4 Sep 2008

Dr Wall Cartoon fascism shocker

Lots more cartoons from Schnews here...not all essays in political theory but all inspired by the violence and authoritarianism of late late capitalism, outraged you should be. The Putin one is a bit silly but fun, for example.

See some of you at Green Party conference tomorrow!

I have agreed to donate Schnews some cash by standing order.

If you want to keep their cartoonists motivated donate here

Never a truer word than spoken in jest...
Collected here in one easy-access webpage are many of the graphics produced by SchNEWS, as featured in the top corner of each issue over the years, as well as other originally produced spoofs and satire. All these images are copyleft - free to use for non-profit use - and in fact many have been nicked and used by campaign groups, other magazines as well as flyposted and used on independent record covers. By all means use them - and drop us a line when you do.

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