15 Sep 2007

Key note speech

"Power has to be creative. Green electoral victories are above all about this creative power: we elect people to change the structures, to open up space so people can live sustainable, fulfilled lives. Providing alternatives so people can be free and green. "Our power involves putting new vital ideas on the agenda, of making the impossible a policy choice – a new ecological civilization. "Philosophers hitherto have only described the world, the point is to change it.'

Had lots of fun with this, stressing ecology and trying to get a debate going in the Greens about 'power', its not just something we can take hold of, its based on networks, dialogue, commons....pulling down the fences....didn't quite get all of this, so apologies to the great Nicholas Hildyard who helped with the final stages for not getting the subtely of power being something that cannot be captured.

Any way you can read more of my speech here.....really bigged up the climate camp along with the Greens, the camp really gave me hope.

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