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Seminar: Venezuela's 'Bolivarian' Process: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects after 10 Years

Seminar: Venezuela's 'Bolivarian' Process: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects after 10 Years
LSE IDEAS Centre presents

Latin America Initiative Seminar:

Venezuela's 'Bolivarian' Process: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects after 10 Years

6th May 18.00 – 20.00

Venezuela’s ambassador to the UK, his Excellency Dr Samuel Moncada and Dr Julia Buxton (University of Bradford) explore the achievements of the Bolivarian process and the challenges it faces within a regional and broader international context. They will then examine the future prospects of the process given the current political and economic environment.

The presentations will be followed by an open discussion.

6th May 18.00 – 20.00
LSE IDEAS Columbia HouseRoom B212

Ecology in the QUR' AN

Peace to you,

Here are details of our May monthly forum, a week Sunday. We will be back at the Muslim World League, and hope you can join us.

LINE (London Islamic Network for the Environment) Monthly Forums invites you to:


Date: Sunday 10th May 2009
Time: 2.15pm to 4.45pm
Venue:4th Floor, Muslim World League, 46 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4LU (entrance on the corner of Charlotte Street); Nearest Tubes: Goodge Street (Northern Line), Euston Square (Hammersmith & City, Circle, & Metropolitan Lines) & Warren Street (Victoria Line).

Please note that we're back at the Muslim World League.

Workshop: Facilitated by LINE team

At this month's forum we will continue with our Reflections through the Qur' an series. Through a facilitated workshop we will reflect on the following verse:
He created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions) (Qur' an: 6:73).

We will consider the implications of the above verse in…

Follow the repression + why I love Tony B (no not that one)

This is from todays Morning Star...based on my speech to Faringdon Peace Group's massive conference on civil liberties, 240 people turned out for a meeting in very rural West Oxfordshire...hung out with Tony Benn who was great fun to be with, very lovely and fascinating human being and yes Britain's best known socialist.

Tony is pretty ecosocialismo as well, I asked him about vegetarianism, he has been veggie for decades partly because he doesn't really like meat and because his son convinced him that it was a wasteful way of feeding the world. I had such a good day, also ran into some ex-Cowley Motor works workers...isn't it great some of the greenest people used to make cars!

Just think Tony could have been labour party leader in the 1980s and become PM and used all the oil cash to green the UK economy but no we had that loco women who killed the economy built roads, smashed the unions and put the bankers in control.

anyway on to the Star article

I took part in a day co…

Whale Wars on discovery channal

had a bit of a review of the Discovery ch programmes on the Whale Wars. Must admit other than a bit of John Snow and the Simpsons, I don't really do TV.

Any way if you want to find more about the good ship Steve Irwin and Captain Paul Watson or even Giles who some of us remember from the anti-roads days, it is fascinating watching.

A bit big brother for me but still good stuff.

i am a great fan of Captain Paul and his full on campaign to save the whales.

On tonight here in the Uk so see what you think

Anglican Mainstream Organisation should be stopped from preaching their so-called ‘treatment’

I am going to go and give a talk to an Anglican group, so a bit worrying this.

Fundamentalist religions of all types seem obssessed with gay sex...God has other things on her mind if she exists.

LGBT Greens: Being LGBT is not a disease!

Anglican Mainstream Organisation should be stopped from preaching their so-called ‘treatment’

For Immediate Release


Green Party activists today expressed their horror at the news that there is a conference in London organised by the Anglican Mainstream Organisation this weekend, aimed at informing delegates about ‘curing’ gay men and lesbians.

“Being lesbian or gay is not a disease!” said Lesley Hedges, spokesperson for the Green Party’s LGBTIQ group and an experienced mental health counsellor. “This kind of mistaken 'treatment' is not just a waste of time and resources, it can be extremely harmful. It is based on the fundamentally unsound idea that there is something wrong with variant sexualities.

Lesley continued: “The World Health Or…

`Capitalism is putting an end to humanity and the planet'

`Capitalism is putting an end to humanity and the planet' -- ALBA on the 5th Summit of the Americas

Venezuela's resident Hugo Chavez greets Cuba's President Raul Castro.

Translated by Federico Fuentes

Cumaná, April 17, 2009

The heads of state and governments of Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela -- member countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) -- consider that the proposed Declaration of the 5th Summit of the Americas is insufficient and unacceptable for the following reasons:

•It offers no answers to the issue of the global economic crisis, despite the fact that this constitutes the largest challenge faced by humanity in decades and the most serious threat in the current epoch to the wellbeing of our peoples.
•Unjustifiably excludes Cuba in a criminal manner, without mentioning the general consensus that exists in the region in favour of condemning the blockade and the isolation attempts, which its people and gove…

appeal for witnesses

G20 repression was part of a policy backed up by briefings and strategy, now having failed to lose the CCTV the powers that be are going for the 'few bad apples' approach...I hope the cops involved go Queens Evidence on this, from whacking people to not having numbers, its those higher up who establish police strategy who need to be answering the questions...

by the way just had this from my amigoes in Climate Camp.


We're trying to identify the man who was punched in the face in the final
camp clearance, by the group of officers using a strobelight and torch.
You can see it at 7 minutes 50 seconds on the camp video on youtube at

Attached to this email is a zoomed and enhanced closeup picture.

Please get in touch with if you can help us find
this person. It is really important.

Also look at our other videos on this youtube page -…

New indigenous book on forest conservation.

April 22nd - Earth Day - 2009 – The forest management practices of indigenous peoples in Indonesia provides important lessons for world governments about to make crucial decisions on how to deal with climate change.

A new book launched today - Forests for the Future - is written by indigenous communities across Indonesia and describes the skills and knowledge used for generations to manage forest ecosystems without destroying them.

CO2 emissions from runaway deforestation and peatland destruction in Indonesia are making a substantial contribution to climate change worldwide.

Forests for the Future avoids romanticising the indigenous way of life. Instead it presents lessons learned from communities striving to meet today's economic and political challenges. It is a testament to the willingness of indigenous peoples to engage with an international audience so that their ways of forest management may be better known and get the recognition and respect they deserve.

Traditional knowled…

Green Left listens to the climate camp!

Missed this cos I was talking at the Cuba Solidarity Day School, here is a report from my good amigo and Green Left convenor Joseph Healy. This report is from Joseph’s excellent blog here.
GL AGM on June 20th.

Green Left Meeting

I chaired the Green Left general meeting on Saturday which was well attended and addressed a number of issues. We were joined by Ben, a speaker from Climate Camp, who told us about their G20 experiences and also about some actions in the pipeline. We agreed to keep channels of communication open. We also had an observer from Socialist Resistance, the ecosocialist group attached to Respect, who told us a little bit about what they were up to. At the tail end of the meeting we were joined by a speaker from the new Anti-Capitalist Party in France, who are currently running at 15% in the polls and expected to gain anything up to 10 seats in the European Parliament, which is an astonishing achievement, if it happens, for a party only formed in 2007. He stated that th…

Green Left meeting

Green Left is part of the Ecosocialist International functioning in England and Wales and of course the left and anti-capitalist network in the Green Party.

Green Left had a very good party conference and along with other ecosocialists we are putting lots of energy into trade union work, trade union activists are getting more interested in green production via alternative production.

Well you might think we are being a bit 'workerist' but hey how are we going to solve environmental problems without greening production!

A Visteon rep will be talking at the climate change trade union meeting on 25th April, hoping we may have some one from Visteon as well this saturday.

Incidentally I am away for the Green Left meeting because I am talking at a Cuba day school on saturday...our Latin American work continues with a new focus on the indigenous.

Green Left meetings our for members although other ecosocialist groups in England and Wales often send reps...we try to be non sectarian.

Green L…

Mumia on Summitry and Punditry.

please spread the word from Mumia...I am worried that Obama will kill him, please spread Mumia's wise words, higher profile equals more safety and certainly if he was safe his words would still speak more pointedly and more poetically than most words from most radicals.

Summitry and Punditry
[col. writ. 4/5/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Amidst pomp, circumstance and protests, twenty world leaders gathered in London recently, for what was essentially a mass photo op.

Billed as G-20, the gathering of twenty leading and developing economies, it seemed more like a gathering of the blind groping for light.

The great Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka, in his biting poetic critique of African military dictatorships, "The Apotheosis of Master Sgt. Doe," writes:

But crowns are crowns. When rulers meet,
their embraces are of presence. Absent cries
make empty phrases.
(Soyinka, Man…

Visteon picket tomorrow at 6AM

just spotted this on Lenin's Tomb...thanks Richard.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 14th), at 6am, workers will be picketing the Wharf Road entrance to Visteon at Enfield (EN3 4TA). It is requested that as many people join the picketers as possible to maximise its chances of success. There will be talks with employers later in the day, so the more the better.

Climate protest criminalised?

Reports are coming through that up to a 100 people have been arrested in Nottingham because of a threat to a power station.

I am assuming they are climate protesters rather than militant campaigners for an independent Nottingham or 'Fathers for Justice (sic)'.

I myself have a nice pink police slip from last years climate camp, informing me that I am a potential threat to a power station.

Lets face it, the government will do nothing about climate change and repress those who protest.

Looks like that as temperatures increase, so will the repression.

And of course instead of bringing renewables, cheap and effecient public transport, protection for the rainforests....carbon trading and assaults on the poorest of the planet will step up.

Those in Africa who consume just a few percent of the resources of Americans will be forced to control their population, so a cannibalistic elite can continue to eat the world.

Climate change is so severe a problem we need to take direct action...but doin…

The real deal

Dave Morris and Helen Steel were taken to court by McDonalds, in the longest libel trial in Britain, it was revealed during the trial that members of the Greenpeace London group to which they belonged had been joined by paid infiltrators from McDonalds.

Fran of 'The Age of Stupid' film, also made McLibel all about the trial...this is from Dave on Visteon.

'Viva El Dave' says Doctor Wall...

by Dave Morris
Sustainable Haringey communications group
Who is going to deliver on Green Jobs? That’ll be us, then!
A report from the Ford Visteon occupied car parts factory - Enfield North London
Being shown round the Enfield factory during the 8 day occupation by the workers, its clear that the workers anger at their bosses, is matched by their pride in their manufacturing work. For over 15 years the factory has been making primarily plastic mouldings for Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover cars and vans ­ dashboards, gearbox casings and the like, often quite intricately assembled as well as ca…

Rally at Visteon Enfield Factory Thursday 9th 11am

Urgent - Rally at Visteon Enfield Factory Thursday 9th 11am - please

A Rally at the Visteon, Enfield plant is being held on on Thursday at
11am organised by the local trades council.

The occupiers have, technically, till midday to leave and will be
meeting to decide what to do then, following feedback from the meeting
with Visteon in New York City.

They will need all the support they can get.

Bring Union banners, noise and support!

Greens must support Visteon!

Just seen this...

As people are probably aware, workers are currently occupying Visteon Car Plant in Enfield against redundancies. But in an exciting move, workers have also raised the idea of transfering from producing cars to more environmentally useful things. This is from the text of their leaflet:

'As well as proper redundancy payments, some are suggesting that the skills of the workers who can make anything in plastic, should be used to make increasingly needed parts for green products - bike and trailer parts, solar panels, turbines, etc. Government investment in this rather than throwing money at bankers could be profitable & save jobs in the long term.'

The green new deal has been rhetorical, if Campaign against Climate Change & the environmental movement throw themselves behind the occupation of the car plant and really mobilise and take environmental banners etc. down there, then this can really build an alliance between organised labour and the cl…

Human rights case puts Shell on trial for Saro-Wiwa murder

On May 26th 2009, oil multinational Shell will stand trial in a Federal District Court in New York for complicity in human rights abuses in Nigeria, including the summary execution of writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his Ogoni colleagues on November 10th 1995. The other charges against Shell include complicity in crimes against humanity, torture, arbitrary arrest and detainment. This landmark human rights case was filed by U.S based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and EarthRights International (ERI). Last Friday, Chief Judge Kimba Wood of the Southern District of New York ordered that the trial would be postponed from 27th April to 26th May.

ERI will join international artists and activists in London on 6th April, 6.30pm at Amnesty International UK to answer questions about the case, including why the Anglo-Dutch oil giant is standing trial in the U.S., as opposed to the UK. This event is hosted by PLATFORM’s remember saro-wiwa project in collaboration with AFROGRO…

South Downs National Park missing bits near to council estates

Just had this from Dave...


See LETTER BELOW ref: the newly declared South Downs National Park...there's an angle that the media coverage is missing, and it has something to do with class. Areas adjacent to council estates, plotlands, and other working class communities on the Brighton Downs have done much less well than the vast areas of countryside and rural township dominated by middle and owning class folk.

Question: How can you have a National Park of the chalk South Downs that misses out over five miles of SSSI chalk cliffs , including 2.5 miles in pristine form without any coastal engineering?...that misses out one of the ten best upstanding neolithic causewayed camps in Britain ?...that misses out one of the two best sites in the whole of Sussex for many classes of rare invertebrates ?...that misses out an urban fringe valley that is intervisible with vast adjacent areas of open Downland ??

Answer: You can do it if these sites are next to relatively poor residential area…

Green Party makes £165 pension pledge

Today, on National Pensions Action Day (Monday 6 April), the Green Party announces its key election pledge for pensioners - a £165 a week non-means-tested citizens' pension for every pensioner in the UK.

The pledge will form part of the Green New Deal for Older People, which the Green Party will launch in the build-up to this year's elections (1).

Jean Lambert MEP, the Green Party's spokesperson on social affairs, said today:

"The Green Party today celebrates Pensions Action Day with possibly the best action a political party could take for British pensioners: a policy that would lift all our pensioners out of poverty."

The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) have been calling for a pension at or above the official poverty level, which is defined as 60% of median population earnings less housing costs.

For 2007/8 this would have meant a single person's pension of £151 per week - compared to the actual full state pension of £90.70 and a pensions credits …

News from Hands Off Venezuela

Hi everyone

Hands Off Venezuela supporters may be interested to attend a talk on
Tuesday (7th) by author Helen Yaffe on her book: “Che Guevara - The
Economics of Revolution. Even more relevant considering that Che’s ‘new
man’ theory is subtly imbedded in parts of Venezuela’s 1999 constitution.
This event is organised by Rock Around The Blockade and takes place
Tuesday 7 April at Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way from 7.30pm. Full details:

Meanwhile, President Chavez has stressed that the G20 summit failed to
address the real reason behind the global meltdown – capitalism
(, and
Venezuela has supported the creation of a new global currency

In Venezuela, or rather possibly not, opposition leader Manuel Rosales has
gone into hiding to avoid facing corruption charges

And a reminder that starting 14th April the Simón Bo…

Will workers occupy in response to SWP pay cuts?

No idea whether this true...interesting though, far left groups often tithe their members and employ 'full timers'...good for getting politics worry is that they may act as the police for what ever central committee runs things.

It's little ironic that the recession is cutting cash for left groups as well as capitalists.

News arrives that the credit crunch and ensuing recession and depression are hitting revolutionary soicalism’s finest in the SWP. SWP employees, of whom there are far too many given the party’s reduced circumstances in terms of membership, influence, etc, have been asked to take a formidable pay cut of up to £200 per month to try and make the books balance a little better than they have been doing in recent years.

It was from the Socialist Unity Web Site


If you were snatched out, or assaulted, or arrested at the Climate Camp in
the City OR if you witnessed, photographed or videoed these things
happening to anyone else you could describe or identify, PLEASE write up a
description of it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That means immediately! This very
instant! Memories of important detail can fade quickly - what's more the
courts know this so it is important that your notes are as
"contemporaneous" as possible.

When writing witness statements, try to make sure your description would
make sense to someone who hadn't been there and knew nothing of the
background. Explain the "lie of the land", and set the scene of anything
relevant which happened beforehand. And just to reiterate, PLEASE DO IT
NOW! Send to

Also, please write a statement if you have any evidence on the police
activity at the Southern end of Bishopsgate from 7pm onwards to the very
final dispersal.

If you have any potentially relevant video foo…

Latest text from Joseph at the anti-Nato demonstration


Recieved from Joseph at 1243:
"Fires burning on bridge across Rhine. Stop the War have been tear gassed. Anarchists set fire to old building. Also have paving stones. Whole area sealed off. Police boats in river. Safe so far."

So hope Joseph keeps safe...the flic are even more repressive in France than in Britains...and the Black bloc rather more active,

State Killings in the UK?

Demonstration at the Bank tomorrow

Demonstration: Saturday April 4
Assemble 12pm (sharp) Bank of England

Over the last week across London there has been a series of demonstrations and protests against the policies and programs implemented by the G20 leaders.

We are taking to the streets to express our compassion with the family of Ian Tomlinson who tragically died during the 1 April protests at the Bank of England. We are calling for an independent public inquiry into the instances of police violence that occurred though out the week and to establish to true circumstances of his death.

We wish to communicate our disgust and anger at the violent and brutal policing of the G20 demonstrations.

The press once again created an atmosphere of fear and violence in the lead up to the protests, preemptively justifying the police violence that occurred. They also misreported and lied about the circumstances of the tragedy. We recognise that for many communities the reality of police violence is a daily occurrence. The demonisation of …

Ian Angus tour

My good friend Ian Angus is on a speaking tour of Australis...if you are about in Aus, go and listen to him he has important things to say.

I am resisting flying my communication with the world outside northern Europe is this blog!

Any way Ian is an excellent ecosocialist speaker, you will learn, I did when I met him!

By the way looks like Hugo Blanco will be in the Uk for a speaking tour next this space.

Friday April 3: Perth

6.30pm. Resistance Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, East Perth (near McIver Station). Organised by the Socialist Alliance.

Sunday April 5: Adelaide

3pm Adelaide South West Community Centre, 171 Sturt St. Initiated Green Left Weekly and Eco-socialist Convergence. Supported by CLEAN – Climate Emergency Action Network. Ph

Monday April 6: Melbourne

7pm Climate Action Centre, lvl 5, New Building, Victorian Trades Hall Council, cnr Victoria & Lygon Sts, Carlton South. Organised by Green Left Weekly.

Tuesday April 7: Melbourne

1pm. Melbourbe University. Cussonia Court R…

More kettling reports Andy from Green Left

Andy reports back from yesterday's vigil for the man who died on wednesday, he was a passer by walking back from work not one of the protesters at climate camp...some people say he was chased by the police, fell and cracked his head...I am not sure if this is true. Tragic, my heart goes out to his family and friends.

The vigil was well attended with a good few hundred people paying their respects, and placing personal messages on the boarding placed around a piece of architecture(?) outside the Bank. There was also a bit of a feeding frenzy of press and photographers, obviously looking for another bloody story and maybe some more confrontation between protesters and police. Eventually it appeared that the police might be looking for the same - their response was, like the previous day and in particular in the context of why we had gathered there today, wholly inappropriate.

A minutes silence was held, well observed by all who sat down, downed flags and removed hats to remember the…

People need to support factory occupation in North London

Had this from Howard, thanks Howard....its all happening in the UK at present...

Please forward this to all your lists IMMEDIATELY

Workers at Visteon factory Enfield London have seized control of the factory following major lay-offs and need help to resist eviction expected from 10am either tomorrow or Saturday.

This is the beginning of the workers revolution and we must support it and build links betwen it and the Green revolution.

The factory has formerly manufactured car parts, but it could be used to make wind turbines.

If we hold this factory, others will follow. If not, a huge opportunity and momentum will be lost.

They need NUMBERS and they nees them NOW

Factory is on Morson Road. 5 mins from Ponders End rail station - cross footbridge, take main rd twds Central London, Morson Rd on left, factory at bottom end.

For more info call mobile phone in factory - 07799 896 466.

Bring everyone you know and please try to arrive for 10am tomorrow.

Love Howard

"disproportionate and provocative."

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MEP has described the tactics used by the Metropolitan Police at yesterday's G20 protests as "disproportionate and provocative."

Throughout today, reports had been coming in from Greens who had been involved in the protest.

One party member involved said she had "returned shaken and appalled at the policing tactics employed at the G20 protests."

Like many others, she described the way lines of police officers had kept groups of peaceful demonstrators "penned-in" for hours without access to water or toilets. She said:

"It is only thanks to my NUJ press pass that I managed to (eventually) escape the terrifying crush imposed by aggressive police. By that point I had spent at least two hours rammed in with other peaceful rotesters, bursting for the loo and battling against a resurgence of a phobia of being trapped in tight crowds."

Another Green Party member involved in the demonstration said: "In thirty-one y…

Repression continues.

They came through the roof, smashing their way in and assaulting everybody who was inside. Several people were arrested, including two who had been injured in the raid. Taser guns were aimed at people, while the police harassed and searched everybody who was on the outside.

From Indymedia...any solutions to climate chaos and the ecological crises, that work, tend to get squashed because they get in the way of corporate cash accumulation.

West Papua, Brazil, Peru....London...civil rights are demolished, so people can be moved out of the way, so the destruction of nature can continue...madness.

Repress the radicals...reward those who sell out...keep the process going, once you have seen for the first 36 or 40 times it does tend to drag...

More people being penned in London...the guy who died yesterday may have just been walking home from work!

Vote for Jean and support the Dalits!

I must admit all this brutality is getting me down....however must get on with promoting some practical and political resistance...its all about grassroots social change, people are oppressed as part of a process where the environment is wrecked.

Social justice is linked to ecology

So it is particularly good to see the e newsletter from Jean Lambert showing all her work on justice and the environment as London's Green Party MEP.

Please vote for her on 4th June....its really important to make sure she is re-elected.

This item on newsletter on Dalit Solidarity is just one example of her vitally important work

As part of my long-standing association with the Dalit Solidarity Network, I participated in a protest at the Indian High Commission. The protest also marked International Women's Day, since the majority of the 1.3 million people of ‘untouchable' caste status in India are women, and are forced to earn their living by doing dangerous and degrading work in appalling condition…

'next to the man who collapsed and died'

'“My boss (yes, a senior manager at the bank I work at!) went over last night to see what was going on. He literally was next to the man who collapsed and died. He swears NO ONE was throwing a thing. And that the reason the police couldn’t get to the guy was because the cops were using dogs against the protesters and the protesters were running away from them (towards where the guy was). Now interestingly, my boss said the guy looked about 50. The man who died went to the ground and started convulsing. So he seemed to think it was natural causes. But other than that bit, every single thing the police have said is wrong. I will ask my boss to contact the solicitors, as he is a senior manager at the bank and a very unimpeachable source (in that the police can’t say he was involved in any way or had any sympathies to the protestors - they can’t just brush him off). But I won’t hold my breath. He’s a good man, but it may be too difficult for him to do (i.e. to stand up).”

This comment …

Cops allow destruction to gather pace

As I write the Ramparts social centre in East London is being evicted by the riot police.

13:04 Raid a t the Rampart centre ongoing. Legal observers were taken away and searched by FIT officers and threatened with arrest under anti-social behaviour legislation, the Riot police are focibly removing people. The riot police brough an embedded ITN news crew on the raid

Indonesian government representatives are to meet David Cameron today and have been in cordial discussion with Gordon Brown.

He said the two governments had also agreed to continue cooperation in energy.

"I said it was good to have *energy cooperation*, especially *with* BP, to jointly develop environmentally friendly biofuels in Indonesia," he said.

Other issues on the agenda in the talks between Yudhoyono and Brown included cooperation in tourism, in counter-terrorism, and interfaith dialogues.

After meeting with the prime minister, Yudhoyono met with Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

The two events are two f…

There is also a demo at 1pm at Bank to show solidarity with the protester who died

'There is also a demo at 1pm at Bank to show solidarity with the protester who died'

Climate Camp are the real deal which is why they are being repressed

Just found this beautiful pix. here

Climate camp are the real deal.

Most environmentalists still seem to believe in carbon trading.

Obama is going to 'solve' climate chaos with biofuels....lets take our lead from the Climate Camp and challenge capitalism.

Rumours are occuring that the police are attacking the camp, I hope this isn't true but sadly would fit, the police ran a whole campaign in the summer saying climate camp was violent, 'weapons had been found', etc, etc...all lies to justify repression

Workers must unite to take on capitalism says Mumia

May Day '09
[Speech writ. 3/23/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

While May Day has historically been a day of worker's solidarity and a celebration of labor power, this is not a day or year like any other.

That's because many nations are in the midst of economic recession and financial failure, and it is workers worldwide who are suffering from layoffs and mass firings in almost every sector of the global economy.

While labor is depressed, capital is aggregating to itself bigger and larger shares of national and global wealth, as governments rush to bail out banks and investment firms, but only if they are "too big to fail."

Under the newly amended rules of capitalism, corporations (especially in the financial sector) can scam, steal, and hustle virtually everyone, and when the economy falls, the government sails in and bails them out with public money!

Under a system such as this, capitalism can never lose. It's like a gambling casino, where th…

G20 demonstrations marred by police violence

Just listening to a good report from Ch 4 news which asks 'did the met hype up threat of violence', hoping the cops let everyone go home, currently lots of people penned in

From Payam of Green Left

Peaceful demonstrators gathered today outside the Bank of England to press for a better world. The protesters arrived at the Bank of England from 4 different directions representing 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (red horse against War, green horse against Climate Chaos, silver horse against Financial Crimes and black horse against Land Enclosures and Borders).

The financial crisis has led to a great strength of feeling by demonstrating the shortcomings of neoliberal capitalism and has also led many to conclude that this is a historic moment of opportunity to push for change. The protest was very good natured with music, banners, dancing and impromptu speakers talking about their visions for a different world. A broad cross-section of society was represented including factory workers, t…

Spot the real vampire!



Well I am locked away in Berkshire doing some writing to quite a sharp deadline for some nice people in Oxford.

So I am missing some fun and blogging less.

Climate Camp though looks good from here

Strategist has posted this


16:30. The camp is beautiful and the sun is shining. If you’re not already there, come along and bring some sawdust, paper, water, a sleeping bag and an unwavering desire to address the issues of climate change

14:30. The camp for Climate Action is setup in front of the Carbon Exchange. It’s wonderful, and we’re staying for 24 hours, so get there as soon as you can….

12:30. The site is ours!!! Come down to the carbon exchange

The location is European Climate Exchange, Hasilwood House, 62 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AW