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Dominican Republic to abolish indigenous people

Just got this from Intercontinental Cry A new piece of legislation has been proposed in the Dominican Republic that would effectively erase the country's Indigenous population---the Taino. According to a recent article on Dominican Today, the "Dominican Republic Electoral Law Reform" Bill identifies just three ethnicities for the country's new citizen ID cards. Those ethnicities are Mulatto, black and white. While the country's Indigenous population has been reduced by roughly 98 per cent since 1492, according to some estimates, that population continues to exist. An emergency petition has been set up to stop to the Bill from being ratified. You can sign the petition at Dominican Legislation Eradicates 'Indians' Mulatto, black and white will be the only colors among Dominicans and will be stated thus in the citizens ID cards (cedula), effectively eradicating the nation's "Indians." The b…

Osborne biofuel expansion will kill!

Dear friends,

the UK Government is consulting on the level of subsidies for all types of electricity which they class as renewable – including biomass power stations and electricity from biofuels (including palm oil). Their proposal is to continue to support biomass on an unlimited scale – even more than at present as far as co-firing of biomass with coal is concerned. They also propose  to support the burning of up to 400,000 tonnes of biofuels for electricity per year (on top of the large-scale use of biofuels for transport).  If all those biofuels were palm oil – a realistic prospect given that this is by far the cheapest vegetable oil – then 110,000 hectares of new oil palm plantations would be needed.

Those subsidies mean more deforestation and climate change, more land-grabbing for tree plantations and thus more human rights abuses and more people going hungry.  At the same time, the Government is drastically cutting subsidies for solar PV and are proposing to cut back on subsidi…

Economic Democracy for the Occupy generation

A number of us are supporting a motion to support Economic Democracy for the next Green Party conference in the spring,  Peter Tatchell has set the ball rolling and thanks to his work we now have the following proposal:

To help prevent a repeat economic meltdown, we need greater economic democracy, participation, transparency, decentralisation and accountability. There are four ways we could achieve this:
* Make corporate negligence and recklessness an explicit criminal offence, to reign in big business sharks and ensure more responsible economic management. Bankers and company bosses should not be able to wreck whole economies and squander with impunity people’s jobs, pensions and savings. They ought to be held personally liable for damaging corporate decisions. This spectre of legal penalties is likely to result in more prudent corporate governance.
* Require medium and large-sized companies to be accountable to their employees and to the general public by including on their management…

Don't ask is Ferguson a racist? (because he will sue your arse!)

Niall Ferguson is suing over the review of his latest book on the imperial legacy (see below).  Empires work by stealing peoples land, removing their rights and then lying about what has happened.  You can call this civilization if you like

You can judge Ferguson by this on indigenous peoples in America, where he notes simply:

The Apache and the Navajo had all sorts of admirable traits. In the absence of literacy we don’t know what they were because they didn’t write them down. We do know they killed a hell of a lot of bison. But had they been left to their own devices, I don’t think we’d have anything remotely resembling the civilisation we’ve had in North America. He is also a modest guy as you can read here, 'it seems to be becoming de rigueur for mediocrities to build their fame on attacking those more successful than them."

Any how read the review while you can (i.e before he closes the LRB) and see what you think:

‘Civilisation’s going to pieces,’ Tom Buchanan, the Yale-ed…


I have decided to support this motion to go to the next Green Party of England and Wales conference in the spring.GREEN PARTY TRADE UNION LIAISON OFFICER This conference believes that the Green Party England Wales (GPEW) shares many positive common aims and objectives with individual Trade Unions and the Trade Union movement as a whole in defending workers conditions and public services. We further recognise that the workers movement is becoming more open to our ideas on the need to change society to one that is sustainable economically, including the Green New Deal and our campaign for 1 million green jobs as against that of unfettered capitalism that is so wrecking people's lives. We note that some local parties and candidates have received positive support from a number of trade unions including moral, practical and financial support for our campaigns and individual candidates, but recognise that while this is an excellent development the party could gain further support…

Feed the world tour continues!

November 20 Glasgow Hosted by Scottish Socialist Party 2pm, Creation Studios16 Trongate Glasgow G1 5EU November 21 Newcastle hosted by Newcastle University International Development Society, 6pm at Room 2.22 at the Old Library Building (Research Beehive), Newcastle University ( entrance from Queen Victoria Rd near and opposite RVI – also possible from Claremont Rd or Claremont Walk. November 22 Wigan hosted by Wigan Green Socialists, Socialist Resistance and Green Left : Tuesday, 7:30pm – 10:00pm Friends’ Meeting House, 76 Swinley Lane (see Map @ November 24 Oxford 7.30pm , Oxford Town Hall St Aldate’s, 40 Pembroke Street, Oxford OX1 1BX
Tour of Philipina Ecosocialist We live in a world where soil erosion, desertification and famine is an ever-increasing reality for millions of poor people. At the same time the profits of large landowners and supermarkets continue to soar. The issues of food production and food sovereignty – who controls the production, sal…


CWU Bristol Branch Secretary Dave Wilshire said:
"'Occupy Bristol' and our Bristol Capita members are fighting the same battle. Capita is a money-rich employer that is forcing many of its workers to survive on a minimum wage when they are making profits of a million pounds a day. So far as the CWU is concerned, 'Occupy Bristol' can camp out at Capita for as long as they like. We salute thier idealism and determination. 3,500 CWU members in Bristol and District, including our Capita strikers, have already made the link between anti-capitalism and anti-Capita, and we invite others to visit our picket-line camp to support us today."

Capita TVL facing Third one day strike by CWU members in Bristol .
Nationally members of the…

Arundhati Roy speaks to occupy (video) please share

Going to be writing about her book on the war in India, 'Broken Republic' for Green Left Weekly soon.

Great activist and impressive novelist.

Nun who fought for Tribal rights beheaded

Just had this from one of my friends in India

'This is an odd story, but rather resonant. A Catholic Nun who was fighting for Tribal rights was beheaded by a group of men, after receiving threats from the local coal mafia.

I think this illustrates another aspect of "Dirty Coal"'

Catholic nun Valsa John (52), who was involved in a movement against displacement of tribal people by coal mining companies in Jharkhand, was murdered early on Wednesday. The killing occurred at Bachuwari village of Pakur district, 430 km from here. The police suspect that a coal mafia is behind it.

In the immediate context, she had been protesting against the functioning of a private coal mine in Pakur district. She was staying at Bachwari for the last 12 years, all by herself. She was seeking to protect the interests of the Santhal tribe, some members of which were displaced by the Panem Coal Mines.

According to the police, some unidentified men approached her house around midnight. When …

Reoccupy Wall Street!

Statement from Occupy Wall Street

To occupy is to embody the spirit of liberation that we wish to manifest in our society. It is to exercise our freedom to assemble. We are creating space for community, values, ideas, and a level of meaningful dialogue that is absent in the present discourse.
Liberated space is breaking free of isolation, breaking down the walls that literally and figuratively separate us from one another. It is a new focus on community, trust, love and hope. We occupy to create a vision of equality, liberty and social justice onto the blank paving stones of public parks, in the silent hallways of abandoned schools, banks, and beyond. Public space plays a crucial role in this civic process and encourages open, transparent organizing in our movement. As we have seen in Liberty Square, outdoor space invites people to listen, speak, share, learn, and act.
Last night, billionaire Michael Bloomberg sent a massive police force to evict members of the public from Liberty Squar…

Economics for Occupy (Alternatives to Capitalism) Derek Wall @ #occupystpauls


Never forget the millions killed in futile wars!

I met Heather Tanner in the early 1980s, she was in her 80s and told me of how she became a life long anti-war activist because her beloved brother was killed a minute or two before the end of the first world war, the 11 minute, of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a ritual date that through its neatness killed him. Never forget!

Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build the big bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks You that never done nothin’
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it’s your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly Like Judas of old
You lie and deceive
A world war can be won
You want me to believe
But I see through your eyes
And I see through your brain
Like I see through the water
That runs down my drain You fasten the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you …

PhD students occupy against Euro dictatorship

Greece and now Italy are ruled by European bank-o-crats.

Democracy has ended.

To keep the  bond markets happy no doubt a coup in Britain would be appropriate.

European voters have no say, schools, hospitals, clinics shut, wages slashed, so derivative markets can continue.

Nice to see phd students occupy in protest at European Council President Herman Van Rompuy:

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council and the very personification of the undemocratic and unaccountable European technocracy, was treated to an unpleasant surprise today. As he delivered a lecture on the political and economic challenges for Europe at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy, a group of about 50 PhD researchers occupied the university and interrupted his speech, holding up banners with a straightforward reminder: ‘Democracy?’
When the banners were raised, attendants spontaneously began to applaud incessantly, silencing the President, who was visibly frustrated. But having previ…

This saturday ULU 'Feed the world without destroying the planet: A seminar on food sovereignty'

November 12, 11-5.30

Registration 10.30.

University of London Union,

Malet Street, London WC1

Organised by Socialist Resistance and Green Left


11- 1.30 Introductory plenary

1.30-2.30 Lunch

2.30-4.00 Workshops

Women and Food Sovereignty

Agribusiness and the supermarkets

Land rights not Land grabs

Food Sovereignty and Climate change

4.15-5.30 Closing Plenary

With Maria Neri Pampilo

Maria has worked for CONZARRD since the mid 1990’s.CONZARRD is a grouping of popular and non-governmental organisations working on agrarian reform and rural development in Mindanao, in the Philippines. For CONZARRD organic farming is not a luxury – but essential to the survival of the famers.Organic rice for example is more resilient against both disease and flooding as well as cheaper. Organic fertiliser, produced locally enriches the soil rather than depleting it in the way chemical fertiliser does.

Other principal speakers inclu…

Protest and we will maim you?

Rubber Bullets agreed for use by police at Student Demonstrations Responding to the Met Police's statement on the potential use of ‘baton rounds' (similar to rubber bullets) at this week's student protests over tuition fees, Green Party Mayoral Candidate Jenny Jones said: "Any officer that shoots a student with a baton round will have to answer to the whole of London. "How did we come to this? An unpopular government pushing ahead with policies that are all pain and no gain, relying on police armed with plastic bullets to deal with young people who complain about it all. "The police should never be put in the position where they are seen as the last defence of an unpopular government. The police have a duty to facilitate peaceful demonstrations, which is why all this talk of baton rounds is very unhelpful as it will stop ordinary people from exercising their right to protest. "The Mayor of London should be telling the Met police to calm things down, rat…

So if capitalism doesn't work what do you suggest instead!

Great to speak at Occupy London on capitalism and alternatives, I argued capitalism is innately flawed but the commons provides a democratic and ecological alternatives.

 Lets not be dogmatic but lets look at how collective and ecological property rights might work.
Marx is excellent on the 'macro' how commons were destroyed and the possibility of their restoration.
Elinor Ostrom is very good on 'micro' case studies on actual commons showing where they work and where they don't.
We can have an economy the suffers human need without wrecking the environment.
SOME LINKS (incomplete but to get you started no claim to be exhaustive or any other claims in fact)
John Bellamy Foster
David Harvey
Reclaiming the commons
Prosperity without Growth, Economics after capitalism
Marxist Internet Archi…

Video of Caroline Lucas MP speaking at Occupylsx

Great speech.

'We will fight it every step of the way' 'biggest lie of all is there is no alternative'

oh and catch me tomorrow.

'What is capitalism and what are the alterantives' 2pm, Occupy London at St Pauls.

See you there!

Green Left backs Mark Campbell as UCU secretary

“"Green Left puts full support behind Mark Campbell as a candidate in the up coming UCU General Secretary Election. The group recognises the need for trade unions to have active, rank and file leadership, responsive to grass roots activists and that as a General Secretary candidate, Mark embodies this within UCU.

We welcome Mark’s decision, if elected, to only draw his lecturer’s salary, and only to accept increases which have been won for union members. We feel that this is an important connection between the union’s apparatus and the members. We are disappointed that Mark has been portrayed by other candidates as an “SWP candidate” and want to make it clear that he commands support from a significantly wider constituency."

'Greens continue to prosper where Labour fears to tread'

Caption Ed Milband speech bubble 'I wish I had Caroline's vision and radicalism'?
This is worth reading from the Brighton Politics Blogger, glad to see my party growing and standing for justice and change:
Bravely, four weeks after the event, when he knew which way the tide was running, and taking his lead from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Ed Miliband has come our, unequivocally in favour of the protest campers outside St. Paul’s Cathedral. Well, almost. Writing in today’s Observer he carefully distances himself from the “long list of diverse and often impractical proposals” of the protesters. At least he recognises that the Occupy London protest and similar protests around the country and the world as “danger signals” that only “the most reckless will ignore”. Miliband writes: “the challenges that they reflect a crisis of concern for millions of people about the biggest issue of our time: the gap between their values and the way our country is run ….. I am determined tha…

Caroline Lucas at Occupy London today

And I am running a little workshop on 'capitalism' tuesday 2pm.

Lots happening tomorrow, just cut and pasted this to tempt you'all.

Sunday 6th November 11am Tent City University at St Paul’s – ‘Reflections: a media perspective’ - Three weeks into the occupation, deputy comment editor of the Guardian, Libby Brooks and special correspondent Audrey Gillan review mainstream media coverage of the occupation, reflecting on the challenges the movement faces in terms of courting positive media attention as well as the challenges the media face in reporting about a networked global movement that operates in an unorthodox way and cannot be defined in simple soundbites. There will also be other invited journalists 1pm – General assembly - This is the forum through which members of the camp update the rest of the camp, make decisions through consensus voting. Members of the public are welcome to get involved 2pm – 5pm – Cut cut copy shop for a new wor(l)d order at TCU - Delaina Haslam an…