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New Year Resolutions

1. Elect Caroline Lucas as Britain's first Green Party MP
The latest polls suggest Caroline can win but as the election draws near it will get tough, I have been down to Brighton to help. If enough people go down and help delivering leaflets and canvassing, she will win. Its very easy to help, election work will be going on pretty much all the time for now on. The Green Party office is in the Eco centre right next to the train station in Brighton. Click on the link and arrange to go and help at least once between now and the General Election

If you are a UK citizen you can donate to her campaign here.

2. Support indigenous struggles for the environment.
The indigenous have been putting a tremendous fight to stop the rainforests and other ecosystems being trashed. In Latin American they are really well organised and putting lots of pressure on governments to go Green. Frankly they have been much more successful at fig…

Sign the petition to release climate prisoners

Please take a few moments to sign the petition to free these climate prisoners. Luca Tornatore is active with the Italian network, See You In Copenhagen.

Unfortunately Luca Tornatore, caught with other 85 comrades of our italian network during the police raid that crazy night (december 14th) in Christiania, is still in jail with the other people. He is one of the spokepersons of the italian SyinCOP network and he is a researcher as astrophysic in the University of Trieste . His legal situation is quite complicated and it is not going to be solved easly. We are waiting for preliminary hearing in the early days of the year, hopefully...
Anyway since December 14th we started a public campaign at different levels (from actions to official documents) to make pressure to danish institutions and to continue the struggle of Copenhagen, for climate justice, in our territories.
As already happened in many other countries (e.g. in Germany, UK, Spain, US) also in many italian cities like Trieste, V…

Climate camp meeting in Brighton

just got this from the climate camp

Regional Gathering: 23rd-24th January in Brighton

We are a bunch of people who have met through climate camp. After our best
year yet - of action and camping and growing in numbers - we're fresh back
from the failed Copenhagen talks and we're mad!

If you too are utterly exasperated at the state of the world and utterly
determined to do something about it, then join us.

As local revolutionary Tom Paine once said: We have it in our power to
build the world anew.

We would add: "Yes, but it will need organising." So we're inviting all
interested parties from along the south coast to spend a weekend together
to discuss aims, plot tactics and address anything else that seems relevant.

Please contact us: to tell us:
a) you're coming
b) what you want to plot and plan

Up for discussion:
What next after Copfailure? Where now and how?

On the cards:
Skill shares - camp craft and crafty actions
Hot topics and targets - Gatwic…

Picket at the Egyptian Embassy today

Picket at the Egyptian Embassy

Thursday 31st December

1.00pm – 3.00pm

26 South Street, London, W1K 1DW, off Park Lane, Marble Arch/Hyde Park Corner Underground stations

Called by British Muslim Initiative and supported by PSC


On Tuesday 29th December the letter below was delivered to the Egyptian Embassy.

Baroness Jenny Tonge, and MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Martin Linton were received in the Embassy and assured that the Gaza convoy would be allowed in to Gaza.

Your Excellency,

We are writing to urge your assistance to ensure that the people of Gaza receive the medical aid which British and European citizens have worked hard to provide for the Palestinian people suffering under Israeli siege in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of people are stuck in Aqaba with 210 aid vehicles waiting for Egyptian permission to travel to Rafah and cross into Gaza.

It is one year since Israel launched its ‘Operation Cast Lead’, a horrific atta…

Zionists arrest Mordechai Vanunu over Norwegian girlfriend


AGW deniers does it take to change a light bulb?

Richard Lawson, I guess its his professional skill that does it, has a lot more patience with these tossers than I have, do look at his great series of article on climate sceptics.

I guess soon they will be trying to ban scientists from going on wikipedia, any way on to the good doctor.

Proof that climate change denial is not funny

How many AGW deniers does it take to change a light bulb?

None, because there is no proof that the lightbulb needs to be changed. It might be a power cut, or a wiring fault, and in any case those new commie low energy lightbulbs contain mercury and osmium and kryptonium and they cost a lot and what about the jobs in the tungsten filament industry and they are really expensive and the old ones warm up the room and anyway we should be free to waste our money if we want to and so on ad infinitum.

Why did the climate change denier cross the road?

Because he thought he could get across before the car got to him and anyway he didn't hear it coming and there aren…

Influential blogger says Caroline has 'head of steam'

On my massive 3 or 4% of the vote here in Windsor, I am not funnily enough an advocate of tactical voting. The Brighton politics blog has forensic interest in local politics with word of censure and praise for all parties. I don't always agree with the blog but I always read it as does anyone else with an interest in Brighton politics. So it was good to see this:

The Greens now have a head of steam which should allow them to have a clear run-in against Charlotte Vere, playing on the goodwill of Labour and Lib Dem supporters, to harness a substantial vote against the Tories. Labour supporters are very unlikely to vote Tory to keep the Greens out, some will, for honourable reasons, remain loyal to their party and to Nancy Platts. The Greens need to nurture the green/left/anti-Tory vote. It is likely that Caroline Lucas can now look forward to a substantial victory at the General Election.
If the situation was reversed, with Labour having a ten point lead over the Greens in Brig…

Copenhagen like 'last scene from the Battle of Algiers'

I didn't make it to Copenhagen, I am a bit fixed on trying to get a couple of people elected into Westminister and I have been finishing two books and I occassionaly like to see my three children and partner...however a good friend was there organising events, this is his report back.

The implosion of the UNFCCC process has created a political vacuum, which the climate justice movement globally is trying to fill. Evo Morales has called for an international conference of social movement this spring.

To me, the high-point of the whole week of protests, had to be the People's Assembly. Despite being battered by lines of baton wielding Danish robo-cops and have our demo truck seized, together with the arrest our spokespersons. We still managed to pull off the assembly, with representatives of struggles from peasant, indigenous and workers movement (including Ian from the Vestas occupation) from both the North and South giving their testimony of what it means to fight for climate ju…

Statement by Homosexual Students at Iran’s Universities

just found this, spread the word! From

Statement by Homosexual Students at Iran’s Universities

This year’s commemoration of December 7, significantly differs in nature from previous years. This December 7 is being shaped anew, not as necessitated by the calendar, but as necessitated by conditions that have set the stage for protest movements.

We cannot stop still or go backward. We cannot commemorate this event in a routine way. Just as we gave new political meaning to Qods Day, and appropriated November 3, so our preservation of December 7 as a commemoration which belongs to the student movement, denudes this day of its official title in order to make it an event once again. [3].

After five decades, the rise of a revolution, and the emergence of a people’s movement, December 7, the symbol of protest against a regime backed by the July 1953 coup, now confronts the June 12, 2009 coup [4] This year, the distinguishing factor is that the forces of the people are intertwined in the context o…

The Limits of Our Politics

[col. writ. 12/20/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As millions come to grips with the claimed agreements emerging from the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, it's impossible to resist the suspicion that politics can provide no solution to the serious environmental and ecological problems facing the earth.

Despite the absurdity of shout shows which daily disparage global warming, it is a fact that sea ice in the Arctic is melting, as are Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets. This, coupled with melting glacial ice in places like the Himalayas, spells climate change that threatens disaster for millions of people in the region of Bangladesh, and the Indian state of West Bengal.

It means both flooding and drought, increased heat, more disease and the destruction of human habitat.

Politicians, speaking for their nation states, pledge a lessening of carbon emissions by 2020, thereby ignoring the view of many scientists that if all such emissions ceased today, the delete…

Green Party councillor under house arrest

*Norwich councillor in Gaza house arrest from

*A Norwich councillor has been placed under house arrest in Egypt after
trying to reach the Gaza Strip to deliver art materials to people
traumatised by the conflict in the territory.

Peter Offord, Green county councillor for Thorpe Hamlet, set off last
week to join the Gaza Freedom March, a 1,000-strong international
delegation calling for the borders to be re-opened to let in
humanitarian aid and mark the first anniversary of a conflict with
Israel which saw more than 1,400 people killed.

The 62-year-old managed to reach the Egyptian city of el-Arish, about
40km away from the Gaza Strip, but at 12pm on Sunday he was among around
30 activists who were detained in their hotel.

Road blocks have also been set up around the town, with the Egyptian
security forces preven…

ICM poll suggests Caroline Lucas will win in Brighton Pavilon

Just had these polling details, however while this is very good news, elections are won on the ground, please join me and go down to Brighton and help with canvassing. East Berkshire Green Party members are going down on 30th January. If you want to help elect Caroline, go to the Eco Centre, ring on the buzzer and volunteer.

Greens take a 10 point lead over Labour and an 8 point lead over the Conservatives in their target constituency of Brighton Pavilion - ICM Research telephone opinion poll.

Headline results

1. The Greens have the greatest support with 35% of the constituency’s voters followed by the Conservatives on 27%, Labour on 25% and LibDems on 11%.1

2. Almost two thirds (63%) of Labour and Lib Dem voters in the sample said that they would be likely to switch their vote to the Greens if that party was best placed to stop a Conservative win. 37% said they were very likely and 26% said they were quite likely to switch their vote in that situation.2


Green …

Fuck neutral?

The Optimum Population Trust is working to introduce population trading. We can produce more environmental damage but buy a credit.

The credit pays people in Madagascar to have fewer children. Neat, I don't think.

Ian Angus takes up the story

There are ways of 'fighting' climate change that are going to lead to a lot of oppression, you don't have to be a conspiracy crank to be worried

And you might want to listen to the new OPT song, being downloaded by the thousand, listen here for free.

Optimum Population Song

Optimum Population Trust song getting 1,000s of downloads, Malthus rocks scary

Just reading some scary stuff on the oil drum about cutting the population by 99%.....bad news!

I think shopping a bit less might be a better idea than genocide.

Good news on Natalie Portman and Gaza convoy

Well apparently reports that Natalie Portman has fallen off an abyss and plunged to her death while filming a Jane Austen Zombie movie in New Zealand are greatly exaggerated.

And the other good news is the Viva Palestina convey will make it to Gaza, a lot of good Green Party activists on board, I salute you!

Organisers of Viva Palestina aid convoy, which is trying to reach the Gaza Strip, have now agreed to go via Syria en route to Egypt.

The agreement came after a Turkish mediator reached a deal with the Egyptian consul in Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba.

The convoy will now head to the Syrian port of Latakia to sail from there to the Egyptian port of El Arish, and then to Gaza.

The Viva Palestina convoy, which has been stranded in Aqaba for the past five days, is led by George Galloway, a British MP.

More here

Amazing 'Climate change deniers versus consensus' visual

just found this beautiful visual (and the cartoon above)

anyway they will all be on a minute telling me what a beautiful thing it is to drink more oil. I do think the climate scientists need to be doing more visuals and going to wikipedia more often.

Do have a look, nice to print off and put on your wall.

Reason, Faith and Revolution

I am not a believer but some of the best people fighting for socialism and ecology are! This is from a review of Terry Eagleton's new book challenging some critics of religion:

Eagleton, a confessed non-believer, who does not spare organised religion responsibility for its crimes in this book, nonetheless outlines at length what he believes would be a positive, emancipatory theology. This can be derived directly from the Gospels, which after all form an account of Jesus’ struggle against organised religion. Jesus appears in Eagleton’s account as almost a guerrilla fighter, contemptuous of the wealthy, the powerful and the hypocritical. Instead of acting as a respectable middle-class vicar, he challenges the authorities and preaches the overthrow of existing social relations. He consorts openly with the lowest elements of Palestinian society – lepers, money-lenders, prostitutes and the heretical sect of Samaritans. In contrast to many centuries of Christian puritanism, Jesus is so…

For free and fair elections in Iran

As violence continues in Iran, its important to spread the word

Most Iranians concur that their vote has not been truthfully accounted for. All across the country, the people have come out and held peaceful rallies to protest at electoral violations that amount to a drastic violation of their right to shape their future. Sadly, the government of the Islamic republic has faced off these peaceful and civil protests harshly, and several innocent people, including students in the nation’s universities have been barbarically assaulted by the state police. Numerous political and civil activists have been imprisoned without due process and, and at the same time, communication networks have been widely disrupted and severe restrictions have been placed on the activities of reporters and international observers.

We, intellectuals, political activists, and defenders of democratic rights and liberties beseech you to heed the widespread protests of the Iranian people and to take immediate and urgen…

Green bloggers reunited

Just been updating my list of Green bloggers.

What to put in? I mean this from United Diversity on Pirate economics is a must, but will United keep blogging, sadly posting seem a bit sparse. How far do you go, there are plenty of blogs which seem like personal diaries, although I am engrossed by Earthen Witches problems with lime rendering.

I have included lots of local Green Party blogs including my own local party site, East Berkshire which seems to be absent from greenfeed, total politics and other lists of Greens.

Hackney Green Allotment is pretty interesting but I wonder whether they will ever update.

There are some unexpected gems, I am by no means an evangelical christian but the Green Christian is and has some interesting posts.

I have been glad to find Debra Storr's blog, a lot of my work is campaigning with indigenous people whose land is being stolen by corporations, the closest to this in the UK is in Aberdeenshire where Donald Trump is trying to build a giant golf cour…

Egyptian Security Forces Detain Gaza Freedom Marchers in el-Arish and shut down Gaza Memorial in Cairo

Egyptian Security Forces Detain Gaza Freedom Marchers in

el-Arish and shut down Gaza Memorial in Cairo

What: Egyptian security forces detain internationals in el-Arish, break up memorial actions in Cairo

When: Sunday, December 27, noon: the Egyptian security forces detained a group of 30 internationals in their hotel in el-Arish and another group of 8 at the bus station. They also broke up a memorial action commemorating the Cast Lead massacre at the Kasr al Nil Bridge

At noon on 27 December, Egyptian security forces detained a group of 30 activists in their hotel in el-Arish as they prepared to leave for Gaza, placing them under house arrest. The delegates, all part of the Gaza Freedom March of 1,300 people, were Spanish, French, British, American, and Japanese. The Egyptian security forces eventually yielded, letting most of the marchers leave the hotel, but did not permit them to leave the town. When two younger delegates, a French and Japanese woman, attempted to leave el-Arish, the …

The Cake of one of the war on Gaza in 2008 a year on

The Cake of War


Once upon a time, it was 27th of December 2008.this date might be a normal date for people but it means a lot to me and many others. I dressed up and went to the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) where I work. I opened my car window to smell the fresh air while driving. Woow, it is an amazing shiny day. Although it is December but the weather looks gorgeous!


During my drive, I was thinking of today and remembering what my wife was telling me in the morning, it is my birthday today! She was planning to prepare a cake and buy soft drink and snacks for this day.


I reached my office and started to do the routine work before I get engaged in my hard work of writing grant proposals.


Viva Viva Palestine..Long live Palestine…We are the guards of homeland..Heey Heyy We are the guards..I heard this voice far away but coming closer. I went to the window of my office which is front of Aljawazat Police Compound. I could see police trainees jogging out the road and ch…

Why I am sceptical

I do however think we need to be sceptical about the policies to deal with climate change, cap and trade doesn't reduce CO2 but does make a lot of cash for a financial elite.

Effective policies are needed instead, sadly they don't seem to be on the agenda.

I saw this comment on a Guardian story about Jude Sarong and Jesse Ventura putting the sceptic case(!), the comment (not their dumb documentary) is worth thinking about:

'There are two different issues at stake here:

1) Is man made global warming a hoax?

2) Is there a plan to use the issue of climate change to shift money from the poor to the rich, through speculation on carbon trading and increased taxation, and furthermore to make people accept far reaching totalitarian laws?

In all the debate I've read so far these two issues get mixed up far too often. A lot of global warming deniers/skeptics (including the makers of the above TV show) are using the second issue as evidence for the first. But that does not stand up. Bo…

Climate change solution involves 'good living'

Well there are plenty of 'libertarians' who all seem to coincide in the view that climate change is a global religion, interesting that freedom of thought seems to involve some very well paid people telling you want to think! More on that later.
Just got this from LINKS, there is an ecosocialist solution and no its nothing to do with Al Gore!

By *Ron Ridenour*

At the press conference, and on various other occasions during the three
days of his attendance, Morales posed the problem and the solution to it
thus: "The rich countries seek to divide the rest of us ... by offering
crumbs of money. Mother Earth can’t be preserved with money alone.
Europe’s food almost entirely depends upon petrol. What happens when
there is no petrol? This dependency on fossil fuel is a threat to
humanity, so we have to change the structures of food. It is a
structural problem of two forms of life: one way of living is the way of
over-consumption and waste, the way of luxury, of egoism and


Just got this from Jonathan Neale, cheers amigo, an witness report from Copenhagen, I would add that the indigenous activist, climate camp and the best of the Latin American leaders show the way....any way signing off now for Xmass.


A great wrong has been done in Copenhagen, and a new global movement has been born.
The first half of this report is about the wrong, and the second half about the new movement.

We Had No Idea

The agreement that has come out of the UN climate talks is worse than any of the 35,000 activists and experts who went to Copenhagen expected.
None of us saw this coming. Cynics like me expected a failure to agree and a postponement to next year's talks. We had no idea.
Instead, what happened was this. Barack Obama flew in on the last day – Friday. He gave a short rude speech that promised nothing. Then he met with Premier Wen of China for 55 minutes. Then the two of them met with Lula of Brazil, Singh of India and Zuma of South …

Victory: Egypt allows Viva Palestina to enter Gaza

Good to get this and nice to see Green Party members like Medea and Ziyaad involved

Government of Egypt changes policy to allow humanitarian group Viva Palestina to enter Gaza December 27, 2009

December 23, 2009

In Cairo: Ann Wright 019 508 1493
In the US: Medea Benjamin 415-235-6517
In Gaza: Haider Eid 970 599 441 766
In Europe (Portugal): Ziyaad Lunat +351938349206

Gaza Freedom March congratulates the Government of Egypt on its change of policy to allow international missions into Gaza during December with the decision to allow the Viva Palestina convoy to go into Gaza on December 27, 2009.

Organizers of Gaza Freedom March were told on December 20, 2009 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials that no international missions would be allowed to enter Gaza during December, including the Gaza Freedom March, because of serious security conditions at the border.

Today, December 23, Ministry of Foreig…

Son of no2eu to be called ' 'Trades Union & Socialist Coalition'


You can't proclaim a new party a couple of months before a General Election and hope to have any impact.

But this seems to be what the Socialist Party, Bob Crow and the CPB(?) seem to be doing.

I think, obviously, that the left should support the Green Party and strong left candidates outside the Green Party with a chance of victory.

'Trades Union & Socialist Coalition' is likely to pick up at best a few thousand votes here and there.

Instead I think they should put their energy into supporting Dave Nellist who might do a little better and to support Caroline Lucas, Salma Yaqoob and Dai Davies.

N02EU had a fairly limited impact in the European Elections, I don't think this will have a bigger impact, its about building up support over a number of years in constituencies through community campaigning.

Proclaiming a party national will not cut it, I suspect.

While left analysis is vital, I largely despair of left strategy in the UK. Very different in Latin Ameri…

Wealth Care

Wealth Care
[col. writ. 12/17/09] (c) 09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As Congress wrestles over the parameters of a health care bill, amidst maddened catcalls of 'death panels' and 'socialism!', I am reminded of the experience of John Black, an old trade unionist, revolutionary activist and journalist.

Black, a fervent supporter of the Cuban Revolution, joined the Venceremos Brigades, an annual trek of foreigners to the island, who assisted in harvesting the sugar crop and other agricultural work.

Although he was in his mid-to-high seventies at the time, Black did his part, until the searing tropical heat, or perhaps the work (or both) took its toll.

Black was taken to a nearby hospital, and received what he called "excellent treatment." As he was leaving, he reached for his wallet, and began pulling out some bucks. The doctor looked at him quizzically -- and then told him to put his money away.

"We treated you because you were sick, Senor," the doctor explained, &quo…

Copenhagen and the environmental credit crunch

Copenhagen and the environmental credit crunch
As the debacle at the United Nations Climate Change Conference proved, there is no solution to the growing environmental crisis unless we tackle global inequality, consumerism and the capitalist market.

The Copenhagen conference, which aimed to provide a global agreement for dealing with climate change, has been widely recognised as a failure. While a bloc of developing countries wanted to see a tough agreement with strong limits on emissions and aid for poorer countries to reduce carbon output, this was too much for the wealthier nations. The USA essentially sabotaged the prospect of a strong and just plan for climate change.

Rather than an agreement and a plan for action, the conference ended with a weak non binding statement- more a press release than a set of agreed policy objectives.

As Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez remarked in his analysis of the conference:

"An accord was not possible in Copenhagen due to the lack of poli…

Early Christmas present from Clare Solomon

Just spotted this from Clare Solomon, do spread the word, the revolution will be SOASised!

ALL welcome. And a happy bah humbug to you all (this bit is from me, Clare!)

Chris Knight, Hillel Ticktin and William Dixon debate:

Thursday 21 January, 7.15pm, Room B102, Brunei Gallery,
SOAS, University of London, Thornaugh St. WC1 (Russell Sq. tube).

At the next election millions will vote for pro-capitalist political parties that offer little except cutbacks and austerity. Despite economic crisis, climate chaos and disastrous wars, people see no alternative to capitalism - and revolution seems, at best, an impossible dream.

Yet all three speakers at this debate believe this situation cannot last indefinitely. Their differing interpretations of anthropology, economics and history each show that a 21st Century global revolution is a real possibility - not just a dream.

Could they be right? Come and join the debate.

Chris Knight is an anthropology lecturer, sacked for …


The evidence that climate change is not occurring, according to the sceptics, rests on three stolen emails.

I wonder what damning evidence the 10,000 other emails stolen shows.

I think this is pretty thin evidence of a climate conspiracy, there is a good account of the whole episode on wikipedia but the sceptics argue that this is part of the conspiracy, wiki is totally transparent and there is a discussion of those who disagree with the entry here but this in turn will be dismissed as part of the conspiracy. And so on.

Conspiracies do exist but so does the principle of Occam's razor

I have not had much in the way of intelligent response to my article on sceptics. I think its fair to say that it is impossible to construct complete models for climate and that negative feedback mechanisms may be more important than positive. Even…

sunday 27th demo for Gaza

One year since the Beginning of the Attacks on Gaza
Join the Vigil Outside the Israeli Embassy
End the Siege on Gaza
Sunday 27 December 2009
High Street Kensington, W8, London (High St Kensington Underground)
Called by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Stop the War Coalition
Supported by: Amos Trust, Communication Workers Union, Fire
Brigades Union, Friends of Al Aqsa, Friends of Lebanon, Greater London
UNISON, The Green Party, ICAHD UK, IJAN – the International Jewish
Anti-Zionist Network, Jewish Socialists' Group, Labour Friends of
Palestine and the Middle East, Palestinian Return Centre, The Peace
Cycle, Public and Commercial Services Union, Thompsons Solicitors.
Liverpool 27 December 2-4pm
Sheffield 27 December 4-5pm
Wolverhampton 29 December 4:30pm
Leicester PSC is holding a vigil for Gaza in the centre …

UCU Goldsmiths meeting on 'serious threat to campus' rights

My branch of the UCU does some good work, here is a notice about the campaign meeting to oppose points based migration rules, its all about biometric cards and big brother, all this stuff is going to get worse, if you Goldsmiths based please support the meeting on the 13th Jan


my name is Kirsten and I'm the administrator for the Goldsmiths branch of
University College Union (UCU). In collaboration with the Students' Union
at Goldsmiths, we're campaigning against the Points Based System for

The new 'points based' immigration rules represent a serious threat to
campus democracy and freedom of speech. They require non-EU students and
staff to have biometric ID cards, involve demands on the financial
background of applicants and mean that staff are obliged to report
students to the UK Border Agency when they have not attended regularly. We
feel these rules are unwarranted, undemocratic and unfair and should be

More information on our campaign is at this…

Which bar do you climate crash in?

just had this which is a nice comment from Jonty below, thanks amigo.....also this is a nice clear guide to the climate debate in the form of a good looking graphic

Derek, thanks for this interesting post. I think your metaphor is apt. But I would say that we are everyone one of us who lives a Western lifestyle the alcoholics - though each of us is at different stages of accepting our addiction.

Some of us are fighting it by attempting low carbon lifestyles. Others of us want to fight it but sometimes the weight of what is 'normal' in everyday life going on around us is just too hard to resist and we relapse. And most of us are still denying that we even have a problem.

Like all alcoholics we stand little chance of recovery until we are forced to confront our problem - which for most of us means hitting rock bottom. By which I mean the shocking first-hand experience of severe climate imp…

Joel Kovel founder of Ecosocialist net speaks at London Green Party meeting

Joel Kovel will be speaking on the situation in the United States post-Copenhagen and on his book, The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or The End of the World? at an open London Federation of Green Parties discussion meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 25th January at the Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road (three minutes walk from Kings Cross Tube Station).

Joel is an academic and leading member of the Green Party of the United States who has been active in the peace and anti nuclear movements since the Vietnam War. He was part in the Pastors for Peace Friendshipment which broke the US blockade of Cuba in 1994, was Green Party candidate for Senator from
New York and ran for the Party's Presidential nomination in 2000. Although originally a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, since 1980 Joel has academic, teaching and researching in the fields of politics and communication, but last year was witch-hunted from his post of Distinguished Professor at Bard College as a result the publication of his…

Compensation from Danes for climate arrests

just had this from schnews

It is very common for activists to get compensation from the police
in Denmark. If you are arrested and released without charge you can
apply and you can automatically receive compensation (and quite
quickly, unlike in Britain).

This does not apply for the preventative arrests they have been
using, but if you think you have been unfairly treated you still stand
a fair chance of receiving compensation.

Contact: Copenhagen Legal Support:
Retshjælpen Rusk, Baggesensgade 6, basement -
Nørrebro. Phone: 0045 28255320

Greens pull out of Barking to defeat BNP Nick Griffin

The London Federation of Green Parties is going to stand down in Barking to help defeat Nick Griffin. This was decided at a meeting yesterday

Nick the nasty is a product of Margaret Hodge the dreadful New labour Mp for Barking but rather the stodge than the Nazi?
Working class hatred of new labour has fuelled the BNP, so a green alternative to New Labour is needed.

However the Green Party is not in a position to mount a challenge in Barking.

Be great it Hodge stood down, she is so unpopular she could single handly give us Britain's first BNP MP.

Just had this from Green Left:

“Green Left welcomes the decision of the London Federation of Green Parties to call for no Green Party candidate to stand in the forthcoming general election for the constituency of Barking, in order to maximise the anti-Fascist vote. We regard this as a decision in favour of all progressive groups campaigning against the BNP in Barking and we pledge our full support for all efforts to defeat Nick Griffin and the …

Caroline Lucas needs to debate!

lets face the bland boring leaders all believe in nuclear weapons, war in Afghanistan, free markets and cuts.....Caroline needs a place in the debate, just had this from John Reardon, thanks amigo.

'My blog is at I'm our PPC here in Carlisle and we have a rapidly growing local party. We had twenty people out on the streets delivering our target ward newsletter last week! ' says John

Dear all,

The BBC News website announced today that plans for a series of three televised leaders' debates in the run up to the next general election are now in the process of being agreed. This is the most advanced that such proposals have become after many years of getting nowhere, and it's increasingly likely that the debates will happen in some form.

More on the BBC website here at:

For the sake of democracy the Greens must be included in these debates and our case for inclusion is overwhelming.

Please ca…

Beyond ecological imperialism

The row over climate change isn't just a battle between rich and poor, it illustrates the futility of obsession with economic growth

good stuff have a look here

Military Families against the war protest today

I will be at Downing St tonight with the military families and with other members from Green Left and the banner. Let’s not forget the fact that the war continues and that more families will continue to suffer in 2010.

Joseph Healy

Why we're asking for your support on Monday 21 December
Military Families Against the War go to Downing Street on Monday 21 December 2009 at 5.00pm, when they will deliver the Bring the Troops Home petition and demand to see Gordon Brown
By Joan Humphries, grandmother of Private Kevin Elliott, who was killed Afghanistan in 2009
and Graham Knight, father of Sergeant Ben Knight, who was killed in 2006
26 November 2009

"Christmas is always a time of reflection for people who have suffered loss. But we don't have to suffer alone, and we don't have to suffer in silence. Instead, we want to remind the Government of the sacrifices our loved ones have made, and continue to make.
We will be travelling to 10 Downing Street on Monday, December 21, to demand …

'Climate sceptics are like alcoholics' says Dr Wall

There is a moment in Malcolm Lowry's novel Under The Volcano that reminds me of climate change sceptics.

Doomed alcoholic Geoffrey Firmin is on a journey towards death but he insists to his estranged wife Yvonne and brother that he can drink a beer or two because beer isn't really alcohol.

For an alcoholic any excuse will do - even one as weak as the notion that alcohol isn't really alcoholic.

For climate sceptics any excuse is enough to keep on the oil they are addicted to.

The sceptics, like all addicts, resort to the lamest arguments to deny that there might be a problem.

For the right, climate denial is increasingly a matter of faith. Listening to scientists could be an indication of dangerous socialist inclinations.

Tory David Cameron likes to be seen cycling, albeit with the chauffeur carrying his bags, but climate denial is increasingly dominant in the Conservative Party.

Thatcher's former chancellor Lord Lawson is perhaps the best-known sceptic, but many of the most p…