UK Oil funds 'green' Tory conference event

NEWS: Green Party in England & Wales GREENS REVEAL OIL LOBBY INVOLVEMENT IN TORY CONFERENCE Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall today questioned how 'green' the Tory Party can be given their links to big business, especially the oil lobby, after it was revealed that the UK Petroleum Industry are sponsoring a 'Tory Green Initiative' event at the upcoming Tory conference. (1) Dr Wall said: "Crucial to any real action on climate change are polices that will reduce our reliance on fossil based fuels, and so curb our emissions. "But this is at odds with the needs of the oil lobby, who rely on our addiction to oil to keep their profits booming. "If the government got serious about tackling climate change, companies like Shell would see a stark drop in their profits. "How can the Tory party be expected to understand, or even agree with that premise when they are hob-nobbing with organisations like the UK Petroleum Industry at their conference? "UK PIA are sponsoring the Tory Green Initiative dinner at their forthcoming conference. Chris Hunt, the CEO of PIA will speak alongside John Gummer, Chairman of the recent Tory Quality of Life report. (1) "This comes as no surprise, the Tories have long been the party of big business,with a soft spot for fossil fuels. Alan Duncan, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, worked as a trader of oil and refined products with Shell. "But it isn't just the Tories whose ability to make policies that focus on tackling climate change is compromised, the Lib Dems are also finding it hard going. "Deputy Leader Vince Cable used to be Chief Economist for the oil company Shell!" ENDS (1) Please see CCHbook%20FL%20Monday.pdf Green Party Press Office020 7561 0282 Published and promoted by Jim Killock for the Green Party, both at1a Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ.


Anonymous said…
Derek...I am shocked you have nto blogged about the situation on Burma at the seems to be of a higher importance than the Tory conference... I mean is it nto a time to speak up as a politician to express you wishes and to try and mobilise peopel in your party to try and attend the protests and marches being organised to put pressure on the government to do something??

I know Chavez is a hero to you, and i admit to taking a liking to him and his brand of politics bu this comments on the Junta are deplorable!! and a politician who is embroiled with a vast number of different causes it is a shame to see that this cause has not taken a place in your heart....I thought Green was Beautiful....but it seems Green does not supoprt Saffron....

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