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"Today's world is traveling in some strange direction. You see that the world is going toward destruction and violence. And the specialty of violence is to create hatred among people and to create fear. I am a believer in nonviolence and I say that no peace or tranquility will descend upon the people of the world until nonviolence is practiced, because nonviolence is love and it stirs courage in people." Abdul Ghaffar Khan (a.k.a. Badshah Khan: 'Nonviolent Soldier of Islam') "But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs."
(Qur' an 42:43) As an organisation guided by core Islamic principles, we acknowledge that there have been disturbing acts of violence which have taken place, that have been voiced, explicitly or otherwise, to be under the umbrella of Islam. The recent killing in Woolwich, London is one such act. While we believe these acts to be con…

Protect the rights of Filipino workers in Taiwan!

"PRESS RELEASE May 15, 2013 

Demanding and Calling for Urgent Action of the Aquino Administration in Solving the Philippine-Taiwan Dispute and Protecting the Rights and Welfare of Filipino Migrant Workers in Taiwan 

This is in relation to the current face-off of the Philippine and Taiwanese Government which have put the welfare of the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Taiwan at risk. The alleged intentional shooting of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to a Taiwanese fishing boat which was an act of ‘self-defense and were only performing their duty of stopping illegal fishing and poaching inside the Philippine territory’ after claiming that the said boat ‘had tried to ram its vessel near Batanes’ actually killed a 65-year old Taiwanese fisherman. This then flared up the outrage of the Taiwanese not only towards the Philippine government but to the Filipino people. 

As a way of its dissatisfaction to the response from the Philippine government on the matter, it banned the recruitmen…