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Rory Carroll 'puta madre'?

Well the Guardian will be running lots of 'Chavez is a dictator' stories, when they run more about people being killed in Peru and Colombia, I will stop proclaiming fuck Rory Carroll!

Sadly a lot of people are being killed in Colombia by right wing paramilitaries, I wish the British media reported more on this...but no Chavez/human rights stories are more to their taste.

In August 2010 Colombian human rights activist Alfonso Castillo was threatened by a rightwing paramilitary death squad known as the ‘Black Eagles’.

The threat, which arrived by e-mail, said that Alfonso had been 'sentenced to death' and that he had to leave Bogota, where he lives and works, or die.

Please take a moment to send a message to the Colombian Ambassador calling for Alfonso to be protected and for the Colombian authorities to take action against the 'Black Eagles'.

Please click here to send your message:

Justice fo…

UCL workers win campaign for living wage

UCL Head Malcom Grant with sacked cleaner Juan Carlos

Just got this.....Latin American Workers Association comrades have fought an amazing campaign and I think the power of the press, usually in Britain they work for the super rich, helped with the article in the Evening Standard on the campaign. Evening Standard article here

As most of you will be aware, a delegation from the UCL Living Wage Campaign today met with UCL Provost Malcolm Grant and other senior managers from UCL to discuss the London Living Wage.

Before we had so much as woken up this morning, Grant posted this to all UCL staff in his weekly newsletter (at 1.08 am):

“There has been some media coverage recently of [the London Living Wage] campaign and discussion of UCL’s approach to outsourced contractors and their rates of pay. Following internal discussions, I shall be meeting shortly with representatives of the LLW Campaign to inform them that we will indeed, in common with some ot…

Green racism?

Green Racism anyone?

Well the BNP argue that climate change does not exist but migrants cause most of Britain's environmental problems.

In the 1980s the far right National Front, which included the present BNP leader Nick Griffin, had an 'ecological' wing called Greenwave.

In Canada the environment is being used to justify attacks on migrants.

Its worrying that environmental problems are being 'framed' in terms of migration.

Not surprising sadly, here in Britain, tabloid papers are blaming an economic crisis caused by bankers on those on benefits.

When in doubt blame those in a weak position, kick them hard and ignore the real problem.

Interesting article here on racism and 'environmentalism'

'Renowned Marxist philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, strolled past the rally with apparently little interest.'

The University is a factory.

The University is a factory where most of the workers are to be sacked.

The University is a factory where the most militant and organised are the cleaners.

The University is a factory where one product is 'theory'.

The University is a factory where the workers who produce 'theory' have the least interest in 'practice'.

Soas was occupied in support of Low Paid Cleaners, it is reported that noted Marxist academic showed no interest in the occupation.

Can this be true, I think we should be told!


Bishop Eddie Long 'spews out more sperm'?

CNN has said "Long frequently denounces homosexual behavior."[14] Long has ministered “homosexual cure” programs to recruit gays and lesbians for what he called “Sexual Reorientation” conferences and his church offers an ongoing “Out of the Wilderness” ministry to help convert homosexuals into heterosexuals.[15] In 2004, Long led a march with Bernice King to the grave of her father, Martin Luther King, Jr. The march was a protest against same-sex marriage and in support of a national constitutional amendment to protect marriage "between one man and one woman."[16] A 2007 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center's magazine called him "one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement."[14]
Long was a prominent supporter of George W. Bush's faith-based initiatives.[17] His ministry received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Administration of Children & Families.[17] Rev. Timothy McDonald suggested a l…

Ken Livingstone tops Labour NEC poll

Ken Livingstone - 88,235
Oona King - 64,004
Ann Black - 59,200
Ellie Reeves - 45,481
Christine Shawcroft - 44,338
Luke Akehurst - 30,825

Nonetheless longstanding left NEC members like Pete Willsman are beaten.

Still not convinced much room for left in Labour but happy to see the politician most associated with the Latin American Left win first place.

Slavoj Žižek/revolution/ecology/capitalism

If you haven't seen this, excellent stuff.

Ed Miliband blackmail was lessened slightly by the fact that he was in his pyjamas

Miliband stomped into the room where they were meeting at 4am and ranted that if they didn’t sign up they’d be denied access to a putative $30bn fund. The high drama of this bit of blackmail was lessened slightly by the fact that he was in his pyjamas at the time. It’s hard to be a moral titan in your jimjams but it’s easy to be the message boy of the rich and powerful.


Ed Miliband wins

Very close, still both Blairites!

Blair's endorsement killed David, along with torture associations.

Ralph Milband their dad was a great socialist.

My friend John McDonnell, MP would have made a great and inspiring Labour leader but they didn't let him run.

Caroline Lucas to speak at House of Commons Million Green Jobs event

The TUC have adopted the One Million Green Jobs campaign.

October 14, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm
Committee Room 10, House of Commons

Organized By: Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Speakers include Caroline Lucas MP, John McDonnell MP, Chris Baugh (PCS)

Tea Parties: The Politics of Fear

[col. writ. 9/19/10] (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal

For many, if not most, of the people who are active in the 'tea party' movement, are reacting to the fall of the American economy.

They see vast home foreclosures, factory closings, the loss of jobs and the resultant loss of pay, across a wide spectrum of the working class, and they are afraid; very afraid.

It's been said that money is the mother's milk of politics, and while that's true, it's also true that fear is powerful currency in the hands of unscrupulous politicians.

And once you add media, it's political TNT.

It doesn't really matter who's feared; fear'll do the trick.

For many of them, Mexican immigration is a bubble into which the fear of the foreigner, lost jobs, crime and even contagion come together with explosive power. And politicians ae riding it like broncos.

Pres. Barack Obama, as a dark(er) man with an exotic name, and African origins, also attracts a good slice of that fear…

J.G.Ballard maps the desert of the real

"could consumerism turn into fascism? The underlying psychologies aren't all that far removed from one another. If you go into a huge shopping mall and you're looking down the parade, it's the same theatrical aspect: these disciplined ranks of merchandise, all glittering like fascist uniforms. When you enter a mall, you are taking part in a ceremony of affirmation, which you endorse just by your presence." Consumerism "has to a large extent replaced art and culture in this country."

I have just finished reading J.G.Ballard's novel Super Cannes.

Initially it was close, I felt, to self parody. The plot is very similar to his earlier Cocaine Nights and it reads at times as if it is being narrated by some louche English cliche.

Nigel Farage on speed and acid.

My feeling is one of desperation after reading it to the very end.

Ballard once argued that far from being a science fiction writer, he was an enlightened futurist, trying to show what was just over th…

Cabbages, Kings, Conventions.

My good friend Joseph Healy has relaunched his ecosocialist blog here.

It remains essential reading this is about his work at the Convention of the Left.

I am speaking tomorrow night at the Convention of the Left in Manchester as a member of a panel addressing the cuts in Europe and internationally. The Convention is timed to coincide with the opening of the Labour Party conference in Manchester. I last attended the Convention two years ago but was not a speaker on the platform, although I spoke from the floor and also at a worshop. Several of my colleagues in Green Left are on the organising committee of the Convention and I look forward to seeing them again. I will be representing both Green Left and the Coalition of Resistance, on whose steering committee I sit as the Green Left representative.

Venezuelan election forecast

Venezuela: Elections to the National Assembly - another step on the road to democracy
* by Francisco Dominguez, VSC Secretary

Venezuelans once again go to the polls

Venezuelans vote on Sunday for the South American nation's 165-seat National Assembly – its national parliament. This is the 16th national election or referenda since Chávez was first elected President in 1998.

Venezuela’s last election was a referendum on the right of the President to stand again on 15 February 2009. This was endorsed by 54% of the electorate, against 46% opposing the measure. Sunday’s election is the first to take place against the backdrop of a recession in Venezuela, which has been hit hard by the world recession as have many other countries.

Media distortions, context and the truth about Venezuelan democracy

With these key elections approaching, there has already been a stepping up of media distortions about Venezuela internationally. In the run-up to previous election campaigns, the VSC has noted tha…

Courageous Mapuche need our support

My Chilean comrades are helping organise a meeting on 500 years of indigenous resistance in Latin America Latin America: 500 years of resistance with a focus on the Mapuche struggle, I have also pasted a letter in the Morning Star on the Mapuche friend Hugo Blanco has been telling people here in the UK about the struggle of the indigenous in Chile, currently in the middle of a hunger strike, they defeated the Incas and the Spanish and took on Pinochet, yes the real 9/11 was a conspiracy against the indigenous and workers and peasants in Chile.

Latin America today is at the forefront of the struggle against economic and political
domination in the globalised world. The struggle has never ceased. During the past
518 years the indigenous peoples of the continent have been fighting for their land
and their cultural identity. Recently, the first ever indigenous President was
elected in Bolivia, a country that achieved independence and was named after its
liberator, Simon Boliv…

The Already Forgotten War

The Already Forgotten War

[col. writ. 9/11/10] (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Did you notice that the war was over?

If you blinked, you may've missed it.

It is amazing that a war which began with such fanfare, such awful rhetoric and such martial strains could pass from the 'combat phase' with such quietude, such nonchalance, such silence.

Nearly 8 years of carnage, and what did it achieve besides the balm of forgetfulness?

For what was the war fought?

Weapons of mass destruction? Nope. Democracxy? Nope. An end to torture? Nope. Women's freedom? Nope. A model for the rest of the Middle East? Um-umph.

It was fought for U.S. face; American ego and martial exhibitionism, to place the flag over oil wells, and to dominate the region for generations. It was fought because George w. Bush aspired to be Eisenhower -- a "war president" -- resplendent in military glory as Commander-in Chief.

The nation lies exhausted, spent, and maddened with anger 8 years later. …

'Clegg is a sellout' says Green Party MP

Lucas on Lib Dems: “on a whole range of issues they’ve sold out”

As Clegg goes on defensive over cuts at Lib Dem conference, Greens reiterate the alternative – finding the cash to avoid the cuts and invest in job-creation

As Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg prepared to defend the coalition’s cuts in his keynote speech to the Liverpool conference today, the Green Party reiterated its alternative policy (1) – investment in job-creation funded partly through higher taxes on higher incomes, partly through scrapping projects like Trident, through cracking down on tax evasion and tax avoidance (2), and though a “Robin Hood Tax” on financial transactions (3).

The Greens say they “believe this is a policy package most Lib Dem voters would be likely to prefer to a programme of savage spending cuts.”

And Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP accused the Lib Dem leadership of “selling out on a whole range of issues” – not least the “horrendous, brutal, savage cuts” which she said evidence showed “will hurt …

'I am going to sing a blues for the man they did wrong'

My favourite Christian sums up why we need to fight for land and freedom

Get some permaculture practice in Brighton

Just had this, permaculture is great, if you are based in Brighton it looks good.

Scrumping + other volunteering

Have you ever thought about volunteering for Brighton
Permaculture Trust? Why not join the team of people who
make Brighton Permaculture Trust the dynamic organisation
that it is? A friendly team of dedicated enthusiasts run
the organisation, much of the work being voluntary.

This week is our busiest in the year with lots of fruity
things happening, so if you can help out that would be great.

Our scrumping project collects fruit that would otherwise
not be harvested around the city. Many tons of fruit rot
on or under trees around the city while we import fruit
from the other side of the world and the scrumping project
is putting some of it to good use. Volunteers are needed to
pick and cook fruit. One of the perks is getting fruit to
take home.

This weekend and next week fruit is being picked and cooked
ready for apple day on Sunday 26th. Picking dates include
18th 19th and 21st…

Green socialist could win top trade union post

My good friend Jerry Hicks, could win the battle for Unite General Secretary, a working class hero and grassroots militant, Jerry would take an average workers salary, fight the cuts and campaign for green jobs.

If we want to resist the Con-Dem government and build a sustainable future, supporting him is essential, nearest we have to the Latin American left in the UK, so if you are in Unite vote for Jerry, if not spread the word!

From Jerry Hicks: Please forward to all those who you consider would have an interest
Call to fight cuts from prospective union boss
Article in Portsmouth news

Published Date: 18 September 2010

THE would-be head of Britain's biggest trade union came to Portsmouth to issue a rallying cry against looming public sector job cuts.

Jerry Hicks, one of the candidates tipped to become general secretary of Unite, addressed a meeting of around 90 trade unionists on Thursday night.

If he succeeds in his leadership bid, the diminutive 51-year-old ex-aircraft worker would be…

Urgent appeal to prevent expulsion of rainforest preist

IMPORTANT Letter writing Campaign in support of BROTHER PAUL MCAULEY = help protect the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples !

Please sign and e-mail this Letter of Support for BROTHER PAUL MCAULEY
Paul is an amazing environmental hero, who has dedicated
himself for 2 decades to defend Perus Amazon Forrest and
educate Indigenous communities about their Rights.
Sadly Perus Government is determined to expell him
from Peru and silence his Voice, in an attempt to eliminte
everyone who is standing in the way of the corrupt and
illegal selling off of Amazon Indigenous community Lands.

Please take a minute and copy&paste and e-mail below letter of support !

Your Voice and help with this will surely be greatly appreciated!

It is so so important that they know that the world is watching !
so, pleeeese e-mail either the english version or spanish version

to following 2 key people :

Director General de Migraciones, Peru
Gral. PNP (r) Juan Antonio Alvarez Manrique.

Jefe de J.M. IQUIT…

Russian Embassy Green Defenders protest

Dear Comrades

We are organising a protest this Monday in conjunction with the Russian
collective Chto Delat and would be very
grateful if you could publicise it as widely as possible. The protest is
part of a series of international actions in defence of the Khimki hostages
idarity/> .

These are two grassroots antifascist activists (Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim
Solopov) who are currently in custody in Moscow on fabricated charges facing
the prospect of very heavy prison sentences. Their campaign put a temporary
halt to construction of a planned Moscow-Petersburg toll highway through the
Khimki Forest. In essence, they have been taken hostage by local authorities
and police officials. If they are tried and convicted they could face seven
years in prison. Meanwhile, police and other law enforcement agencies
continue their hunt against other activists, especially those with
connections to the antifascist movement.

Over the past three years, forest defenders have suffered numerous arrests
and other form…

Russian Embassy Green Defenders protest

Dear Comrades

We are organising a protest this Monday in conjunction with the Russian
collective Chto Delat and would be very
grateful if you could publicise it as widely as possible. The protest is
part of a series of international actions in defence of the Khimki hostages
idarity/> .

These are two grassroots antifascist activists (Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim
Solopov) who are currently in custody in Moscow on fabricated charges facing
the prospect of very heavy prison sentences. Their campaign put a temporary
halt to construction of a planned Moscow-Petersburg toll highway through the
Khimki Forest. In essence, they have been taken hostage by local authorities
and police officials. If they are tried and convicted they could face seven
years in prison. Meanwhile, police and other law enforcement agencies
continue their hunt against other activists, especially those with
connections to the antifascist movement.

Over the past three years, forest defenders have suffered numerous arrests
and other form…

Women demand to be priests!

Catholic women demand equality

Call on Pope for women priests

Friday 17 September
Assemble: 2pm to 2.30pm
St. George's RC Cathedral, Corner St George's Road and Lambeth Road, SE1 7HY

Catholic women's procession to Lambeth Place

3pm rally outside Lambeth Place as the Pope arrives to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury at 4pm.

Protest organiser contacts:
Lala Winkley 0787 569 8194
Pat Brown 0795 004 8628

Roman Catholic women campaigning for women to be ordained in a reformed priesthood (CWO - Catholic Womens Ordination) are gathering outside St. George's RC Cathedral in Southwark, S.E. London at 2-2.30pm on Friday 17th September.

They will stage a processional walk of witness down Lambeth Road to Lambeth Palace where, at 4pm, Pope Benedict XVI will arrive to meet Archbishop Rowan Williams. They will be joined there in solidarity by women priests from the Church of England who are campaigning for their right to be bishops.

Catholic Womens Ordination is a group campaigning for reform…

Jobless on Labor Day

Jobless on Labor Day
[col. writ. 9/5/10] (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As Labor Day rolls around, many are the homes in which the day is just another day, for there are no jobs to go to during the regular days of the week.

That's largely because the nation's economy remains in the doldrums, a hair's breath away from big R recession, and a stone's throw from depression. Businesses are shedding jobs, not adding them. That's because they are forcing employees to work harder and longer. As for their pay, most workers are paid wages that, adjusted for inflation, are equal to those of the 1970's.

By any measure the House of Labor is not doing well.

In part this is due to the capital's relentless war against labor, but it's also due to labor's fruitless investment in the politics of betrayal.

Like a fickle lover, politicians promise labor the moon; yet once ensconced in power, they spurn them like yesterday's newspaper ` gone and forgotten.

Perhaps the b…

Three events with Hugo Blanco

'The Rise of The Green Left: Derek Wall Book Launch'

14 September · 19:30 - 22:00
Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London, W1T 5DL

Launch of The Rise of the Green Left: Inside the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement by Derek Wall Speakers To include Derek Wall, Jeremy Corbyn and Hugo Blanco. For more info please email

‘Latin America & the Rise of the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement’

Saturday 11 September · 18:00 - 20:00
Paradise Place, [Pedestrian access from footbridge, between Paradise Forum and the Hall of Memory]
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Event: Public meeting: ‘Latin America & the Rise of the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement’ [Green Left/ Socialist Resistance fringe meeting during the Green Party conference]

Speakers: Hugo Blanco and Derek Wall
Hugo Blanco is the historic leader…

Sid Rawle RIP


José Bové and Keith Taylor take on Tescos!

Well supermarkets in general!


– MEPs vote for action on price transparency and a fairer deal for farmers

The Green Euro-MP for the South East today welcomed a move by fellow MEPs to tackle the uncompetitive and harmful practices of dominant food retailers which often mean unfair returns for producers – and poor price transparency for consumers (1).

MEPs in Strasbourg approved a report by the French Green MEP José Bové containing ideas on how to rework the food supply chain, in order to improve the position of both producers and citizens throughout the EU.

Proposals include: legislation to enforce fair competition, with penalties and a complaint mechanism; proposals to limit dominant market positions at all stages of the supply chain; "naming and shaming" companies committing unfair practices; increased price transparency; measures to improve the bargaining positions of farmers, and a new investigation into food wastag…

Lets crash Tony Blair's book launch party on wednesday

In Richard III all the people dirty Dick had killed came back to haunt him as he slept, the ghosts must be queing up for Tony Blair, millions died, the killer clown has abandoned his book signing but he still has a book launch party.

He has been recently encouraging us to go to war with Iran.....every step he takes leaves a footprint of blood.

Message from Stop the War

BUT HE IS HAVING A LAUNCH PARTY FOR HIS SLIMY MEMOIRS AT THE TATE MODERN THAT EVENING. THE STOP THE WAR COALITION HAS CALLED A PROTEST OUTSIDE TATE MODERN AT 5.30 pm WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8th. They are asking supporters to make it as artistic as possible and to bring Bliar masks or other memorabilia.

( Waterstone's Book Signing Cancelled )

- demo at Tate Modern Weds 8th Sept 5.30 pm
.. Blair due to host 'secret' Book Launch Party..


- Stop the War want the protest to be as 'artistic' as possible


‘The merriest of all devils’

This from an article on a new blog in the name of one Jacob Bauthumley

‘The merriest of all devils’

The sexual radicalism of the Ranters certainly made an impressive contrast with the repressive society that created them. They saw Original Sin as being lifted, meaning that none of the repressive commandments laid down by the Church through the ages still applied. John Holland’s anti-Ranter pamphlet The Smoke of the Bottomless Pit claims that “they say for one man to be tied to one woman, or one woman to be tied to one man, is a fruit of the curse; but they say, we are freed from the curse; therefore, it is our liberty to make use of whom we please.” Another called them “the merriest of all devils, for… lascivious songs… downright bawdry and dancing”, and claimed that the last two were commonly accompanied by orgies. Of course, it is important not to take this too uncritically: unless accompanied by a commitment to women’s liberation, sexual liberation has frequently just been a way to e…

Climate activists found not guilty

The Copenhagen City Court ruled on September 2 that climate activists Natasha Verco, a 32-year-old activist from Australia, and Noah Weiss, a US student, were innocent of the charges against them.

The two climate activists had been charged for organising “illegal activities” during the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. Verco and Weiss had been accused of planning violence against police, disturbance of public order and vandalism.

The charges could have lead to several years of prison and deportation. But the charges didn’t stand up in court.

The verdict discredits the violent methods adopted by police during the climate summit, when politically active people were denied their democratic right to criticise the climate negotiations.

Verco described the entire process as absurd: “There has been a very clear political purpose behind these court cases .... In the whole case the evidence has been related to fully legal activities, that the police has tried to manipul…


No Impact Man
by Derek Wall -

The last film always biases the reception of the next. The last film I watched was that 1990s British classic 'Dirty Weekend' based on the novel by Helen Zahavi. Director Michael Winner, best known for making Charles Bronson a household name in ‘Deathwish’, collides with feminism with disastrous results (but hey I liked it). Sickened by exploitation by sexist men, the protagonist of the film Bella goes on a killing spree in Green Party MP Caroline Lucas's Brighton constituency, cleansing the streets of Brighton Pavilion to make them safe for womankind. If you have had a revenge fantasy about your dentist, you will enjoy ‘Dirty Weekend’ irrespective of gender, but you probably should not watch it. I am not sure that the strong meat of the film version of Helen Zahavi's novel quite put me into the right frame of mind to deal critically with the subtler flavours of Colin Beavan’s ‘No Impact Man’.

The thesis of ‘No Impact Man’ i…

Prime Minister steals for corporate masters

Couched in the flowery language of colonialism Premier Colin Barnett's words and actions really say "Nigger,you have the right to do as you're told". To a chorus of applause from Woodside, BHP, BP and Chevron,those international masters of indigenous and environmental exploitation.

This is how it works. Local people have their land stolen by politicians who serve corporations.

Green politics is about land, production and rights.

Changing consumer behaviour may be necessary but too much green doesn't look at the hard end of these things.

Victory to the indigenous!

Mumia Abu-Jamal : “I am an outlaw journalist”,38278.html

On August 29th, 2010, Reporters Without Borders Washington DC representative Clothilde Le Coz visited Mumia Abu-Jamal, prisoner on death row for nearly three decades. Ms. Le Coz was accompanied by Abu-Jamal’s lead attorney, Robert R. Bryan, and his legal assistant, Nicole Bryan. The meeting took place in room 17 of the State Correctional Institution (SCI) in Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Reporters Without Borders: As a journalist who continues to work in prison, what are your latest reports focused on? Mumia Abu-Jamal: The prison population in the United States is the highest in the world. Over the past year, for the first time in 38 years, the prison population declined.

Some states, like California or Michigan, are taking fewer prisoners because of overcrowding. State budgets are restrained and some prisoners are released because of the economic situation.

Prisons in America are vast and the …

Video: Tony Blair pelted with eggs

War criminal gets what he deserves.

Should not be selling books, should be in prison.

Vote David Miliband and get more of the same?

Mumia Abu-Jamal 'MAD NATION'

[col. writ. 8/29/10] (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal

When people are outraged, angry, or at their wit's end, politicians are abuzz with excitement; for it is precisely at this time when people are at their mercy; and politicians are at their most powerful.

For a people under such a spell can be lead to do almost anything.

In New York today, and various other cities across the U.S., throngs of angry and scared people are being whipped like cream by politicians and media to take their emotions out on places of worship.

What riles them is that this is a Muslim religious and cultural complex.

Islam did not attack the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001. 19 men from several countries did.

No country sanctioned it, not even the leaders of Afghanistan at the time.

But thanks to the media and their political whores, we are in a tizzy about something supposedly guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.

Fear sells....and anger sells, and before you know it, people are in the gr…

Hugo Blanco 'ecologist your mother'

In 1963 the great Che Guevara praised a guerilla leader from Peru. Nothing unusual in that you might think, after all he was himself an Argentinian who helped to liberate Cuba, fought in Africa and died attempting to free Bolivia.

However only once did Che praise a leader of Trotsky's Fourth International. Daggers were drawn between two sides of the fallout among the Soviet leaders of the 1930s and to praise a Trotskyist was heresy for followers of the Cuban revolution.

Che said: "Hugo Blanco is the head of one of the guerilla movements in Peru. He struggled stubbornly but the repression was strong.

"I don't know what his tactics of struggle were, but his fall does not signify the end of the movement. It is only a man that has fallen, but not the movement. "One time, when we were preparing to make our landing from the Granma, and when there was great risk that all of us would be killed, Fidel said: 'What is more important than all of us is the example we set…

My 7th book published today!

My No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics is now on sale, you can get it from New Internationalist or good book shops or Amazon.

Here is the Foreward from Nandor, a former New Zealand MP and a good friend, see what you think.

The agenda of the international green movement will
dominate the next century, as the demands of the
labor movement (and the responses of capitalism to
them) dominated the last. What that agenda is, its
boundaries and dynamics, remains fluid although its
broad thrust is clear. In this book Derek Wall sets
out the foundations of green philosophy as it has
spontaneously developed in various places around the
world, as well as articulating the major points of debate
and disagreement. In doing so, he has made green
political ideas more accessible and understandable to
a general audience

Importantly, Derek does not shy away from the
most contentious arguments that have riven some
green organizations. The question of whether green
politics is left politics has caused considerable tension