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Low impact holiday

I am off to Eastbourne with my ninos manana.

I do try not to fly, you can take all the lifestyle stuff too far and start moralising but I do think Greens need to stop flying as much as its train to the south coast

Hopefully the sunshine will continue for the next couple of days and we can get on the beach.

Lots of exciting things happening including two new books projects I am going to be working on over the next 18 months.

I am also enjoying writing for the Morning Star, my next column will be about Hugo Blanco the Peruvian indigenous leader touring Britain in September and lots to tell you about when I am blogging again post holiday.

Nick Griffin 'he just ran off. What a coward'

“I asked Griffin: ‘Isn’t it about time you apologised to the British
people for your party’s long history of anti-Semitism, homophobia and
attacks on the Muslim community?’”

“Griffin looked sheepish. He seemed stumped for an answer. I asked him
again. Then he just ran off. What a coward.

It was so cool to see my good friend Peter Tatchell ambush Nick Griffen in Millbank, after that sad far rightest had tried to milk his exclusion from the Queens Garden party.

Peter is such an inspiring person.

Nick Griffin ambushed by Peter Tatchell

BNP leader runs away when challenged

Refuses to apologise for BNP’s anti-Semitism, homophobia & attacks on Muslims

London – 22 July 2010

The far right BNP leader Nick Griffin was ambushed at his press
conference and photo call at Millbank Studios in London this afternoon
by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

See BBC footage of the ambush and a full transcript here:

Mr Tatchell sneaked between the photographers pack and strode…

Indigenous philosophers' statement on the crisis on our planet

“Today, we are at a tipping point at which humanity is in danger of being removed from the cycles of Mother Earth. We bring this urgent message in response to indigenous women, youth and children from around the world who have consistently asked us to leave them a more balanced planet,” the statement reads. “We come as individuals from cultures whose authority originates from our unique relationships with nature and the environment. Our ways of living, and very existence, are threatened by the resistance of nation states to include our institutions as part of the solutions that can save our planet. Consequently, we issue this call to the world.”

That call included eight “mechanisms” that the participants drafted for the purpose of restoring balance.

“1) Recognition of the interdependence of all things; 2) Indigenous self-determination; 3) Indigenous land, air, water, territory and natural resource management; 4) Protection and preservation of indigenous traditional knowledge, lifeways a…

Biance Jagger challenges Oliver Stone over 'South of the Border'

Went to the premiere yesterday. The high spot was the Q and A afterwards when Bianca Jagger challenged Oliver Stone to take on the corporations by making a film looking at the struggles of indigenous people against big oil, gas and mining.She made particular mention of the Bagua massacre and the struggles in Peru. Hugo Blanco the movie, I think.South of the Border is an informative and entertaining film, which I highly recommend. The best bit is Oliver Stone chewing coca leaves with Evo Morales. In just seven days Stone tracked down seven Latin American Presidents, representing the red tide sweeping the continent in the spirit of 'El Liberator' Simon Boliver.Despite their differences they stressed the importance of independence from the USA.A corrective to the bias US media that demonises or ignores different opinions.Would have liked to have heard more from Fernando Lugo, the President of Paraguay, he did make the point that liberation theology was an important influence …

Gay groups in Peru seek election alliance in wake of Argentina law

Just had this. Peru has an oil oligarchy, they open the rainforests and sell them off, those who get in the way are put under pressure. The UK government loves Latin Americans regimes that open up their resources to exploitation.
Human rights is not a priority for people like President Alan Garcia. Nonetheless good to see LGBT people mobilising in the country.
Gay groups in Peru seek election alliance in wake of Argentina lawAfter the approval of gay marriage in Argentina, two homosexual organizations in Lima announced they are seeking for political allies among the candidates running in Peru's 2011 presidential elections, in order to promote gay marriage in Peru.

Jorge Apolaya, spokesperson for the Peruvian Network of Travestites, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals, told EFE news agency that “it is necessary to pass a law for all those persons that want to access as a couple to legal benefits such as social security, a mortgage, a life insurance or heritage.”

Peru will have presidential…

Caroline Lucas protests against killing of Green Party activist

Caroline Lucas, with other Green Party leaders in the Commonwealth, is urging action after the killing of the deputy leader of the Rwandan Green Party, Andre Kagwa Rwisereka.In the lead-up to Rwanda's presidential vote on the 9th August, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has been subject to harassment, intimidation, and death threats. Police have broken up party meetings, and the party has been barred from registering or putting up candidates for the election. (1)A letter was sent yesterday to the Commonwealth's Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma, co-signed by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, Sen. Bob Brown (leader of the Australian Greens) and Russel Norman (leader, New Zealand Greens).It calls on Sharma to take urgent steps to enforce the Commonwealth's standards of human rights and democracy in Rwanda. (2)In part, the joint-letter from Lucas, Brown and Norman reads:"The death of Green Party Vice President, Mr. Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, who was found dead on 14th …


England has failed to qualify for the World Cup, a football nation is in crisis. Don Revie the ruthless architect of a new kind of football has been called from Leeds to manage the England team.
His arch enemy, quick talking Brian Clough, has been asked into replace him at Leeds.
Will this result in a car crash of epic but entertaining proportions? Could be.
An excellent piece of drama and a reminder of the down to heal reality of the land that time forgot, Britain in the 1970s.
Good, good, good, you have to watch this. I vaguely (mis?) remembered Brian Clough as an alcoholic loud mouth, got this wrong the hombre was a poet.
Michael Sheen is good as Cloughie, also enjoyed him as Kenneth Williams, another tortured 70s genius.
Nice reminder of football before mega bucks destroyed the game. A drama set today would all be about bankrupt teams sliding under.
Clough was committed socialist, who supported strikers and did his bit to fight the far right National Front.


' I first heard the term ‘sub-prime’ in the summer of 2006 from a taxi driver. We spent some time talking about CDOs, how they were risk managed and the diffusion of complexity across the financial system that would inevitably lead to cascading failure. Neither of us put our money where our mouths were. But it goes to show that many people were lying later on when they said the failures were all a huge surprise. If a taxi driver and IT bod can see what’s happening then anybody can. I met a hedge fund manager the other day who said that he was swapping out traders for industry experts (e.g. people who understood the fundamentals of a business rather than just the numbers) – I suggested that he might hire some taxi drivers.' From Chris Swann's review of Capitalism: A love story.
In Capitalism: A Love Story Michael Moore explains thatthecurrenteconomicsystemismakingmostAmeric

He shot them in the head.

The evidence is plain. Yes, David Cameron hugged the huskies in opposition. But as soon as he got into government, he walked them into the Downing Street garden, and shot them in the head.

Pink smoke over the Vatican

Just been writing about religion and liberation with a nod to Salma Yaqoob, Marina Silva, the Hutterite Anabaptists, etc.
Interesting little video above about the campaign for women priests in the Catholic Church....go for it girls!
Came across it on this excellent radical Catholic website. I don't do god, although I have been known to do zazen, I am pretty sympathetic to attempts to link religion to justice and liberation, in the same way I am sympathetic to attempts to link politics to ecology and socialism.

Let Iroquois Lacrosse Team play in the UK!

Despite inventing the sport the IroquoisLacrosse Team have been banned from traveling to Britain to play lacrosse. The Iroquois confederation have their own passports because they are nation, recognised by the US and Canada. The UK government don't recognise the Iroquois as a nation with a right to passports and of course to compete in the world contest you have to be a nation!
Jonathan Kent, a Green Party member from here in the South East of England has set up a facebook to support them, please join it here.


The frontline of the fight against climate change is the Peruvian Amazon and the people there are putting up a huge fight to stop the destruction of the rainforests.
They have some varied and interesting supporters including the priest Paul MacAuley, my good friend and ex-Fourth International leader Hugo Blanco and a Hollywood actress Qorianka Kilcher. Over the border in Ecuador the 'leftist' President Correa has been attacking indigenous protests against oil exploration, yes I know things in Peru are ten times worse and Correa is part of a wider progressive movement but his actions make me angry. They also make Qorianka Kilcher angry, I have just seen this mispelt but heartfelt statement from her.
I personally have met this Mr. President Correa , when he was first voted in as the president of Equador..... there were lots of festivities and Lots and Lots of young and old Indigenous Leaders and supporters...It SEEMED that there was a genuin air of hope and it was clear that Cor…


Oil industry sycophants, with their dollar store logic, are quick to tell us that oil spills are one of those 'unfortunate facts of life', like taxes in a market economy or Geraldo Rivera becoming a journalist.They're tragedies that we're just supposed to live with, they tell us. After all, 'We're only human. We all mistakes'.Maybe it's enough to explain a couple oil spills---like the one by that guy who 'accidentally' dropped his bucket into an open sewer---But, of course, we're talking about far more than one or two.In the United States alone, roughly 20,000 oil spills were recorded between 2000-2008, totalling some 4 million gallons.If we widen the scope a bit, we also find Texaco's oil adventures in the Ecuadorian Amazon.Over the course of 30 years, until 1990, the company permitted more than 19 billion gallons of toxic oil wastewater and 17 million gallons of crude oil to leach into the environment. It's by far the largest oil d…

Peruvian court annuls expulsion order against rainforest Priest McAuley

My only slight pang about this, is that given the lack of success the British left has shown over the last couple of decades, we could probably do with Fr Paul McAuley over here to resist the destruction of the NHS, welfare state and all the chaos/poverty about to be unleashed by having the Economist editorial team in government.
Nonetheless a victory. The Peruvian government work hard to destroy the rainforests, pollute the land and benefit the compredor elite and every time the people beat them back, while I may have said many unpleasant things about the Pope, at least some of his men in Peru are doing a great job....although don't forget the main force for good is a very well organised indigenous network Aidesep.

Vive Lucha Indigena! Viva Hugo Blanco! Viva La Selva! Viva Paul McAuley.

The Superior Court of Justice ruled today Loreto accept the habeas corpus of British Priest Paul McAuley against the deportation order issued by the Ministry of Interior.
McAuley was accused by …

'a Klansman at heart'

Robert C.Byrd a famed US Democrat Party Senator, died a couple of weeks ago. He was also a Klansman, Bill Clinton with his 'I didn't have oral sex with my intern' voice, which we all know and love, defends Byrd's KKK membership 'He was just a poor white boy, he didha know any betta'....Mumia has a slightly different take on this.
Incidentally Mumia isn't allowed access to email, so he writes this stuff and it arrives with me a week or so after he has composed it. Just writing about Mumia for Green Left Weekly

The Man Called Robert C. Byrd
[col. writ. 7/4/10] (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Longest-serving member of the U.S. Senate would've been a title cherished by Robert Carlisle Byrd, who became, among many other things, a respected historian.

Byrd's beginnings were from the white southern poor, and he hailed from a family of coal miners. Despite this poverty, Byrd had a prodigious memory, and he excelled in high school.

But Byrd, being politically am…

Green MEP welcomes protection of seasonal workers

The video is from a while back but its a good introduction to Jean's strong stance on workers rights, I am really proud she is one on my parties MEPs.Jean Lambert, the Green MEP for London, has welcomed the European
Commission’s proposal for a Directive on seasonal employment.

Employers in sectors such as agriculture, horticulture and tourism are
increasingly dependent on people from countries outside of Europe to do
season work. There have been many reports of crops being left to rot in the
fields when too few permits for such workers have been given: this
represents a lower income for producers and a waste of food.

The proposed Directive, which was presented yesterday, will define the
standard contractual rights for third-country seasonal workers to protect
them from exploitation and establish a common procedure for their entry and
residence in the EU to allow for a more effective management of the process.

Jean, who is coordinator for the Greens on the Employment and Social
Affairs Commit…