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Mumia Abu-Jamal on climate change


As millions come to grips with the claimed agreements emerging from the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, it's impossible to resist the suspicion that politics can provide no solution to the serious environmental and ecological problems facing the earth.
Despite the absurdity of shout shows which daily disparage global warming, it is a fact that sea ice in the Arctic is melting, as are Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets.  This, coupled with melting glacial  ice in places like the Himalayas, spells climate change that threatens disaster for millions of people in the region of Bangladesh, and the Indian state of West Bengal.

It means both flooding and drought, increased heat, more disease and the destruction of human habitat.

Politicians, speaking for their nation states, pledge a lessening of carbon emissions by 2020, thereby ignoring the view of many scientists that if all such emissions ceased today,…

Mumia on the Massacre in Marikina

Dying For A Raise9/3/12 'Dying For A Raise' by Mumia Abu-Jamal Recorded 9-2-12

Peter Tatchell 'Nick Griffin and BNP smear critics'

(reposting Peter Tatchell's article)
False allegations re child sex abuse

Griffin tweets menace & intimidate gay couple

Free speech does not include the right to menace
Huffington Post - London - 19 October 2012

Peter Tatchell, Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, writes about the human rights issues concerning the Nick Griffin tweet scandal:

The far right British National Party (BNP) has been badly stung by criticisms of its leader, Nick Griffin, following his seemingly menacing tweets about the B&B gay couple who won an anti-discrimination case:

It’s particularly enraged by my call - and that of others - for Griffin to be prosecuted.

Faced with widespread public outrage, the BNP is desperately trying to divert attention, and take the heat off Griffin, by launching a smear campaign against its main public critics, Liberty and myself.

On twitter, Griffin has today falsely suggested that both of us have supported child sex abuse and endor…

To tackle both austerity and climate change we need to create an alternative economic logic.

Money needs to be used to fund alternatives to extracting oil. Solutions based on bringing a halt to extraction are always condemned as unrealistic, but they're the only way to stop sawing away at that branch.
Business as usual is rapidly becoming impossible. But simply halting extraction could leave all of us in trouble since we're so dependent on fossil fuels.
We need a just transition, with workplace conversion to create alternatives to the polluting industries.
The present approach, doing little or nothing, leaves future generations with an impossible bill to pick up.
The logic is just the same as with the banking crisis. Here too, short-term thinking and a system based on greed led to disaster in 2008, yet the debts created are being forced on the poorest in the form of austerity cuts.
Do nothing or accelerate the damage until it's too late - then make the rest of us pay for the mistakes of the rich and powerful.
It's an approach that must b…


For a Future That Doesn't Cost the Earth!
Against Austerity, For Climate Justice!

We are people from many different environmental campaigns. We are joining the TUC march on 20 October to be part of a huge popular challenge to austerity and the misery and hopelessness it is creating. We will march together on the 20th to raise the crucial question of tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of A Future That Works. Dealing with these issues together is possible, necessary and desirable. The climate is changing dramatically, and we are already seeing huge impacts on food prices and energy costs.

We don’t have to choose between the climate and the economy. The climate crisis and the economic crisis have the same root causes, in an economy rigged in favour of the richest 1%. More and more people are calling for investment in jobs which reduce emissions – for example, in renewable energy, public transport, and insulating our homes, which would make a vital sta…

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett speaks out for nuclear free Middle East

Building towards a nuclear weapons-free Middle East:  civil society input for a new Helsinki process 

CND International Conference,Saturday 13th October 2012   

09.00–10.00    Tea and coffee served on arrival
10.00–10.15 Welcome – Dave Webb, CND Chair
10.15–11.45 Objectives for the 2012 Helsinki Conference on a Middle East Zone free of WMD
Keynote speech: Ambassador Pekka Huhtaniemi, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UK Panel: Regional, Global and Humanitarian Dimensions of Disarmament Rebecca Johnson – CND Vice-President, ICAN Co-Chair Ahmed Saada –Egyptian physician and activist Ghassan Shahrour–Syria Elaheh Rostami-Povey – School of Oriental and African Studies
11.45–12.00Tea break
12.00–13.15Parallel workshops: 
1.Linking Regional and International campaigns to abolish and eliminate nuclear  weapons: Arielle Denis, ICAN Campaigns Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Ernest Rodker, Campaign for a Nuclear–Free Middle East
2. NATO nuclear policies, the Gulf states, and the role of …