national rare and threatened species, with 115 species of birds recorded and over 1000 trees surrounding the lake which will be felled. However this has been ignored by power company RWE npower, and has been rail-roaded through by Oxfordshire County Council.
write EF!ers.

If you can get to Oxfordshire and you have a day or three spare please support the activists trying to save Radley Lakes, currently occupying a house, next to them, to prevent them being filled in with ash 'contact the site…


Radley Lakes...posting more later!

Love in Zen is a love for or delight in the world. Both Christian love and Buddhist compassion are based on a belief in the need to be saved from the world of sin or suffering. Moreover, like most salvation religions they are almost entirely concerned with human existence, and they either ignore nature as being unimportant, as in Christianity, or as one of the sources of human suffering, as in standard Buddhism. The world for Zen means both the human one and the world of nature. Salvation implies that life here and now is subordinate or inferior to some future existence after death. To be able to love nature, on the other hand, is to be in love with life in all its manifestations in the here and now. The Comic in Zen

Its important to get the 'theology' right, this is from my favourite Zen site. More important than the words here is a practice of being in the world, while campaigning for our planet and liberation. I think my only difference wi…

Rip up your juice contract if you love Radley Lakes

Juice supports the generation of clean, green electricity in a very simple way.

However juice is run by NPower who are filling in a series of beautiful lakes (approx 50 years old) near Radley in Oxfordshire...if you want to save the remaining lakes, take a good long look at you juice contract

Read more here for my principal speaker statement.

Mumia Abu-Jamal's columns here

Hey Derek, where do you find text of Mumia's commentaries online? I haven't been able to track them down. asks Tim.

thanks Tim!

Mumia's work is on this website, although I seem to get his columns slightly quicker, always worth reading in my opinion. I think he should be freed and think we should think about what he has to say, I always find it interesting.

Can you imagine Gramsci writing online from prison?

Kidnapping Joschka: AGW reviews the Edukators

The Edu

Watched the Edukatorsyesterday, which was great fun, I am not sure whether the political conclusion is to vote conservative or join the CPGB/Weekly Worker. Its I suppose conservative, saying that youth loses its radicalism and anti-anarchist in that direct action of a spectacular kinds is just playing (don't write in if you are an anarchist I know its not all art attacks and kidnapping!)

Three young anti-capitalists end up kidnapping by mistake a middle aged German, who then charms them with his tales of his summer of free love and anarchy before becoming an establishment figure at the heart of German government. Bloody hell! its Joschka_Fischer.

Seriously watch its interesting and political and it will remind you of anyone you have ever lived with in a squat, commune or bedsit.

Mumia on ecocatastrophe

Mumia has long advocated his statement on climate crisis on another green world

[Col. Writ. 1/7/07] Copyright 2007 Mumia Abu-Jamal

When I went into the yard several days ago, (OK--cage) I couldn't help but be shocked.

It was still dark, as the sun hadn't yet risen, not quite 7 a.m. It was nearly 60 degrees.

When I felt how warm it was, I was absolutely stunned.

The grass was still green, and it felt like a moist, spring morning.

I couldn't help but think of global warming -- the dumping of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which traps heat near the earth's surface, like a blanket on a bed.

It has been clearer than I've ever seen it in over 50 years of life.

I then thought that it was a mixed blessing that Al Gore wasn't elected in 2000, for if he had been it's doubtful that he would've been so outspoken about the causes of global warming, and the consequences for the powerful oil …

Green glass?

Crucially, recycling glass reduces the need for energy-intensive quarrying of silica and lime. For every tonne of recycled glass used, 1.2 tonnes of raw material is preserved. Besides, glass recycles beautifully precisely because it contains such simple materials. It can be turned back into jars and bottles using the minimum of energy except - and herein lies the problem - if it's green glass. Because the UK is a prolific wine importer but produces very little wine, traditionally more green bottles have been left sitting on the wall than we have use forThey used to be piled up in green-glass mountains and shipped to South America for reprocessing, but now they are crushed and used as aggregate in road building.

Lucy Siegle writes about why glass recycling matters today in the Observer.

Back when I was in primary school bottles could be returned and a pence or two claimed back, this is even better than smashing them up first.

Bottle banks, reformism?

Keeping them, buying a capping mach…

Green Party Executive today

Spent most of the day at the Green party Executive meeting, its funny for me. As Principal Speaker along with Sian, we can both talk to stuff and take part but we are not allowed to vote. A pleasing bit of anarchy which prevents the supposedly charasmatic from actually voting...I hope this will stay.

The best part of the day was catching up with Tim Summers, who is the campaigns person on gpex and very dynamic and talking to Khalid Hussenbux, he deals with finance...we discussed how to outreach to other muslims like Khalid and he told me he is keen to talk to anyone about sufism and Islam which is good news.

Fairly civilised, passions rarely rise to the surface and consensus is the rule....bit boring at times, though. Meetings, meetings

Must think about the green budget, toying with the idea of filming my pretend Gordon Brown speech, drinking a dram half way through, rolling back PFIs and balancing green taxes with real redistribution....some measures for a self-managed non corporate …

Environment Week

Every year, the LSE Students' Union runs its Environment Week, designed to
highlight a range of environmental and ecological issues, and provide
inspiration for action and change on sustainability. This year's week is
sponsored by The Independent.

The week will feature Jenny Jones and Matt Sellwood from our party. Here is the
list of the events:

MONDAY JANUARY 15TH, 6pm, New Theatre

Environment Question Time

SPEAKERS: Colin Challen MP, Labour Party

George Galloway MP, RESPECT

Jenny Jones AM, Green Party

Tim Yeo MP, Conservative Party

TUESDAY JANUARY 16TH, 6pm, U8 (Tower 1)

Animal Testing: Necessary Cruelty or Cruelly Unnecessary?

SPEAKERS: Dr. Kathy Archibald, Europeans for Medical Progress Trust

Dr. Margaret Clotworthy, Europeans for Medical Progress

Iain Simpson, Pro-Test Campaign

Prof. John Stein, Oxford University



Excellent article here from the socialist unity site on Somalia written by an Ethiopian socialist.

On this subnect Tim Summers has sent me this.

Wednesday 7th Feb, Green Party protest against Trident assembling at 1pm on
Parliament Square at the peacecamp opposite St Stephens Gate, 2pm to follow
Caroline Lucas MEP to the Defence Ministry, Whitehall where she will seek
dialogue with the Defence Minister, as we face Downing Street opposite. 3pm
approx, disperse or tarry at the Lord of the Moon pub, Whitehall.

Saturday 24th February, 12 noon near Speakers Corner, Hyde Park for a strong
Green contingent on the "No Trident - Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan" demonstration
march called jointly by CND and Stop the War Coalition. This will be large.

I hope we can raise something of the high Green visibility of November's Climate Change event. Please seek to mobilise your branch members and bring its banner if you have one. 5,000 A5 leaf…

More troops to Iraq

Bush is to send another 21,000 troops, despite Congress falling to the Democrats and we have seen the Somalia bombing.

This is the norm, US foreign policy involves violence against real or perceived enemies and US politics is military-industrial with large arms manufacturers lobbying politicians.

The huge finance needed to win elections in the US means corporate interests can buy influence....and not just Blair but all previous UK prime ministers have maintained support for the US.

Clearly the Iraq strategy has failed for the US, will this lead to a deep seated change and the evolution of some alternative politics as we saw with the Vietnam War? I hope so.

But even the Democrats will keep to the essential script because their congress member and presidential candidates depend on corporate finance.

Its democracy but a closed managed one with alternatives finding little space.

The Green Party results in November with, for example, 11% in Illinois give some hope and the radical voices seem to …

Greens comment on religious opposition to sexual freedom

They want to hold onto the right to discriminate against LGB people and it’s simply unacceptable that these organisations could now hold the Government to ransom over

well, another roller coaster of a day as principal speaker (I will tell you more in the Wall diaries in 2046!)...this is from the Green Party LBGT group and needs saying


**Religious organisations are scaremongering*
Green Party condemns moves to delay goods and services equality and welcomes House of Lords vote*

/Should a lesbian pupil be expelled from a faith school because of her sexuality?
Is it right that a faith-run homeless hostel can stop housing someone because they’re gay?/

The answer to both of these questions is ‘yes’ if the Government waters down new legislation.

The Government is putting regulations before Parliament which will make it illegal for the providers of goods and services to discriminate against lesbian and…

FACE offset 'debacle' on BBC1 this friday

Jutta sent me this, thanks Jutta...the way greenhouse effect is used, by the those pushing the worst form of offset, to benefit the wealthy and damage those who practice practical green solutions is a scandal.

Lets not fuck around, a bit less flying and some efforts to use less energy and push renewables is vital....we cannot just 'offset' our wasteful activities...I am no fly, I hope you will follow me.

BBC Inside Out film on FACE Foundation 'offset' debacles
in Uganda will air this coming Friday on BBC 1 - London area at 19:30

Hello all,

Just a brief update that the BBC TV film on the FACE Foundation 'offset'
debacle in Kibale, Uganda, will air this coming Friday at 19:30 on BBC
Inside Out [London regional programme for now, possibly later in same
programme's other regions].

Best wishes,

FERN / SinksWatch Initiative
Jutta Kill

"FERN works to achieve greater environmental and social justice, focussing
on forests and forest peoples' rights in the policie…

FACE debace on BBC1 this friday

Jutta sent me this, thanks Jutta...the way greenhouse effect is used, by the those pushing the worst form of offset, to benefit the wealthy and damage those who practice practical green solutions is a scandal.

Lets not fuck around, a bit less flying and some efforts to use less energy and push renewables is vital....we cannot just 'offset' our wasteful activities...I am no fly, I hope you will follow me.

BBC Inside Out film on FACE Foundation 'offset' debacles
in Uganda will air this coming Friday on BBC 1 - London area at 19:30

Hello all,

Just a brief update that the BBC TV film on the FACE Foundation 'offset'
debacle in Kibale, Uganda, will air this coming Friday at 19:30 on BBC
Inside Out [London regional programme for now, possibly later in same
programme's other regions].

Best wishes,

FERN / SinksWatch Initiative
Jutta Kill

"FERN works to achieve greater environmental and social justice, focussing
on forests and forest peoples' rights in the policie…

Green Party principal speaker condemns attack on Somalia

"US foreign policy based on violence breeds conflict and injustice, and must be condemned. From Vietnam to Guatemala (1959 coup) to Iraq and the horn of Africa, US militarism has multiplied violence

Read more of Derek's statement here


Dear friends,

The battle to defeat Indonesia's 43 year attempt to keep secret their crimes in West Papua took another step forward in London on 8th January 2007!

As some of you will already know, there was an hour long debate on West Papua in the UK Parliament (House of Lords) last night:

Here is the web page with the record of the whole debate:

Now it's up to all of us to keep up the pressure for as long as it takes.



Richard Samuelson
Free West Papua Campaign, Oxford, England

Government by and for the Bee Gees

Reacting to iTunes chart naming Crazy as most downloaded song, Siån Berry, Principal Speaker, Green Party, said:

"Each song bought is a 79p commitment to stick to Apple's store and iPod players since the songs bought cannot be legally transferred to another format. We all need to think a little beyond the sheen of unscratched iPods and think how consumers and musicians will feel in a few years time when they are de facto locked into a single format by a single vendor. It's time to act to guarantee interoperability of DRM formats in order to consumer and musician's rights."

Tony Blair is tempted by his musician friends like Robin Gibb and Cliff Richards who he holidays with to extend the Green Party we want to support open source and put the power into the hands of the downloaders....I guess you are doing it for yourself....

More here

Tories and tabliods say rats to recyling.

Tories said yesterday that the report was more evidence that should persuade the Government and Environment Secretary David Miliband to stop pushing councils to bring in recycling schemes.

The right are on the march arguing once again that recyling is wrecking the environment, see here. I suppose they want incinerators. warming and more kfcs are making them big, fat and fecund.

Use a worm bin or a green cone and waste less food is what I say.

There seems to be no problem in providing secure containers for waste.

the days when we could use the green earth as a rubbish dump are coming to end, even for people like Eric Pickles...go with the flow, don't resist obvious environmental improvements like recycling, reuse and less waste.

vegan lunchbox

If you think vegan lunchtime means peanut butter and jelly day after day, think again! From the simple to the sublime, Vegan Lunch Box brings you an amazing array of entirely meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free lunches.

Transform how you look at lunchtime forever, with…

* Complete, well-balanced menus to help you pack nutritious, irresistible lunches.
* Quick lunches that are ready in a flash.
* Easy recipes that older kids can make themselves.
* Exciting themed lunches for special occasions.
* Adventurous lunches made with foods from around the world

This is from vegan lunch box com

Whats my line on the Vegan Lunchbox blog? This is tough....I mean political Islam, how to create prosperity with a no growth economy, how to bring about a green Britain...all easy compared to this.

Well, its an ideology of anti-feminist house wifery, this women is a slave to children who she makes twee lunch boxes for, its the family as an Althusserian tool of state ideological repression....i…