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Could we beat the conservatives in Scotland

like shares, poll ratings can go up as well as down but I am encouraged by this.

Assembly elections on May 3rd, also note that the Scottish Green Party is indepedent from GP of England and Wales.

Poll by Progressive Scottish Opinion on last night's Newsnight:

SNP 34%
Labour 28%
LD 11%
Tory 11%
Green 9%
Others 4%

Projected seats

SNP 46
Labour 40
LD 17
Tories 12
Greens 10
Others 4

16 days left to Save the William Morris gallery

As Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party I recognise the enormous debt that Greens have to William Morris, a great thinker and artist who campaigned for environmental and social justice, it is vitally important to save this resource

The William Morris gallery in Walthemstow is under closure threat from Waltham Forest council, he was a great artist and green thinker, a founder of the socialist movement in Britain, his legacy should be celebrated not put in the bin!

Read more from the wiki oracle....he had the same politics as me red and green!

this is his take on globalisation

And what is all this for? For the spread of abstract ideas of civilization, for pure benevolence, for the honour and glory of conquest? Not at all. It is for the opening of freshmarkets to take in all the fresh profit-producing wealth which is growing greater and greater every day; in other words, to make fresh opportunities for waste; the waste of our labour and our lives. from 1896! see here for more

here is so…

Papuans Seek Global Support for UN Peacekeepers, Free Elections

South China Morning Post
March 22, 2007

Papuans Seek Global Support for UN Peacekeepers, Free Elections

Abused by the Indonesian army and exploited by multinationals, Papuans are seeking self-determination, writes Fabio Scarpello

The Reverend Socrates Sofyan Yoman is a soft-spoken man. But his voice turns firm when asked what is the way forward for Papua, the region where he lives and where most locals have been demanding independence for nearly four decades.

"The only way out is self-determination. We have the right to decide for ourselves," said the chairman of the West Papuan Baptist Church.

Mr Socrates does not trust Jakarta. Nor does he think the 2001 Special Autonomy Law is the answer to the region's problems.

"In Special Autonomy there was a hope of improving the people's standards of living; but the law has not stopped the tears and blood of the indigenous, and the truth is that it gives the Indonesians more of a chance to use more cruel and inhuman policies to…

“Climate Disinformation is Genocide”

Come and target the ultimate global warming villain

24 hours of protest at Exxon (Esso) HQ

5.00 pm Thursday 5th April to 5.00 pm Good Friday, April 16th

Mass Action, 2.00 pm Friday

FAT CATS PARTY - Climate Victims Vigil

Music, Street Theatre, Workshops, Climate impacts displays

Speakers include :

Mark Lynas (Climate Change journalist and author)
Derek Wall (Green Party Principal Speaker)
Elaine Graham-Leigh (RESPECT Environment spokesperson)
Phil Thornhill (Campaign against Climate Change National Coordinator)
Shane Collins ( Grass-roots environmentalist & Green party candidate, Brixton)

ExxonMobil (trading under the name “Esso” in the UK) Headquarters is South of London, about 20-30 minutes walk

from Leatherhead Railway Station (trains from Waterloo & Victoria) . It is North of Le…

conference speech: mainlining on petroleum


Dr. Derek Wall this morning gave his first keynote speech to the party's Spring conference.

Talking around the theme 'Catastrophe and Resistance', he outlined the ways in which radical green politics can equip us to challenge the threats of ecological and economic catastrophe. Dismissing the Tories as 'green pretenders', he cited conventional politicians 'lack of understanding, lack of vision and lack of aspiration.'

"Gordon Brown commissioned the Stern review, but there is little evidence that he has read it.

"We have new green, the painted on environmentalism of Cameron, Campbell and Brown, united yes by ecotaxes but also by support for nuclear weapons and the insanity of ever increasing economic growth. They use accountancy to pretend they are doing something, but its more like pushing food around your plate than eating up the problem."

"Cameron the neo-con backs war in Iraq as well.


My budget speech

Gordon Brown, cuts for corporations, tax bribes for the middle class, cutting the 10p band will hurt the poorest. Little in the way of serious carbon cuts and more cash for war.

Well what did we expect.

Watch my budget here.

All parties move to the right......

The reason why this all matters is that the history of all previous egalitarian parties shows that as they gradually developed a professional bureaucracy and a leadership consisting of full time professional politicians they gradually moved to the right and towards accommodation with the ruling political establishment – and with the ideas of that establishment.

this was a great contribution to the lets have a leader debate, I don't agree with Sean especially because I think it is easy to explain what a speaker is and obvious comparison with the kibbo kift kin are a bit of a dig (more on social credit another day)

but Sean, who incidentally is an ex member of RESPECT, covers a lot of interesting ground on the vexed issue of political organisation.

Incidentally this give you a taste of the Green Left group in the Green Party at its best, lots going on the ecology and islam front in the Party which I will blog about soon...any way enough of me on to Sean

Hi Folks

It seems that one can’t p…

Another ape threatened with extinction

George Monbiot, published in Green World 35:

"I think much of the Green Party's refreshing distinctiveness rests on the absence of a single leader. It's one of the only parties which really looks like a party, rather than simply an apparatus of power designed to sustain those at the top. It's essential that we have alternatives to the increasingly monarchical style of Blair, Bush and the other G8 leaders and to the appalling whipping system which dominates almost all forms of party politics in Britain, crushing dissent, free speech and genuine representation. Partly because of the absence of a single charismatic leader, the party has the potential to remain much closer to the voters. How this plays in terms of realpolitik is another matter, but I believe the Green Party is respected for its integrity and idealism, and is trusted as a genuine alternative to the others."

here is our petition to preserve the principal speakers male and female instead of going for a le…

My budget!

The rumour is that Sian and I sat in some cafe in Islington to iron out who would do what and guess what I am not PM!

Here is my Green Party budget....for planet, real prosperity and justice.

We like open source, renewables, workers control/mutuals, low carbon, trade union freedom.

We don't like city bonuses, monopolistic pharmaceutical firms, expensive housing or 'neo-classical endogenous growth theory'.

If I look like I have a cold and sound like I have a cold, its because of the lingering nasty flu.

Here is the video if you want to watch, nice bumping into Gandhi.

Lets get on with the conference speech!

Crikey arguing with Christopher Horner!!!!

Douglas Coker said...
Derek. Crikey arguing with Christopher Horner!!!! I saw him on C4 News a year(?) ago being interviewed by Jon Snow. Horner came on like a thug in a suit with a machine gun delivery style and had Snow pinned aaginst the wall and seriously struggling.

I subsequently e-mailed Snow saying if these people are to be interviewed much preparation needs to be done and thought given to how to tackle them. They are not, emphasise not, interested in reasoned rational debate. I actually wonder if it is in any way useful trying to engage with these people.

How did you get on? Did you survive?

Douglas Coker

I am more worried about those in the Green Party who are so desperate to shut me up, they are going to abolish my post this week at conference via a referendum!

Chris Horner was a soft touch compared to political opponents with a fist full of proxy votes!

any way have a look at me on Naadir's blog which has the you tube cut.

Cameron and compassionate conservatism

We would love to think they are 'compassionate conservatives', especially as New Labour are so far to the right.

However Cameron and co will still work for the corporations if they gain power, we will just have a change of emphasis...

this is from 'action without theory' blog

Tory leader David Cameron is secretly promising business leaders that - if elected - he will take away rights workers and trade unions have won in the last ten years.
I am told Cameron briefed bosses at a meeting in Leeds, at the office of the Yorkshire Post newspaper.
He promised to "roll back" legislation like rights for workers to vote to force their employers to negotiate with trade unions. One of the places where this has happened is Yorkshire Post Newspapers.
Union recognition - as this is called - has given thousands of workers the chance to negotiate proper pay scales, challenge the long hours culture, and stand together against bullying bosses.

More here

Royal Bank of Scotland fund climate change

had this..

Hi Derek

I spoke alongside you at CCC's Exxon meeting at Vernon Square the other Monday.
Was wondering whether you could feature a report I just produced on RBS & the
financial fuel behind climate change on your blog?

The RBS PR machine is pretty powerful and nixed most of our mainstream coverage,
so am trying to get our findings out via blogs etc.
You can see the report on and have copied the blurb about
it below.

cheers mika


Friends of the Earth Scotland
People & Planet
nef (the new economics foundation)

THE OIL BANK OF SCOTLAND - fuelling climate change

The Royal Bank of Scotland is covering up involvement in carbon emissions
greater than those of the whole country of Scotland, according to new research
published today, Monday 12 March 2007.[1] As the government prepares to publish
its draft Climate Change Bill, the report “The Oil & Gas Bank” reveals the
extent to which RBS-NatWest is providing the financial fuel d…

Derek Wall takes on climate denier on David Frost Show

I am on with David Frost,aljazeera TV, arguing with climate denier Christopher Horner, tonight (if you are UK). ...I think at 6.30

Christopher Horner is one of the few 'deniers' who will still debate on TV apparently. He is slick, humourous and even has some good points, for example, I agree with him that Kyoto is too weak (but it is too weak cos of deniers like Chris, who make it difficult for policy makers to cut the emissions).

Emissions trading is something I must get back to discussing another day.

In text he is very US neo-con populists....climate change is a plot by anti-capitalists...European socialists (i.e Blair) trying to bring down the US economically.

In the flesh he is rather more convincing.....but it amounts to using the fact that climate science is complex as a way of grouping doubts to prove that nothing is happening.

I was please though to do this by video link, with the climate deniers flying less and doing stuff from a studio there is hope.

Be nice if Al Gore s…

Bengal Communist steal land from the peasants

Peasants reclaim land in Brazil, in India land is stolen from the people
Communism in West about power and 'growth'. Communism in West Bengal, I call it theft. The CP government are going ahead with land seizures from peasants to create an 'export processing zone' where cheap labour will service a giant petroleum plant.

This is enclosure.

Throughout history land is stolen, nature destroyed and ordinary people seperated from their means of life.

Resistance continues!

Read more here.


Well still shaking off the avian illnesses and quite busy. What should I put in my Green Party conference speech for nextweek? How should Brown by challenged on his budget? And all the usual dodgy internal politics you get not just in the green party but I guess in most institutions....dear oh dear, you all know who you are and will be named and shamed in due course!

Any way got sent this by my union the UCU, please support!

To members and likely supporters of UCU's 'sustainability network' :

1) The following EDM is being promoted in support of workplace environmental representatives. You may wish to encourage your MP to sign this. This is just one aim of UCU's 'sustainability network' .


John McDonnell

Mr Elliot Morley

Tony Lloyd

Colin Challen

Nia Griffith

Mark Lazarowicz

* 8

Mr Andrew Love
Mark Durkan

That this House notes the warnings set out in the Stern Report about the potential economic effects of cli…

I escaped from hospital and made my way to Question Time

I think Bernard Matthews has taken revenge for loss of sales over my BBC news bird flu comments, incidentally like all good capitalists when there is a down turn in sales he slashes the work force rather looking to an ethical alternative, did he inject me with the virus? Who else have I upset....come down the usual 429 suspects from the orthodox of Tibet to the green right to young liberals everywhere..

I have had the flu and struggled on but it has kept me from virtually all useful communications.

In fact this is me, I have escaped from hospital and I am making my way to do the Green Party Principal Speaker spot on Question Time on thursday, If you watched you will know that I got as far as the Lake District and didn't make it to the Newcastle venue.

Question Time, well Sian Berry was lucky enough to get this fantastic opportunity, you can see how she did here? (pod cast only for a couple of days so get in quick).

Seriously, the photo is from the great horror film about the flu …

Greens will win North Down seat.

Brian Wilson GP 2,839 9.2% on first count, I predict first Green victory in Northern Ireland Assembly elections.

I have even canvassed in North Down for them last time around, less bracing than the Ballysillan Road full of dangerous dogs and nervous households....but for Peter Emerson who is a global peace visitor, this is home.

Even without a Wilson victory, the Green votes are stacking up nicely at present and bode well for gains in the South, Scotland and England as well as first success in Welsh Assembly

The high cost of low prices

Wal-Mart contributed to 206 members of Congress who voted for the 2005 energy bill, one of the most harmful anti-environmental pieces of legislation in the past decade. The energy bill turned back the clock by weakening environmental laws and giving away billions in tax breaks and subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies. From

Derek Wall were sceptical about whether companies would ever really be part of the solution.

Well what I did say was that it was inappropriate to praise ASDA Wallmart, which Jeremy Leggett did for their zero carbon policy, that green politics was about justice not just the environment and that a company that pushed wages down for producers and steam rollers local economies, should not be seen as green.

The best movement was when Chris Huhne refused to rule out a moratorium on new runways, clearly the Liberal Democrats can be embarrassed into a stronger position.

For more on the Exxon meeting and how to fight corporate driven global warming click here.

Is Walmart gre…

Just do it.

Click here for instant enlightenment (well....), just click here

Zen is essential.

sadly all this principal speaker stuff is cutting into my zazen. Perhaps I could organise an offset...this monday I got to argue with Chris Huhne I pay you to sit in meditation for me....the other week too busy for zazen cos of preparing for Hard hard talk is zen but may be I could pay for a programme of Buddhist ethical advice aimed at teenages in Salford.

Zen Master Dogen said, "you and the streams
and the mountains are one and the same,"
you could read the fascinating article on Zen and ecology this is from but no I don't want you to read about Zen, Zen is doing.

Incidentally one of my muslim environmentalist friends told me that his Sufi order are in the tv series 'The Retreat'.....Sufism is of course strong on practice as well, so just do zen, if not join a sufi circle....but without getting into dualism, discrimination and instruction... don't read one of …

Npower criminalise protest

Granted in the high court by the Honourable Mr Justice Calvert-Smith, it forbids the people of a village in Oxfordshire from "coming to, remaining on, trespassing or conducting any demonstrations or protesting or other activities" on the claimant's land.

George Monbiot writes today in the Guardian about how Npower have used an injunction to criminalise protest against the dumping of waste in the beautiful Radley Lakes.

Interesting report on ITN News yesterday with film of Chinese farmers protesting against having their land stolen for development.

Free market economics spins its story as being about liberty and freedom from the big state, in reality it is based on theft, we call it 'enclosure'. Resistance to enclosure is what the politics of class struggle and environmental justice is about.

Incidentally you may have heard that there is a great push in the Green Party to enclose my position and go for a single they say 'if voting changed anything..…

Green Party Principal Speaker to address Campaign Against Climate Change meeting

7pm, Monday 5th March, Room V111, Vernon Square Campus, off Kings Cross Rd

Dr. Wall will join Chris Huhne MP - Lib Dem Shadow Environment Minister, Jeremy Leggett - Author and Director of Solar Century, and others to debate the motion: "Is Exxon Mobil the World's worst climate criminal?"

In advance of the meeting Derek said: "Utah Phillips, the great labor organiser and advocate of direct action, once said 'The Earth isn’t dying, it's being murdered. And those who are doing it have names, addresses and faces.' "

"Exxon Mobil has been at the forefront of a massive lobbying effort by the fossil fuel industry around the world, but most especially in the US, to prevent international agreement on emissions reductions. The damage they have done in hindering action on climate change - the greatest threat the world faces…

Right wing wiki

Right wingers in the states have created wiki is too 'liberal'.....

it just looks like a rubbish version of the true open source goddess to me..but at least we have hooked them in.

Lets have a look at their world:

February 28
The Republican Party of the United States of America was organized on this day in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin.
this the most recent date on the date bit!

Marx drew heavily on the ideas of the German philosopher Friedrich Engels. I suppose with the wiki system they will change this to Hegel.

Zen well the whole thing reads
A belief system which emphasizes awareness and "seeing deeply into the nature of things". It began in China and eventually spread to the rest of the world.

Zen Buddhism mixes Daoism with Buddhism.

lets try another search
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For mor…

Did David Cameron kill Bambi's mum?

I bumped into to George Osbourne at the first of this year's Reith lectures (Jeffery Sachs) yesterday...I should have asked him if David had killed Bambi's mum?

Cameron is said to be a keen deer stalker who takes family holidays on a Scottish Island, teeming with wildlife, that he kills! Well deer anyway.

He is also said to be pro-fox hunting, During last year's Conservative leadership contest, Mr Cameron, who has foxhunted in the past, told one pro-hunting Tory MP: 'You must vote for me because I am the only candidate to have hunted with two mounted packs.' More here

Seems like fun for the well off rather than an ecologically motivated hobby to me.

A Green leader?

Did anyone from Greenpeace or Earth First! ever imagine that the world’s first environmental president would come from Venezuela? Many Greens might find such an idea ludicrous considering that the South American nation is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world and a major resource for heavy mineral and coal mining.

A solid article from Eva...Chavez has certainly been keen to tell me of his green concerns and wish to promote Green Party ideas.