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Resist the mines

Resisting Mining: Brutal Repression and Uprising in Argentina
Written by Marie Trigona
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 14:19

World-wide, mining operations have been associated with exploitation, corruption, violence, environmental devastation, human rights abuses, and impunity. However, despite threats and violent attacks, local movements resist mining operations and associated devastating effects. Residents in Northern Argentina have protested the opening of an open pit mining site in the town of Andalgala in the province of Catamarca. A recent police crackdown on the protest has sparked a popular uprising of citizens saying, `no to the mine'. Following massive protests in response to police repression this month, a judge temporarily halted further mine works planned to open in 2012.

Andalgala, man of the high mountains

The word Andalgala, in the ancient indigenous langu…

The magic Christian

This is cool.

The best Christian since the man himself in early AD.

By boat to Bolivia?

Will Tamsin Omond volunteer?.......otherwise looks like an excellent way of making the most of a vital event in Bolivia with the minimum carbon footprint.

I am not going myself by the way, Hugo Blanco is going and will be putting forward our shared ideas.....he is of course Peru based.

Tricky sometimes doing global green politics without flying but the net and video conferencing can take the strain.

*Peoples' World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth's Rights in
Cochabamba, Bolivia* 19-22 April (see for more)

At the gathering last weekend we agreed to the proposal to participate in
the Peoples' World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth's Rights
in Cochamamba, Bolivia, from 19-22 April (see
for more). We agreed that this meant committing to doing things before,
and after the conference, including:

1. Requesting time at March regional gatherings to discuss the conference
and what we want to get out of…

President Uribe to go, Colombian people celebrate ruling


Late this Friday 26 February after a lengthy deliberation, including 1500 submissions, Colombia's Constitutional Court denied the proposed referendum which was intended to amend the Colombian Constitution and allow President Uribe to carry on for 4 more years because as he had said "8 years were not enough".

They were certainly enough for the Judges who made this ruling in a vote of 7-2, on the grounds that there would be substancial violations of democratic principle if the referendum were allowed to proceed.

8 years of abuses have been enough for Colombian people.
For the time being, the Constitutional Court has safeguarded democracy.

Join people as they celebrate outside the Court on hearing the judgement (before continuing opposition against his would-be successors' policies..).

See (Spanish with music half-way) :..........


Goldcorp don't deliver prosperity or ecology

Million Women march against male violence, 6th March

Dave from my local Green Party reminded me to blog about this and I also had a notice from my friend Colin Revel.

The women organising the march say that "enough is enough”

The women organising the march say that "enough is enough” Never has the rape of a woman’s right and dignity been so systematic and coordinated, the health and lives of women have never faced such peril."
The women's march has been organised by ordinary women fed up with violence against women in all its forms.
"Something has to happen for women and now"
The Million Woman Rise is expected to include a day of speeches, prayer and music. Hundreds of thousands of women are expected at Saturday's rally, which is aimed at addressing violence against women through a show of political, social and economic solidarity.

Stop male violence against women in all its forms

More details here

Bankers still in charge distract us with cuts agenda

Busting the straitjacket

Rolling back the new ‘common sense’ of spending cuts may seem like a difficult job, but it’s not impossible, says Mike Marqusee

It’s now clear that cuts in public spending, and resistance to them, will be the stand-out issue in domestic British politics during the coming years. The three major parties, the mass media (from the Mail to the Guardian, BBC to talk radio), think-tanks and pundits, not to mention the OECD, all insist that large-scale cuts must be made, that they are the only way to address the projected gap between state revenues and spending, and that this gap is the number one problem facing the British economy.

It’s been a remarkably deft manoeuvre. In less than a year, a system-challenging global financial crisis has been turned into a tussle over national bookkeeping. The problem has been redefined as an allegedly unsustainable public debt, rather than an economic recession brought on by demonstrably unsustainable private debt.

The ‘hole’ in the pu…

Election canvassing in Windsor

I have had some tremendous offers of help in my election campaign for Windsor constituency.

I am off to get the bus from Winkfield where I live to the centre of Windsor, meet me this morning on the foot bridge between Windsor and Eton where we are running a Green Party stall before, weather permitting, we go canvassing.

Do join my General Election facebook as well!

On hunger strike for three weeks

just had this in my in-box, tabloid newspapers they kill people don't they

Dear friends,

Women have now been on hunger strike for three weeks in Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre and continue to need your support. We enclose an update below. Please take action:

1. Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 919 “Hunger Strike at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre” (see below). You might want to send them the update so they are armed against Home Office propaganda.

2. Write to ministers demanding: that mothers, victims of rape and other torture and all vulnerable women be immediately released; an independent investigation into the treatment of hunger strikers; a moratorium on all removals and deportations.
· Phil Woolas MP, the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration or
· Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, Home Secretary or
· Meg Hillier MP, Parliament…

The perfect human has died

The perfect human enjoy from Leth

The perfect human in honour of the last to die.

A sad day.

The last one has died.

The last to die is the first of many.

Lets practice some enlightened self-interest and preserve the human.

Derek Wall/Liam Mac Uaid/SR meeting on Climate change

Copenhagen failed. How do we stop climate change?
Socialist Resistance Public Meeting
Wed March 3 @ 7.30
Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square, London (Warren Street Tube)
Speakers: Derek Wall (Green Party) and Liam Mac Uaid

I am pretty busy pounding the streets for the General Election but very pleased to be invited to this meeting with Socialist Resistance, who have proved to be stout ecosocialist comrades.

Come along and debate or insult me in person rather than just in the comments box

'Marxists and ecologists are not entirely different groups'

Interview by Aleix Bombila, for *En Lucha

Spain), of John Bellamy Foster, editor of
*Monthly Review *, and author of Marx's
* and The Ecological

*En Lucha**: In your book Marx's Ecology you argue that Marxism has a lot to
offer to the ecologist movement. What kind of united work can be
established between Marxists and ecologists? *

*JBF: *I think it is important to recognize that Marxists and ecologists are
not entirely different groups. Of course it is true that there have been
Reds who have been anti-ecological, and Greens who have been anti-Marxist.
But it is not uncommon for the two to overlap, and increasingly to
converge. Many socialists are environmentalists and many environmentalists
are socialists. Indeed, there is a sense in which Marxism and ecology, both
classically and today, lead to the same conclusion. For Marx, the goal was
the creation of a society in which the metabolic relation between humanity
and nature (i.e. production) was rationally regulated by the a…

Channel 4 Political Slot today highlights alternative to greed and RBS bonuses

Channel 4 short to highlight Green Party’s election agenda

The Channel 4 Political Slot today (19.55, Thursday 25 February) will set out the Green Party’s stall ahead of the general election.

The film, to be broadcast after the Channel 4 evening news, will feature party leader Caroline Lucas, the Green MEP for South East England.

The three-minute film, made by McDougall Craig North for Channel 4 and directed by Daisy Leitch, was filmed in Brighton, where Caroline Lucas has been tipped by bookmakers and opinion pollsters ICM and YouGov to be on course to win the Pavilion seat in the coming general election.

The film starts with Caroline Lucas asking the question: “What do you want your MP to fight for?” and surveys the responses of a number of members of the public, highlighting concerns about jobs, pensions and the NHS – and the Green Party’s response in its general election campaign under the banner Fair is worth fighting for.

Okanagan Indian Band (OIB) challenge loggers

Excerpt of an interview with Jeannette Armstrong (Syilx, Okanagan) from the Native Perspectives on Sustainability project (above)

The Okanagan Indian Band (OIB) launched a “protective blockade” this morning, February 23, at the Okanagan campsite near Bouleau Lake in southern British Colombia.

A member of the greater Okanagan Nation, the OIB say they have been left with no choice but to stop the logging company Tolko Industries from endangering their water supply.

“This is not an action we took lightly, nor is it one we commenced without exhausting all of our legal options,” states OIB Chief Fabian Alexis, in a recent press statement. “However given the active collusion between the Ministry of Forests and Tolko and the continued indifference of the federal government, we had no choice but to act…”

Since at least 2003, the OIB has been seeking the legal protection of their water, which is provided by the Browns Creek watershed. The region has been extensively logged for more than forty year…

Vote Clare Solomon

Aled Fisher told me on friday night he was probably going to withdraw from standing for ULU President, while he was my first choice, I am glad he has now given Clare Solomon a clear run.

Their policies were pretty much identical, both support the campaign for low paid workers justice, both have an excellent record in terms of Latin America and above all, both are committed to improving student welfare and resisting the cuts.

So good luck Clare!

Bangladesh military attacks Indigenous Jumma People

video gives background information on Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Eight people are dead and more than two dozen have been injured after the Bangladesh military, on Feb. 20, 2010, opened fire on a group of Indigenous Jumma villagers in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh.

Four villages, all sponsored by the United Nations, have also been completely leveled.

The Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS), a political organization that represents the entire Jumma population, provides this report on the events surrounding what has been termed a “massacre.”

Further updates are available at:
More photos at:
Sign this Global petition for peace! in the CHT:
Massive communal attack on Jumma villages by military forces and Bengali settlers in Baghaihat area in Rangamati
A. Introduction:

On 19-20 February 2010 massive communal attack on Jumma villages was made by military forces and Bengali se…

Green Party edges to the left

This is a report from a conference goer, not me,

At its conference in London over the past weekend, the Green Party provided more evidence of its gradual evolution from a narrow environmentalist sect into a left social democratic party with a strong emphasis on ecological issues.

First, the conference passed with large majorities two resolutions drafted by members of Green Left, the Party’s ecosocialist tendency; one pledging support for the National Pensioners’ Convention and its election manifesto, and the other calling for the imposition of a top limit to the pay and bonus differentials in all organisations, so the maximum wage that any organisation could pay would be ten times that of the lowest paid worker.

Second, in its revue of the Party’s health policy, conference removed all the egregious anti- science references in it that had previously been such an embarrassment, and reversed its previous opposition to the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research.

Third, the make-up o…

Green Party members' conference report

In a packed programme, one of the major items was the passing of the health voting paper, which entirely updated our health policy. This added policies on patient empowerment, calling for a new model of patient-owned co-ops for GP practices, to end NHS subsidies for private healthcare, and breastfeeding. The policy now also includes approval, with appropriate ethical guidelines, for all types of stem call research. It was also generally "slimmed down", removing references to particular treatments and drugs.

A motion calling for a similar revamp of the science policy was also passed. A policy measure calling for scientists and technologists to have to take a pledge to protect the earth was dropped by this conference, and the animals and research policy was amended, retaining our ethical objections to animal research and noting medical concerns about the reliance on animal testing of human medicines.

In other policy areas, conference backed a call for a maxium wage policy that …

Third Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conferenc

For a Million Climate Jobs

Saturday, 13 March 2010
11:00 - 16:00
South Camden Community School
Charrington Street
For A Million Climate Jobs

The Third Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference will bring together hundreds of Trade Unionists to discuss how we can campaign for climate justice following the failure of the Copenhagen Talks.

In particular, we will look at the Campaign for a Million Climate Jobs, many of our speakers have been part of creating the excellent pamphlet which has been produced with the support of the CWU, PCS, UCU and TSSA.

It will also be an opportunity to hear from those who took part in the Vestas occupation and the magnificant climate protests in Copenhagen last December. The format will be a "teach in" style to allow maximum participation, with breakout sessions on "How do we campaign for a million jobs", "The Climate Emergency Demands", "Organising at work" and the "…

climate change Bolivian motion to adopt

1, rue Miollis, 75015 París, FRANCE.
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 45 68 30 38/39 – Fax: +33 (0) 1 45 68 30 37 - Correo Electrónico:

- Considering that climate change represents a real threat to
the existence of humanity, of living beings and our
Mother Earth as we know it today;
- Noting the serious danger that exists to islands, coastal
areas, glaciers in the Himalayas, the Andes and
mountains of the world, poles of the Earth, warm
regions like Africa, water sources, populations affected
by increasing natural disasters, plants and animals, and
ecosystems in general;
- Making clear that those most affected by climate change
will be the poorest in the world who will see their homes and their sources of survival
destroyed, and who will be forced to migrate…

Irish Greens challenge Fianna Fail

Amazon defenders on twitter

Aidesep may be in pretty remote bits of Peru but as well as being impressive strategists as you would expect, they are also exponents of the net and the web and now twitter.

Do follow them on , they have 9 people following them, lets make this a a million!

It is very very important to get alerts from them and act upon them, the Peruvian government still want to smash Aidesep so they can sell the Amazon to oil corporations and guess what the British government are supporting the Peruvians.

Viva Aidesep!

Big Aidesep mobilisation tomorrow if you are in Peru go along!


I have been running around for a couple of days telling people about the Awajun and the Wampis and Aidesep.....they seriously get the job done, I hope they send delegates to every green organisation on the planet and tell the rest of us to shape up and give some advice on how to do so.

Real Green politics, its advancing fastest in the Peruvian Amazon!

Company activities suspended in Ajwun and Wampis sacred territory

Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines announced this week that it is “indefinitely suspending” Minera Afrodita’s exploration activities in the Cordillera del Condor region of Peru.

As reported by Servindi, the announcement follows a recommendation by the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (OSINERGIN), which recently that found that Afrodita, a subsidiary of the Vancouver-based company Dorato Resources Inc., has no concession rights in the Cordillera del Condor region, which straddles the border between Peru and Ecuador.

The Interethnic Development Association …

Urgent Action: BP Oil Workers Action in Casanare Colombia – Police Repression

Workers at the BP plant at Tauramena, part of the Cusiana oil field in Casanare have been protesting since 22 January 2010 for improved wages. On 15 February the notorious ESMAD ‘anti-mutiny’ police attacked the workers’ picket line and the local community. Three workers are in hospital. They are members of the national Oil Workers Union USO that has only been able to organise in the plants in the last year.

For video see



4pm Friday 26 February, outside BP HQ, 1 St James Square, London SW1 (nearest tube Piccadilly Circus)

Bring banners, placards and let’s make a noise!

Plus: send protest messages to BP demanding the corporation conducts peaceful neg…

Willie O’Dea gate vote by Irish Greens

They continue to embarrass Greens and Irish citizens across the entire planet.


The article was written by Green Party member and barrister Vincent P Martin.

"FF Minister for Defense Willie O’Dea has damaged our democratic process in three distinct ways: he has falsely maligned a candidate in an election; he has given false evidence to the High Court upon which it relied; and thirdly, and perhaps most damning of all, he has declared from the Dáil, the very centre of our democracy, that his conduct is perfectly acceptable and that those who would take him to task are hypocrites.

I am saddened both as a lawyer and member of the Green Party, but perhaps mostly as a citizen, that last night the Dáil supported a motion of confidence in Willie O’Dea. There was something pathetic about it all, a mean-spirited loyalty to colleague over country, a reinforcement of the sense of them and us, an overarching and deep…

Don't do drugs kids!

Controversial stuff and I am no expert but, I do know that if corporations make millions from drugs they will be working hard to spike us.

This is from Socialist Resistance (below) but if you want a voice from a Republican Party supporter watch Clint Eastwood's film Changeling.

Psychiatry is organised around a medical model of distress, and its bible of diagnostic categories, the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ (DSM) is now in its fourth edition. The number of categories expand with each revision of the DSM, and it is now driven by the pharmaceutical companies who are into the game of discovering what their drugs will stop and then convincing their clients – that is, the psychiatrists and hard-pressed general practitioners – that these are ‘disorders’ for which their brand medicine is the solution. The sales of the DSM pay the mortgage on the headquarters of the American Psychiatric Association, but the connections between mental illness and capital accumulat…

Vote for Aled

I have just found out that Aled is standing for ULU president as well as Clare Solomon.

Obviously either of them would be wonderful but I am a bit of an Aled loyalist....given his long and honorable record building ecosocialism!

I must say its rare to find an election with two people standing who I think are great, perhaps one of them should run in the General Election or for something else in student politics.

Wonder if there are votes that can be transfered.....divisions on the student left.

Back in the 13th century I was President of the Institute of Archaeology students union, which merged with UCL.

Liz Davies was UCL SU president, she was and is wonderful.

hope my nostalgia has distracted you!

More here

Mike Roselle, terrorist? No defender of the Earth, yes!

The beard is graying. The hair is clipped military-short. He is a large man,
oddly shaped, like a cross between a grizzly and a javelina. It's Roselle,
of course, Mike Roselle - the outside agitator. He and a fellow activist
have just spread an anti-coal banner in front of a growling bulldozer in
West Virginia on a cold February morning in 2009. He's in this icy and
unforgiving land to oppose a brutal mining operation and will soon be
arrested for trespassing. Massey Energy, the target of Roselle's protest, is
the fourth largest coal extractor in the United States, mining nearly 40
million tons of coal in Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee each year.

The arrest was nothing new for Roselle, who cut his teeth in direct action
environmental campaigns decades earlier as a co-founder of Earth First!, top
campaigner for Greenpeace US and later as the wit behind the tenacious
Ruckus Society. Unlike most mainstream environmentalists, you are not likely
to see Roselle sporting a suit and lob…

CONFERENCE FRINGE - TODAY with Latin American Workers Association



- More important than the World Bank?
- Less important to politicians?


Farid Bakht, Joint International Coordinator, GPEW

Alberto Durango, Latin American Workers Association

Thursday 18th Feb : Room BC-3 @7pm

· Immigrants are a political football.

· They will be a prominent subject in the General Election.....for all the wrong reasons.

· Are migrants important? If so, why? To whom?

· What are remittances? How do they compare with Foreign Aid?

· Where do the Greens stand on the issue of the treatment of migrants here?

· What political decisions do we need to take?

Copenhagen failed - How do we stop climate change?

Copenhagen failed - How do we stop climate change?
Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square, w1 (Warren Street tube)

The humiliating collapse of the Copenhagen talks has left the world's rulers without a plan for addressing climate change. Climate change deniers are speaking out with fresh confidence. Yet as the demonstrations in both London and Copenhagen and the Climate Camp showed a movement has begun to take to the streets.

How can the climate justice movement respond to the new situation? How can it make the links between the trade unions, campaigners, working class communities and the global south?

Derek Wall (Green Party) and Liam Mac Uaid (Socialist Resistance) explore the options with plenty of time for discussion.

More info about Socialist Resistance at

David Rovics reports from Mayo on oil, corruption and repression

In a country with the kind of tumultuous history that Ireland has it's not surprising that a man being arrested and jailed for seven months would escape the notice of the media, at least outside of Ireland. What should hopefully pique some interest is that this is a man with a long history of being bullied, intimidated, arrested and treated roughly by the authorities for his nonviolent resistance against Shell Oil's construction of a gas pipeline, and now the judge is calling him a bully and jailing him for seven months on the extremely dubious charge of intimidating an officer.

To be sure, this is not Nigeria, where Shell regularly massacres those opposed to the oil drilling which is destroying the environment and the livelihoods of so much of the population. Shell doesn't run Ireland in the way it controls Nigeria. But at the same time, much like my own country, the Irish government has proven itself to be far from free of corruption.

When I arrived in Dublin last June, on…

Awajún-Wampis, Sequoia-Boras and Harakmbut fight to win!

Avatar...I know them, they are my friends! vid from last year but gives you the idea and gringos its in english!

The indigenous in Peru stop oil and coal extraction, stop the destruction of the Amazon, fight against climate change and combining their traditional skills with the use of the net, web, non-violent direct action and where appropriate legal challenges....fight to win.

I salute them, they constantly amaze me....wonderful people with a focussed ability to serve their own enlightened self-interest and protect the mother earth from corporate assaults (two sides of the same task!)

They are the one good news story on the planet when it comes to serious green politics....there is a simple measure of whether some is serious about climate they stand with the Awajun and Wampis and the other indigenous!

Or not!

This is my rubbish translation from their website...spread the word about the lucha indigena.

Awajún-Wampis, Sequoia-Boras and Harakmbut
in struggle to defend their t…

The impossible hamster

However you need a way of providing prosperity without wrecking the planet, whenever I hear the phrase 'blind capitalist accumulation' I reach for my Elinor Ostrom....not convinced that many of the critics of growth have much of an idea of the basic framework of an alternative economic system.

Elinor Ostrom is the whole of the law!

'Climate Change Justice: Is there life after Copenhagen?'

Green Party conference fringe on friday 19th February at 19.00pm

The speakers are

Jerry Hicks, currently running for Unite General Secretary.
John Sinha from Climate Camp.
Amancay Colque, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign
Derek Wall, Green Party candidate for Windsor.

Chair: Sian Jones, Chair of the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group

Green Party Spring Conference 2010
Spring Conference 2010 will be at The Arts Depot, 5 Nether Street, London, N12 0GA
Conference will start on Thursday February 18th (1pm) and finish on Sunday 21st (2pm).

More details here

John Rees and 42 others leave Socialist Workers Party

Its a car crash, the left faction have left.

I hope they do something worthwhile.....there are elections to be won in Britain, hope they can get stuck in supporting the relevent people.

Hope they support the struggles for ecosocialism, the indigenous and workers can remake the world in a way that delivers justice and ecology.

More details here