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Governments have no power says bond trader, Goldman Sachs rules the world

Markets can only think instant profit.

Speculation is going to kill the economy.

Capitalism is going to kill the planet.

Politicians like Clegg, Cameron and Miliband race to see who can do the most for bond traders.

We must resist or face oblivion.

Juan Carlos Medina Edmund killed as armed settlers try to seize indigenous land

This is my largely google translation, if you leer Spanish look at the original here

AIDESEP,September 23,2011.

Anattackagainst indigenous peopleswas committedtoday, asJuan CarlosMedinaEdmund, of theCantashcommunity, in the province ofPadre Abad,Ucayaliregion, diedas a result ofthe continued fightingand disputes witha group of settlerswho areattemptingto expel Awajún peoplefrom thetheir ancestral land locally.
Thecommunity leader, LeonidasYuan, said thatthissituation is already intolerablebecauseindigenous people aretitling theirancestral landswith the Ministryof Agriculture, however, this processisslowmovingandthat the dispute has claimed, once again, the life ofanIndianbrother. The indigenous population were dismayed to find Juan CarlosMedinaEdmund and are demanding that the killers are found and justice is done.

Therefore, theyurged thePeruvian justice, theOmbudsmanto visit the area,intervene and deal with  thisconflict createdby a group of armed settlersliving in the area.

Armed settl…

They fight and win 'Each person does their work'

The current issue of New Internationalist is superb.

It focusses on the resistance of indigenous people to capitalism.

It has a special emphasis on Peru and  on those like my friend and mentor Hugo Blanco, the Quechua leader active since the late 1950s and Aidesep.

Dig deep and subscribe to New Internationalist, this is excellent and inspiring.

I think I am more positive about Humala, imperfect  as he is, he defeated a hard right candidate, the indigenous backed him and he went to Bagua and pledged his allegience to the forest people.

In the UK the idea of even an imperfect Prime Minister would be utopian, lets face it they are rubbish and serve only vested interests, I am reluctant as an English citizen to comment on the imperfections of the left abroad where we have such poor leaders with such poisoned visions as Miliband, Clegg and Cameron.

Left leaders open space and the social movements/indigenous are in charge in parts of Peru, their militancy is key to ecosocialist victories. …

Reverend Billy sermon for Wall Street


Greens say Private Finance Initiatives should be 'nationalised'

Following today’s revelation that more than 60 hospitals cannot afford the rising cost of private finance initiative schemes, the Green Party calls on the Government to call these PFI schemes in.
The NHS faces a bill of £65billion for new hospitals built under PFI schemes and some NHS Trusts face annual repayments of more than 10% of their turnover. It has been claimed that across 154 different PFI projects, over £500 million of profits have been generated.
Penny Kemp, Green Party spokesperson said, “These PFI companies make huge profits. The National Audit office claimed one deal on a hospital in Bromley gave a return for the PFI contractors of more than 70%. In a time of economic austerity, this is scandalous.
"Furthermore, even the Government has no idea how much profit is being generated by the selling of private finance initiatives by construction and investment operators to other funds on a secondary PFI market.”
The Green Party believes that Private Finance Initiative needs to…

US represses protests, citizens beaten, news black out

Occupy Wall Street, no media coverage, because even the 'liberal' US media is part of the military-industrial capitalist corporate set up.

#OccupyWallStreet Description #occupywallstreet, is an ongoing nonviolent demonstration opposing what participants view as negative corporate influence over U.S. politics. It was inspired by the Arab Spring movement, particularly the protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square which resulted in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. The aim of the demonstration is to begin a sustained occupation of Wall Street, the financial district of New York City. Organizers intend for the occupation to last "a few months. Website

The Green Party needs to defend ' most people’s living standards'

Pete Kennedy joins the Green Party class and ethnicity debate, kicked off by Caroline Lucas,  and continued by Sean Thompson of Green Left, thanks Pete.
My argument is that the Green Party needs to position itself as the most obvious electoral ally and ultimately, servant to the varied ‘bloc’ of social forces fighting the realities of neoliberalism in the UK. This would go far beyond what parties such as Respect have aimed for and achieved, which involved focusing on a fairly narrow community. This indeed allowed short term electoral success in limited areas of the country, but did not involve the inclusion of a wider bloc of social groups/forces (although the successes it did achieve should not be denigrated or downplayed, and offers some lessons for The Green Party). Aligning and becoming a part of the energy, commitment and passion of the various social forces at work contesting the current political economy, while offering political coherence via an organised, yet democratic party…

Is Luke Akehurst a pr man for merchants of death?

'Labour Party activist since 1988 - firmly on the moderate wing of the party. Elected to Labour’s NEC as a CLP Representative in 2010. National Secretary of Labour Students 1995-6. Parliamentary candidate for Aldershot (2001) and Castle Point (2005). Hackney Councillor (Chatham Ward) since 2002, Labour Group Chief Whip 2002-09, Chair of Health Scrutiny. Supporter of Europe, NATO/nuclear deterrence, Israel, electoral reform. Guardian reader. Dad. Stoke Newington resident. Unite union member. Employment history as a Labour Party Organiser, Local Government Political Assistant, Director at a Public Affairs company. '

All is fair I suppose in love, war and politics, so I only read Luke Akehurst and Linda Smith's
article on how to oppose the Green Party with mild irritation.

Its of course a feel bad piece, not about how the Labour Party can out 'green' or 'out left' we
Green Party lovely it really would to see England's rubbish dominant partie…

Peter Tatchell 'Obama's intransigence on Palestine risks a new intifada - and war'

Obama's intransigence on Palestine risks a new intifada - and war

Statehood recognition is vital to break log-jam in peace process

By Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner

Huffington Post UK - London - 23 September 2011

The Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations is a welcome, long overdue catharsis. It has shaken up the moribund peace process; putting the plight of the Palestinians on the world stage like no other initiative for decades.

Whether you love or loathe the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, he has orchestrated a political master-stroke, which is forcing the US and Israel to stop ignoring the just Palestinian demand for their own independent state. After years of stalemate and log-jam, peace settlement negotiations are back on the agenda.

The Palestinian people have a right to a self-governing homeland, just like the Jewish people and all people's everywhere. Self-determination is enshrined in the UN Charter. So why h…

Call the Lib Dem traitors means straight to jail with no bail.

God never thought the Liberal Democrats would degenerate so fast but they are well on the way to being a hard right authoritarian party.

No walk outs or protests at the conference at the news that student protesters were imprisoned and refused bail.

The Liberal Democrats lied to students about fees and students who protest are severely repressed.

Isn't it ironic that the party that promoted civil rights is now a party that believes in throwing the book at those who dare protest (at it).

Any how if you can get along to this, you may not be a student but protest and the Liberal Democrats will support your imprisonment.

With the economic crisis protest will increase in scale and no doubt the Lib Dems will be at the forefront of those calling for harsh penalties as the homeless, the sick, the terminally ill and unemployed raise their voices.

Lets face it the phrase 'Liberal Democrat' is increasingly used just as a form of abuse, as in 'You you Liberal Democrat' used at the h…

Palestine Demo report back

Thanks to Joseph at Cabbages and Kings for this

Photos from last night's demo in support of the recogntion of Palestine
outside Downing St. Several Greens, including Shahrar Ali, Peter Tatchell
and I were present and the meeting was addressed by, among others, the
Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Jeremy Corbyn MP, and representatives of

The orthodox Jews who were with us were the recipients of some real abuse
from those attending the nearby pro-Israel demo but stood their ground.
The meeting was also told that the Labour Party had now voted to recognise
the state of Palestine.

The vote in the UN is tomorrow.

Joseph Healy

Protest Labour Party repression of Manchester socialist stalls

Well welcome to repression Britain, the Labour Party are the police and the police work for the corporations....protest and you are in trouble,  RCG and SWP stalls were attacked last saturday in Manchester.

RCG/FRFI Protest call here

The Labour Council in Manchester has begun a serious attack on the democratic right to protest. Last Saturday for the second week in a row council officials backed up by the police attacked political stalls on Market st, both FRFI and the SWP had their stalls confiscated. This Tuesday evening a campaign meeting with representatives of many different groups agreed to mobilise as many people and stalls as possible to go on Market Street this coming Saturday 12-3pm. It is vitally important that we defend our basic democratic right to effectively campaign.
Support the call this Saturday! Defend the Right to Protest!

Solidarity statement here

PLEASE SIGN THE STATEMENT... See below for details.

On Saturday 17th September for the second week in a row the council, ba…

Green Party unattractive to ethnic minorities and working people?

Sean Thompson from Green Left takes up the theme of how the Green Party can get a little more diverse, in response to article from Caroline Lucas our leader discussing why we are too white.

Caroline makes good points; it's important that the party recognises that it's make-up is too white and too middle class.

However, the key point to recognise is that this has not been discussed to any degree by the party at any level and that there are no measures at all, in place or under discussion, to counter this. And it is absolutely not a matter of simply having 'policies which will attract BAMER members' and even less of selecting candidates for winnable seats.

Our formal policies are anti war, anti racist, redistributive and civil libertarian, all of which should make them/us attractive to ethnic minority communities. Indeed, our policies are, for the most part, indistinguishable from those of Respect, which had (and residually has) a small but significant base within Benga…

Indigenous message, 'You have failed on climate change, put us in charge'

Neo-liberal politicians use climate change as an excuse to fatten their bank balances and give more money to banks for carbon trading.

Green politicians sadly are not in the vanguard of the green politics but the indigenous have agency.

I rate Aidesep very highly, from the selva they have achieved major political change in Peru.

90 Indigenous Organizations Say YES To Action Plan For Survival And
Protection Of Life

By Ahni
In recent weeks, Indigenous representatives from 90 organizations in
the Amazon region unanimously approved a new action plan that calls
for an Amazon-wide "consolidation" for the survival of ancestral
knowledge and the protection of forests, water, biodiversity and the

Photo from the First Regional Amazonian Summit, August 15-18, 2011. Credit COICA

The action plan, titled, "The Manaus Mandate: Indigenous Action for
Life" is the end result of the First Regional Amazonian Summit, which
took place in Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state…

Save Heatherwood Hospital

Public Meeting

Wednesday 28th September 7.30pm

Windsor Boys School

Maidenhead Road, Windsor

The local NHS managers have announced that they are implementing £37 million of cuts. They wish to close Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot and are considering the closure of King Edward VII in Windsor and St.Marks in Maidenhead.

The fight is now on to save our NHS from Coalition cuts.

Come to the public meeting to hear about the campaign to save Heatherwood and our services. We will discuss how we can beat these cuts.

Shuar shut down river traffic as Canadian oil company assualts their land

There is a war on this planet, the Shuar  ('the people') are on the front line, support them. 

Just stuck this in google translate from the Aidesep website. Spread the word, brave people fighting for prosperity that reflects local needs and ecology!

Remember British, Canadian and US politicians would love to get their hands sticky with oil ripped out of the Amazon, give them grief!

AIDESEP,September 16,2011.ShuarIndigenous peoplesof Morona,DatemprovinceMarañón, Loreto region, announcedthe blockade of theriver trafficof the riverMarañón as a protest againstthe incursion of theCanadian oil companyTalisman, which startedexploration and productionactivitiesin Block64,without conductingaconsultationprocessand agreementswithin the framework ofrespect for the people.
Througha public statement, the OrganizationofMoronaShuar-OSHDEM, whichrepresents 20communities in the area, proposed to theregional government,and district levelsto assist ingenerating a process ofindigenous developmentthat …

A day of war in Afghanistan costs 100 nurses

Britain is spending tens of billions waging the unjustified war in Afghanistan, with horrific costs in the deaths of thousands of Afghan civilians, and of soldiers sent to kill and be killed. This video, narrated by Tony Benn with music by Brian Eno, dramatically conveys the cost of wars which are opposed by most people in Britain. It ends with a call to join the Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on 8 October:

'Passionate, concise and lively'

Why Noise Matters

John Stewart

Wednesday 21 September at 6.30pm

At Bookmarks £2 entry redeemable against any purchase on the night, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QE

Is noise the most neglected green issue of our age? This book argues compellingly that it is, and tells you all you need to know about noise as a social, cultural, environmental and health issue.

Across the world, more people are disturbed by noise in their day-today lives than by any other pollutant on Earth. From the shanty towns of Mumbai to the smart boulevards of Paris, noise is a problem. It is damaging people's health, costing billions, and threatening the world's natural sound systems in the same way that climate change is altering its eco-systems.

Drawing on evidence from all over the world, this book showcases policies and strategies that have worked to decrease noise pollution, and offers lessons for policymakers and environmental health professionals, campaigners and any individual affected by noise. Written by a…

Mumia's Lawyer at public meeting in London this friday

Mumia, decades on death row, is the prophet pure and simple.

Base your politics on Mumia and you will not go wrong!

Details here

Date:Friday, 16 September 2011 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm Location: Trinity Reformed Church, Buck St, London NW1 8NJ, Camden Town Accessible entrance, accessible toilet nearby. Christina Swarns (NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund), Mumia Abu-Jamal’s lead lawyer, will be in London on 16th September for one day. She will speak about the latest developments in his case. Ms Swarns has been part of the Abu-Jamal legal team for some years. Her submissions on the issue of racism in jury selection were a crucial part of the appeal submitted in May 2007. Ms Swarns visits just as a new book by Mumia (as he is known to millions) is launched in the UK. Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v the USA speaks for the creative and determined movement of prisoners who use the law against the legal establishment. It is published just as prisoners in the US demonstrate the…

'Environmentalists don’t like to use the “c” word for risk of offence, but it’s about “capitalism”.'

Ecosocialism cuts to roots of ecological crisis Saturday, September 10, 2011 Aidesep —a federation of over 40 Indigenous groups in Peru — have used non-violent direct action to stop the destruction of the Amazon. British-based economist, activist and writer Derek Wall is a member of the Green Party of England and Wales and is the author of several books on ecology and politics. Wall will speak via video link at the Climate Change Social Change activist conference in Melbourne over September 30 to October 3. He maintains the ecosocialist blog Another Green World.

 He spoke to Green Left Weekly’s Simon Butler about the politics of ecosocialism.

 * * * What are the most valuable insights ecosocialists can bring to discussions about the source of our ecological problems? Ecosocialism, without being reductionist, cuts to the roots of the ecological crisis. The destruction of the environment is not an accident. It is not simply a problem of false ideas and it is not a product of i…

Demonstration at US Embassy London in memory of the Attica Prison Uprising in 1971

Demonstration at US Embassy London in memory of the Attica Prison Uprising in 1971 calling for release of United States Political Prisoners. Organised by The Pan-Afrikan Voice and The Free Mumia Abu Jamal Campaign in United Kingdom. The Demonstration will be between 5-7pm on the 13th September 2011

Caroline Lucas condemns 'greed-based economy was built on sand'

For years, we have spoken of the dangers our country faces from within. How globalisation and unrestrained capitalism have been eating away at the fabric of our society. How big corporations and cynical marketing have left people feeling manipulated and exploited. How consumerism excludes those who don’t have money and enslaves those who do. How, in a society where individuals are defined as consumers not as citizens, those who cannot afford to consume effectively become non-citizens . And we’ve spelt out how this greed-based economy was built on sand. On the myth of cheap resources and on exploitation. Alienation. The undermining of community spirit. These are the practical effects of decisions by government. Starving local authorities of the means to provide alternatives for young people. We pointed out how crime was a symptom of this malaise. How unless you got to the roots of these issues, then building more prisons or putting more…