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Climate camp is pure pleasure!

I am cat sitting, tough life isn't it, greedy tikes that they are! but spent the afternoon at climate camp.

Well a bit disorientating, usually I have to travel miles and miles, and then get hassled by le flic, searched for weapons etc.....just got the train to New Cross Gate, 10 minute bike cops easy.

Usually going to the climate camp seems a bit like setting off for the Paris Commune, good but edgy cause you think you might get seriously injured by the forces of law and order.

Not so this police, although they seem to be hiding in the cadet centre in case of 'trouble'.

The camp is very well organised, clean and green and fun. Hung out with my Green Left amigos and met lots of other friends, gave out some information about the lucha indigena....had a quick pint in Blackheath.

Its not often I have such relaxing day. Seeing a large banner 'Capitalism is Crisis', I feel the camp really shows the message that unlimited economic growth is unsustainable…

Anti-capitalism meeting at climate camp

Red Pepper at Climate Camp
10 years after Seattle: Where now for the anti-capitalist movement?
31st August, 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Check the workshop programme to find out which space it’s in when you arrive
With Derek Wall, Katherine Ainger, Ruth Tanner and James O’Nions

See you all tomorrow and may be later, just about to get on my bike down to Blackheath....stop me and claim your free information sheet on the lucha indigena in Peru!

Alan Garcia has filled too many graves!

I became a journalist to find out how they killed my father, to discover where his body is, and to take those responsible for his death to court,” Boris Ayala told IPS. “I am not going to rest until I find out the whole truth.”

There are reports today into an investigation into mass graves in Peru, during the 1980s the Garcia government fought a brutal war against Shining Path (a pretty vicious Maoist group), there were killings on both sides of civilians, the government killed 10,000s.

This is still not fully investigated.

Today Alan Garcia is in government again and is brutally suppressing the indigenous people, who are not guerilla fighters, but are using non violent protest to stop their land being stolen and the rainforests being destroyed.

On June 5th the indigenous at Bagua were massacred, many of the bodies appear to have been removed and dropped into rivers, (Alan Garcia has at least learnt to hide the bodies with greater care!).

Remember this is what it is all about. In the rus…

Sarawak, land stolen from the people, rainforests destroyed

John Gormley flew to Indonesia and wrote anodyne rubbish on his blog about climate change.

He should have stayed at home but put his energy into supporting communties right across Indonesia whose land is being stolen, a process which when it takes rainforests wrecks our chance of dealing with climate change, while increasing poverty for local people and abusing human rights.

corruption, land seizures, the destruction of sacred and beautiful landscapes for profit, in Ireland its about bulldozing Tara

There are two types of green politics, the real one is about resisting enclosure.

This is from Al Jazeera today

In the jungles of central Borneo, loggers and native tribes, environmentalists and plantation companies, rights lawyers and government developers are now locked in an increasingly desperate battle.

The future of one of the world's last great rainforests is at stake.

The outcome of this fight could determine much beyond Borneo's borders too, as environmental scientists become in…

We hate you!

“It would be a
spark of hope if only wars were to morph in such a way as to target the
actual breeding potential of a population: young females and children, half
of whom are girls. Unless this happens, wars will mostly remain a waste of
time or even a harmful activity.” (p.173) this is from Can Life Prevail by Pentti Linkola.

What a nasty work is the Finnish writer Pentti Linkola.

I am very critical of Malthusians obssessed with cutting the population, I think our economic system that encourages us to produce, consume and waste at every increasing rates is the source of ecological ills.

However while I view population bomb rhetoric as reactionery, it generally is followed by support for womens rights, Linkola just seems consumed by blood lust.

May be in his youth he had a bad experience with women, perhaps a women throw his fish back.

Nasty, nasty.

David Orton has argued that ecofascism is more a smear term, yes often it is, but Linkola is so right wing, he would make Nick Griffin blush and Hi…

good for Madonna

rock stars, dontyahatethem, I like the Bruno piss take of Madonna however fairs fair and remember I have even been nice about the liberal democrats recently(well that cool Eric Lubbock)....she has done good.

Have a look and may be we should all be praising her for a bit of anti-racism and pro-lgbt statements

David Flemming: is economics without growth possible?

David Flemming: is economics without growth possible?
Space 9, Mon, 14:30-16:00

It is widely agreed that our economy cannot continue to grow indefinitely. Environmental damage and resource depletion will see to that. And yet, if growth were to be halted, then the economy would be destroyed in another way: it is a dynamic system which (like a bicycle) depends on forward movement to maintain its stability. This is the growth curse. The market economy is damned if it grows, and damned if it doesn’t. There are solutions to this, but they are very difficult ones, extending far beyond a reform of the financial system. The workshop will explore them. David Fleming is an economist, inventor of Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs), and author of Lean Logic: The Empowerment Dictionary (forthcoming).

I did a workshop with David, a while back, I really expected the worst, am not pro Tradable Energy Quotas, for a start.

But I was impressed, really fascinating person and very hip to commons.

You may disagree …

Letter to Blackheath residents from Climate Camp

Well Lord Avebury is a real hero but local lib dem councillors have been getting all 'Daily Mail' about the climate camp, if you are a local resident why not go along to the following meeting.

The local Labour big wig Mayor Sr Steve Bullock has attacked 'the patronising selfishness of the campers', i.e. carbon trading doesn't work but I am sticking with it. What an embarrassment, have a look at his website, I am waiting for animation of him tossing his gold chain.....perhaps the camp could invade his office.

I think of all the pressure that people in the rainforests are under, for example, in Peru they have been killed so that oil can be extracted. Does Sr Steve care about this, of course not...he hasn't even heard of it but the climate campers have done a lot of support for the indigenous.

The present approach to climate change based on carbon trading has failed, does he know about this, is he calling for change? The protesters are educating people but some …

Clinton praises Garcia and Peru

Well we all know about Monica Lewinsky but is Bill Clinton going to be proclaiming 'no I didn't fuck Peru', you guessed it 70% of the Amazon is under threat from oil exploration in Peru, the indigenous have been killed at Bagua to get them out of the way for oil exploration, sounds more like rape than a consensual activity to me.

Bill visited Peru earlier this year and is a big amigo of Alan 'grease my palm with oil profits' Garcia.

Bill is oiling the wheels with some charity and has a long history of pushing 'free trade' with Peru..

More on this from wonder they shut down his you tube channel he was on to something!

See some of you tonight at the meeting on Peru indigenous solidarity.

Massacre in the Amazon: The Garcia Government vs Peru’s Indigenous

Thursday, August 27, 2009, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
The Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street (3 minutes from Euston)

On June 5, World Environment Day, Amazon Indians in Peru were massacred by the government of Alan G…

LINE at the climate camp

LINE are one of my favourite environmental groups! although as a good solid non believer I have been quite impressed by the local C of terms of ecology, social justice, critical thought...any way do try and get along to the LINE event at climate camp

Peace and warm greetings all,

Below are two notices of upcoming events. One is the LINE workshop at the Climate Camp, happening this Sunday. The other is for a joint event with Green Sundays, combining Islam, ecology and culture.

I'd also like to take this chance to wish you Ramadan Mubarak, on behalf of the whole of the LINE team.

Hoping to see you at camp!

Best wishes,

Wasi - on behalf of the LINE team

The Camp for Climate Action 2009 in London has been set up! The venue was not made public until today, and the full list of workshops at the camp is here:
This includes a workshop led by LINE this Sunday: details below including venue. In addition there is important legal info to be read before you join us!.. http://w…

'Skip', Nadra and the Philadelphia Grand Jury

[col. writ. 8/13/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As the contretemps surrounding Dr. Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge Police Dept. recedes into the roiling news flood to become fodder for the late night comedians, we learn, if anything, that even a president has limits when it comes to a "teachable moment."

For, as any schoolteacher could have taught him, learning is a two-way street. When the student is closed to the lesson, ain't nothing getting in. (And America ain't trying to hear nothing about it's racist present!).

"Skip" Gates, a man possessed of a healthy sense of humor, has even joked about the incident publicly, and in my imagination, I can even hear his distinctive chortle as he answers the questions, "Are you alright?", with the quip, "Yeah - I'm ok; the only thing hurting is my dignity."

Dr. Gates, a prolific writer, acclaimed academic and PBS broadcaster, was, precisely because of his known identity …

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich, Andy Hewett, welcomes the arrival of Climate Camp to Blackheath.

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich, Andy Hewett, welcomes the arrival of Climate Camp to Blackheath. Speaking today after the site was revealed, Andy said

"I am delighted that Blackheath has been chosen as the site of this year's Climate Camp. I hope that the people of Greenwich will show their support for this event and go along to experience the atmosphere. The aims of Climate Camp are to educate, inform and peacefully demonstrate that there are alternatives to the current way of life which are leading us to potentially catastrophic climate change."

With views of Canary Wharf, the site at Blackheath will provide Climate Campers with a constant reminder of the financial system which was the focus of the Camp in Bishopsgate and the events of the G20 protests in April. Andy was unable to get into the camp itself that day, due to Police blockades, but he recounted some of his experiences of the events at the G20 protests.

"I was amongst the ma…

Rebels camp at Blackheath

its like Henry sixth, the rebels are at Blackheath and Greenwich...the climate camp has swoopped.

I am guessing the mystery band will be radiohead....

I am at camp over the weekend and monday.

I salute the camp, most of the policy for dealing with climate change is irrelevent and useless, based on fraudulent forms of carbon trading, they have a good hold on the politics of this and some realistic ideas for solutions.

They can mobilise thousandst of people for change, their organisation is excellent, the camps I have been on have been little slices of utopia.

So do go along and see what you will be quality honest.

The happy campers sent me this...gracias amigoes!

Film footage of the swoop and other camp activities are available at the dedicated online TV site: - all films can be embedded and it would be awesome if you could share some of he footage with your readers. A number of embed codes can be found here:

There's also…

Teddy Goldsmith RIP

Very sad to hear Teddy Goldsmith has died, long expected he had cancer alas

Will write more about him tomorrow....stayed with him once and met him a few times.

Both an essential thinker and pretty right wing!

The Economist noted back in 1999:
'He has never brooked any compromise with governments and big business; the “policy-wonking” has been left to his more emollient successors such as Jonathan Porritt of Friends of the Earth. Unlike the vast majority of his fellow campaigners, he is also well to the right of the Conservative Party on social and moral issues. This has made him an acquired taste even within the environmental movement. He has recently lost one editor of the Ecologist magazine, Nicholas Hildyard, for precisely these reasons.'

Which is a pretty decent can't dismiss his contribution which was important but no getting away from his negative features....must write about Godard as well (he is hale and healthy I believe).

Tricky when people are mixtures …

Peru indigenous meeting this thursday, spread the word

Public Talk: Massacre in the Amazon: The Garcia Government vs Peru’s Indigenous (Thursday August 27th)

Alborada presents a public talk:

Massacre in the Amazon: The Garcia Government vs Peru’s Indigenous

On June 5, World Environment Day, Amazon Indians in Peru were massacred by the government of Alan Garcia in the latest chapter of a long war to take over common lands -- a war unleashed by the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and the United States.

Come and hear about the latest developments in Peru and what we in Britain can do to help Peru’s indigenous people and the wider social and environmental struggles taking place in the country.

“The Amazon struggle must continue, demanding respect for the rain forest. The Amazonian natives know that what is at stake is their own survival. We hope that the world population becomes aware that they are fighting in defence of all humankind, the Amazon jungle is the lung of the planet.”
-- Hugo Blanco (Peruvian social activist and …

EU launches attack on chickens!

EU animal abusers, boo! hiss!

good to see the Morning Star leading the charge on this one....a daily paper that promotes animal rights! excellent

Space for chickens faces chop
Monday 24 August 2009 by Adrian Roberts
Chickens reared to basic industry standards could find themselves in spaces almost 25 per cent smaller than an A4 piece of paper if the government adopts new EU legislation, the RSPCA has warned.

According to the charity, the move would constitute a "retrograde step" which would have a significant impact on the welfare of hundreds of millions of birds.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is considering the legislation, which will make it even more difficult for the animals to walk or flap their wings, the RSPCA said.

Currently, chickens reared for meat at basic industry standards are allocated 526 square centimetres - 15 per cent less space than an A4 sheet of paper.

This could be reduced by a further 8 per cent if the new guidelines are broug…

Getting ready to biff us again.....

from the Morning Star

Police notebooks show extend of G20 brutality
Sunday 23 August 2009 by Paddy McGuffin Printable Email
G20 riot officers' notebooks lodged at the High Court have shown the brutality inflicted on peaceful demonstrators during the protests in April.

The notebooks reveal how officers punched people in the face and beat others with riot shields.

The books, which have been lodged as evidence in an action brought by three protesters, also disclosed how Metropolitan Police were given no restrictions on the use of force when they were ordered to move protesters attending the Climate Change camp in the City of London on April 1.

In one notebook, a police constable recounts how when he saw a protester pushing against officers' shields: "I punched him in the jaw and he moved backwards."

Another officer describes how he hit people with "shield strikes both flat and angled," as well as "open palm strikes to a number of individuals and fist strikes as…

The future of food

The vampires want us to use more pesticides, more fertilizers and more oil until the world runs out.
There is no alternative they say, they may drink some of the blood but without them there would be no 'progress' and 'people would starve'.

The vampires don't want you to hear about the alternative, it involves less blood being split.

I am pleasently surprised to see that the BBC, have produced a programme on the future of food outlining somewhere where the vampires have been defeated and there is a an alternative for a healthy sustainable future.

Click here to find out more...the vampires would rather you didn't.

In praise of the Eric Lubbock

I don't often praise the liberal democrats, Peter Tatchell is a good friend and I am less forgiving than him and they seem to have moved sharply to the free market right but credit where credit is due...just noticed that Lord Avebury has been doing some splendid work on behalf of my friends in Peru.

Good thanks, this is very important. has the whole debate...Lord A started it off asking:

Lord Avebury (Liberal Democrat)
To ask Her Majesty's Government whether, following the statement by the European Heads of Mission on the recent violence and loss of life in the Peruvian Amazon, the United Nations' Special Rapporteur on the Rights and Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples will investigate the background to those events.

so L Avebury if you come to the Exmouth Arms on thursday evening I will buy you a pint!

Just got this biog comment, had forgotten about the Orpington by-election, has to be said politically I am little closer to H…

Between the Government and the People

[col. writ. 8/16/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As democratic forces mobilize in response to the suspicions resulting from the recent Iranian presidential election, they are meeting repression from a government that is fueled by the twin forces of paranoia and theocracy.

The Iranian government is paranoid not because they are crazy, but because many remember the U.S. and British supported coup that led to the installment of the dictatorship of the Shah in 1953, and also more recent support for the Iraqis (during the time of Saddam Hussein, btw) when both countries lost nearly a million people during what came to be called 'The War of the Cities', in the '80's.

And although the corporate media has pronounced the notion 'loony' that the U.S. has supported the anti-government protests, in truth the U.S. has supported anti-government terrorism against Iran, chiefly via CIA funding and support for the Baluchis, an Iranian national minority group which com…

Defending the defenceless: Peru's most wanted refuses to be silenced

Just saw this in the Independent, don't forget public meeting to support the indigenous in Peru, thursday 27th August, 6.30pm Exmouth Arms, near Euston.

From her jungle hideaway, Teresita Lopez tells Guy Adams why she won't give up fighting for her persecuted people

Amazonian Indians armed with spears set up a road block in Yurimaguas, northern Peru in June to protest government plans to let foreign firms in

More pictures
Teresita Lopez is in hiding. "Somewhere in the Amazon" is as much as she is willing to reveal about her current location now she has been placed on the Peruvian government's most-wanted list.

The authorities in Lima have charged her with inciting murder, sedition and insurrection. Nonsense, she says. All she has been doing is protecting the rights of Peru's 350,000-strong Amazonian Indian community and helping them safeguard their traditional way of life, under threat from a President keen to open the Amazon to international mining, logging an…

Climate Camp swoop on the city

Did you know the global framework for dealing with climate change, hasn't reduced emissions at all, not one little bit!

If we leave it to the official framework developed at Kyoto, we are going to fry but the bankers will be able to buy some big fridges to live in when the heat rises cos the carbon market generates $150 bn a year for city types.

The Climate Camp are on the case, join them when they takeover the city of London, the financial heart of global capitalism next week...

On Wed 26th August, the Camp for Climate Action will take back the city of London in a massive public swoop. Everyone is welcome to join us, as we converge on the secret location where the camp will rise. This summer, we are swooping together, and together we will transform a part of London into the physical manifestation of our desired worlds.

More here

WhatWe'll get ready to swoop from scattered locations around London. We'll be roaming about, seeing who we can pick up along the way. There'll be …

G 20 -- or More G-Money?

[col. writ. 8/10/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As the G 20 gathers again, they assemble amidst the wreckage of their own creation.

Representatives of 20 of the alleged developed economies, they are instead representatives of casino capitalism, the use, misuse and grand-theft of public wealth, to fund the bonuses of financial pirates which have looted the treasury of billions.

A few months ago, as they gathered in London, the nation's finance ministers talked about tax havens, but few had any real substantial solutions to the economic turmoil roiling in their own countries.

Much has been said about stimulus packages, and even of the enormous amounts of money being allocated for this purpose, but a modest amount has actually been spent, with the lion's share being devoted to boosting the very banks and businesses that created this disaster.

And while banks and billionaires have been rewarded for their insatiable greed, average people, working people, families …

Chinese villagers attack poison plant

I am mainly busy with the peru stuff but worldwide there are grassroots protest against environmental damage and for social justice....China is in ferment, there are huge anti-pollution and anti-land enclosure protests and direct action, I haven't got any kind of Chinese contacts, so if you do have news, post it my way and I will blog and spread the word.

Got this from Earth First! UK, who have always been good!

17 August 2009
At least 600 children have excessive amounts of lead in their blood

Hundreds of Chinese villagers have broken into a factory that poisoned more than 600 children, reports say.

Villagers tore down fencing and smashed coal trucks at the lead smelting factory in Shaanxi Province.

Local authorities have admitted that the plant is responsible for poisoning the children. More than 150 were in hospital.

Air, soil and water pollution is common in China, which has seen rapid economic growth over the past few decades.

Toxic metal

The villagers broke into the Dongling Lead and …


On Monday September 28th the Barbican are hosting the UK’s first screening of the documentary “A Pirate for the Sea”. The film focuses on the life and work of Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

In its 32 years, Sea Shepherd has rammed and disabled over a dozen whaling and illegal fishing vessels on the high seas, and scuppered others in ports by sneaking aboard and opening valves to let in seawater. Other tactics include fouling propellers with entangling lines, hurling aboard nausea-inducing stink bombs and cellulose powder to make the decks slippery, and direct high-speed ramming. They run Vegan vessels and have sunk more ships than the Canadian Navy without injury or loss of human life, and all without being convicted of a crime in any court of law.

Mark Sanders-Barwick of Sea Shepherd UK will be introducing the documentary and holding an audience Q & A afterwards.

Tickets can be purchased by following the link below:…

Today is the 190th anniversary of Peterloo

From climate and capitalism

Today is the 190th anniversary of the day when English cavalry rode attacked a peaceful crowd of 60,000 in Manchester, gathered to call for democratic rights. The event is remembered as the Peterloo, a word that combines the location of the attack, St. Peters Field, with an ironic reference to the recent British military victory at Waterloo.
In The Making of the English Working Class, the great Marxist historian E.P. Thompson writes:
“There is no term for this but class war. But it was a pitifully one-sided war. The people, closely packed and trampling upon each other in the effort to escape, made no effort at retaliation until the very edges of the field, where a few trapped remnants – finding themselves pursued into the streets and yards – threw brick-bats at their-pursuers. Eleven·were killed or died from their wounds.

“That evening, on every road out of Manchester, the injured were to be seen. The Peterloo Relief Committee had, by the end of 1819, authenti…

Movimientos: Venezuelan Underground radio show

{enclose OA-MMS-EP04-090807-Venez-underground-F01.mp3}

Cal Jader talks with Alborada Films' Pablo Navarette about his new film "Inside The Revolution" and they play exclusive tracks from the Venezuelan underground music scene and the Hip Hop Revolucion movement in Latin America featuring artists La Redonda, Actitud Maria Marta, El Area 23 and ska band Palmeras Kannibales.

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Well not sure the share worked but have a click here.

Me gusta!

Pablo está en la casa! which I find amusing for some reason.

Go on find some more about organic reggaeton from the Venezuelan underground.

Latin American Workers Association AGM

I am very pleased to have been asked to open the AGM of the Latin American Workers Association.

Latin American Workers' Association (LAWAS) Annual General Meeting ('Asamblea'

Saturday August 15 at 4pm in SOAS, University of London.

They are an organisation that has been very involved in the campaign for proper paper for cleaners including the university cleaners in London.

'The last two years our campaigns have been featured a lot in the Morning Star and other left media, around immigration raids and workers rights at places like National Physical Laboratory, Willis/Mitie, Schroders/Lancaster, and of course fighting for papers for all. We also do casework and educational activities.'

Green Party members including our GLA representatives Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson have supported their campaigns, SOAS was occupied in the summer as part of their campaign.

In a globalised world organisation such as LAWAS are vital to fighting low pay and poor working conditions.

I am…

Will she run for the Green Party?

Well there are certain some very good Greens out there, despite my slight frustrations, with some who wear the colour.

looks increasingly likely that wonderful Marina da Silva will run as Green Party candidate in Brazil.

"I won't delay (the decision) as if it were a soap opera," Silva said, adding that she would contemplate the move until the middle of next week.

"The Green Party is proposing change and I'm interested in that change," she said.

She is a very solid ecosocialist and friend of Joel Kovel, the Brazilian ecosocialist network are good comrades.

oh and when her government said lets trash the Amazon she fought for it! Briliant, she could tell John Gormley a few things.

and a pretty impressive win in Scarborough from Nick Harvey, remember him being a young green in the 1980s

13/8/09 result:
GREEN, Nick Harvey, 894
Con 356
Ind 94

Turn Out 32.69%

Daniel Hannan Tory MEP attacks NHS

You can listen to the Conservative Party MEP Daniel Hannan say that the NHS has been a 60 year mistake.

dread to think what David Cameron's party will do when they get into power do to the NHS.

They should kick Hannan out, stealing expenses is one thing but stealing our NHS will really hurt all of us in Britain.

He should be ashamed of the kicking he is giving poor Americans who often lack access to proper health care and being uncritical of the huge profits made by US health corporations.

Socialism its about fair access, capitalism its about selling your grand mother.

'Inside the Revolution: A Journey into the Heart of Venezue

Hi everyone

There are two upcoming screenings of the new film "Inside the Revolution:
A Journey into the Heart of Venezuela" (Director Pablo Navarrete, 65min,
2009). The official premiere, introduced by the director, will be on
Thursday August 20th, 6.30pm-8.30pm (film starts at 7), Khalili Lecture
Theatre, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG. Nearest
Tube: Russell Square London. £4 suggested donation.

The film will be previewed tonight (Friday 14th) at Movimientos @ Passing
Clouds, Richmond Road, E8 4AA (Corner of Kingsland Road). Film followed by
a live performance from Afro-Cuban salsa percussion orchestra 'NQW' and
DJs till late. Film starts at 8pm and entry is £3 before 9.

Film synopsis: February 2009 marked 10 years since Hugo Chavez took
office, following a landslide election victory, and launched his
revolution to bring radical change to Venezuela. While wildly popular with
many in the country, Chavez's policies and his outspoken criticisms of the

India why the Communist Party of West Bengal lost.

The Communist Party of West Bengal, turned on its supporters, the peasants and stole their land, this article is an excellent critique of 'stagiest' forms of Marxism....socialism is opposition to enclosure, introducing capitalism as a stage towards socialism is wrong, however despite the repression the peasants won just like the indigenous of Peru.

This by the way is from the ever excellent 21st Century Socialism site.

While some loss of peasant support on account of Singur and Nandigram was anticipated in West Bengal, it was thought that the opposition’s thwarting of “development” would make the urban middle class switch to the Left as the preferred alternative (because of which pictures of the Nano car were posted all over the state as part of the CPI(M)’s campaign to remind the electorate of the opposition’s intransigence in thwarting “industrialisation”).

As a matter of fact, however, the Left lost votes both among the urban middle class and among the peasants and the rural p…

Some context

Public Talk: Massacre in the Amazon: The Garcia Government vs Peru’s Indigenous (Thursday August 27th)

Alborada presents a public talk:

Massacre in the Amazon: The Garcia Government vs Peru’s Indigenous

On June 5, World Environment Day, Amazon Indians in Peru were massacred by the government of Alan Garcia in the latest chapter of a long war to take over common lands — a war unleashed by the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and the United States.

Come and here about the latest developments in Peru and what we in Britain can do to help Peru’s indigenous people and the wider social and environmental struggles taking place in the country.

“The Amazon struggle must continue, demanding respect for the rain forest. The Amazonian natives know that what is at stake is their own survival. We hope that the world population becomes aware that they are fighting in defence of all humankind, the Amazon jungle is the lung of the planet.”
– Hugo Blanco (Peruvian social activist and director of ‘Lucha Indigena’ (’Indigenous Struggle’))

- Oscar Blanco (Son of Peruvian political …

Statement from the electoral returning officer (ERO)

Statement from the electoral returning officer (ERO)

A contractor working with the party overstepped their authority by sending a message to all local parties making allegations against one of the candidates for External Communications Co-ordinator without that candidate having any possibility of a right to reply. I am treating this as illegal canvassing by that contractor.

This situation is so serious that it has prejudiced the fairness of the postal ballot for External Communications Co-ordinator.

I refer all members to the following section in the Election rules:

5 Conduct of other party members
5.1 Rules of conduct

The ERO has no redress against members who are not candidates in the election. A candidate should not be disqualified due to the actions of another member, unless it is clear that member has acted with the approval of the candidate. However, if, in the opinion of the ERO, the actions of a third party may have materially affected the result of the election, the ERO may decla…



Date: Sunday August 30th 2009
Time: 2:30pm - 4pm
Venue: London: exact venue tbc: please keep an eye on - we will also send an email out on LINEnotices as soon as we know (likely the week before).

A workshop at the camp, organised by LINE (London Islamic Network for the Environment)
We hope you can join us for this exciting workshop during the month of Ramadan. Within the workshop, we hope to make space to explore some of the following questions: How do Muslims and Islam view climate change? How do Muslim ecological activists view the climate movement? How does the climate movement view Muslims? What are the values that we share? How can we hope to work together?

For more info:; Tel: 0845 456 3960 (local rate)

Gordon Brown lobby on vestas at 1pm today

if you are in Edinburgh in the next hour or so....

The Guardian, Wednesday 12 August 2009
Article history
We observe with increasing dismay the government's unwillingness to act to prevent the closure of the Vestas wind turbine factory (UK's wind industry left in doldrums, 8 August). While we are constantly being reassured about a commitment to fighting climate change and unemployment, we are asked to accept that the UK's only wind turbine factory be allowed to shut and 625 jobs lost. Gordon Brown's silence on this matter has been deafening. At 1pm today, we will ask him to speak to us at his constituency office in Cowdenbeath. We urge anyone who is concerned about climate change and job losses to join us, or to demonstrate in their local area.

Aoife Keenan and Katherine McMahon Edinburgh Vestas Solidarity Group

Freepost facts.

The great freepost debate....skip this unless you are interested in internal green party politics....but I think it needs an airing given rumours.

The facts about Freepost

What is Freepost?

The Freepost scheme uses the Royal Mail’s provision of free postage for an election leaflet in national and European elections to reach voters. These can be either individually addressed to every voter, or delivered to households unaddressed.

How is it done?

Getting leaflets to Royal Mail according to their complex requirements, and printing them in large bulk to minimise costs, requires the use of contractor.

Who has responsibility within the Green Party executive for the scheme?

The elections co-ordinator, who reports to Gpex, which then has collective responsibility as the underwriter of the scheme.

What is my view of the scheme?

An addressed Freepost is clearly essential in our target Westminster seats, and household-delivered Freepost is essential for every serious campaign in conjunction with Target t…

Niyam Raja: sacred mountain destroyed to make cans and nuclear weapons

Bauxite from the Dongria Kondh’s Sacred Mountain,in Orissa, India, will be most likely used to produce nuclear-capable weapons for the Indian Government.

Vedanta’s plan to rip apart the Niyamgiri Hills for bauxite has never been acceptable to the Dongria Kondh.

Ever since the mine was first proposed, the Kondh have said they will do everything in their power to protect the hills, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

It has not been a shallow threat, after all, the Dongria Kondh believe there is no life without the hills, where Niyam Raja, their god, has always lived.

It’s sacrosanct. The Kondh won’t even harvest any food or medicine plants from the hill. Everything is reserved for Niyam Raja and Niyam Raja alone.

Almost exactly one year ago today, a mountain of fear was lifted from the Kondh’s shoulders, when Anil Agarwal, the CEO of Vedanta Resources, announced to his shareholders that his company would not move ahead with the mine without the Kondh’s expressed consent.

On the occasion…

Irish Greens to leave Fianna Fail government

Rumours from Dublin suggest that the budget cuts that FF are pushing, will lead the Greens to ditch the coalition government.

It is hoped that by bringing the government down the Greens will get some credit from Irish voters long sick of suffering under the people often described as the 'porketeriat' because of their love of pork flavoured scratchings pushed their way by property developers.

By the way bet some one got a lot of bacon for the M3 motorway!

So watch this space, I think the Irish Greens have manipulated themselves into a no win situation.

The FF coalition was going to cause embarrassement, all commentators knew this, unfortunately it looks like wipeing out the Irish Green Party for a while to come, I predict no seats in the Dail after the General Election...if it comes either in 2009 or later.

Joseph Healy has produced an excellent article on the Irish Green Party by the way.

Incidentally while Joseph and I are Green Left, it is often forgotten that the whole GPEW has a…

Vestas events...get involved

Tues 11 August

• GILLINGHAM, KENT Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road, 7.30pm, Vestas support meeting organised by Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway and Medway trades union council
• LEEDS 7-8.30pm, meeting, Swarthmore Centre, next to Park Lane College
• MANCHESTER 7pm solidarity meeting with Vestas worker speaking, Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, tel: 07724 139278


• BANGOR petitioning from 11am onwards by the clock tower; 6.30pm, public meeting in the Harp Inn, High Street, Bangor; tel: Iain, 07809 839793
• BIRMINGHAM 12.30pm rally outside the Government offices for the West Midlands (off Colmore Row, round corner from Halifax), St Philips Place, St Philips Cathedral park, Birmingham B3. Called by Birmingham CACC and supported by Birmingham TUC, tel: 07846 490 408
• BRIGHTON 12-2pm, leafleting/collecting in Churchill Square; 6pm, street meeting in Churchill Square, email:, tel: 07…

Muddy election...I suppose that's politics.

I have been amazed by how much mud has been thrown at Tracy Dighton-Brown the current External comms member of the Green Party Executive.

Unfounded rumours that she is opposed to the free post system are one example.

and I have had this 'Tracy is one of the most frightening and scary people that I have ever met. She is utterly manipulative, two-faced and has no sense of morality as far as I can see. I am personally terrified that she is in control of the Green Party's media operation. All she has done so far is to stop other people from doing things.'

Depressing. Any way I am endorsing her and so is Caroline Lucas...

Caroline Lucas MEP, Green Party Leader

“Working with Tracy over the past months has been a real privilege. I have particularly appreciated her sound political judgement and clear strategic thinking.

“Her professionalism and personal commitment have been instrumental both in ensuring the Party achieved its best ever results in the recent European Elections, as well …

Jim Killock banned from Party membership reapplication for five years

Vestas rally and march today

The rally and march were magic on the isle of wight today, about 300 people turned out to inspiring words from the occupiers, we then marched on the factory and surrounded it with shouts of 'The workers united well never be defeated', 'whose factory? our factory, whose planet? our planet'?

The security guards tried to stop us but there were only about three of them....and lots of us

Very inspiring and everyone from the unions, the Vestas people have joined the RMT to the left groups and the climate camp, seem to be working hard to support the struggle in a real committed, strong and open way...

Lots of support from local people on the Island, beeping their horns in support as we marched down the duel carriageway.

La lucha continue...still lots of actions planned on the island and the climate camp are still camped by the factory in Newport and a couple of them on the root at the other factory in Cowes.

Nice to be part of a Green Party contingent today...the Green Left 'S…

Peru indigenous solidarity meeting 27th August

7pm to 8pm Exmouth Arms, near Euston, 27th August.

The main speaker will be Oscar Blanco, son of Hugo Blanco, the Peruvian revolutionary and publisher of Lucha Indigena.

Will be getting some proper publicity out soon but for now put it in your diary.

The ecosocialist struggle is stong in Peru but the government are very happy to beat, imprison and kill indigenous people who resist rainforest destruction.

Hugo Blanco will be speaking in Britain in June 2010 with support from members of Socialist Resistance, Green Left and the Green Party.

So several reasons to watch this space.

The Peruvian indigenous leader Santiago Manuin, despite his injuries seems to be slowly getting better, but Alan Garcia is still keen to repress him.

Right off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow for the Vestas workers rally....workers and the indigenous are showing the way on climate change at the moment...

Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change

Thought I better post this, its a few months old but inspiring...the indigenous in their astonishing diversity are increasingly organising to promote ecology and socialism (well collective community way of living if you don't like the s word), I think the indigenous provide the best hope of solutions to problems such as climate change...lots more here.

The Anchorage Declaration
24 April 2009

From 20-24 April, 2009, Indigenous representatives from the Arctic, North America, Asia, Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Caribbean and Russia met in Anchorage, Alaska for the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change. We thank the Ahtna and the Dena’ina Athabascan Peoples in whose lands we gathered.

We express our solidarity as Indigenous Peoples living in areas that are the most vulnerable to the impacts and root causes of climate change. We reaffirm the unbreakable and sacred connection between land, air, water, oceans, forests, sea ice, plants, animals and our human communities as th…