NHS demo: November 3rd

Had this from Phelim at the Green Party Trade Union group.....

finally we have a date for the demo. Put the date in your diary and let's make sure we get a good turn out- the last thing that some of the TU leaders want, because it might jeopardise their 'special relationship' with Brown.

National demonstration, central London Saturday 3 November.11am: Assemble at Temple Place, Victoria Embankment,LondonNoon: March through Westminster (will takeapprox one hour)1pm: Rally in Trafalgar Square1.30-4.30pm: Speakers and entertainment in the SquareBuilding on the successes of the Keep the NHS Workingand NHS Together campaigns, the demonstration will bethe focus of a public display of celebration andsolidarity for an NHS that after almost 60 years, isstill largely owned and run by the public sector.Widespread support for the event will send a strongmessage to the government that we want to keep it thatway. The NHS Together alliance of unions, supportersfrom a broad coalition of user, patient and communitygroups and members of the public, are being urged tojoin together to make the demonstration a massive success.


Anonymous said…
hey eco fascists....why not earn yourself some extra cash...

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Derek Wall said…
fuck off troll, by fascist you mean anyone who does not worship the god of petrol!
Anonymous said…
so what your saying is you cant prove your beliefs ?

LOL @ U ya lefty weirdo. No need for swear words is there?

you troll the air waves all the time with your global warming lies....if you can prove it then prove it...but you cant can you?

i drive a diesel by the way, an engine that mr diesel did actually design to run on carbon !!!!! (coke or peanut shells)
weggis said…
"There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as ‘moral indignation’ which permits envy and/or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue."

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