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Please prioritise #GreenParty motion supporting #Kurds #Rojava

The ballot to priorise motions for Green Party England and Wales spring conference has opened.

You can vote here

And you will need your user name and password for the members site.  Only open to GPEW members.

Please support the Rojava motion!

Rojava and the Kurds Members website discussion here.
Derek Wall*, Adam Ramsay, Alcuin Edwards, Anne Gray, Caroline Allen, Emily Blyth, John Street, Les Levidow, Peter Allen, Robert Price, Ronald Lee.
This motion promotes solidarity with the Kurds in Rojava where they are promoting a self-governing ecological society, feminism and pluralism. Rojava is under attack by Islamic fundamentalists and should be given solidarity.
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“On Rojava and the Kurds
The Kurds of Syria created a self-governing territory in 2012, known as Rojava (Western Kurdistan, Syria), which includes three cantons, Kobane, Afrin and Jazire. Rojava, while predominantly Kurdish contains…

Green Party to review its internal democracy and structures!

Well with over 30,000 members the Green Party of England and Wales is reviewing its structures, do we need to change Green Party Executive, Green Party Regional Council and reboot are internal democracy?
I have been sent the following and would value you other suggestions on governance if you have them I will blog!  This is one perspective parts of which I agree others of which I don't.
IMPORTANT! You probably know that the party is currently consulting on future governance structures. This affects all of us, and the consultation ends on 31st December. At the heart of this are some really deep questions of principle, as well as specifics of how the party is structured. On the principles, I've consulted with a few like-minded colleagues and put together this charter which I hope will help people (if they agree with any of it) respond to the consultation. I would recommend you all to respond to the consultation, but whether you…

MEPs reject plans to ease way for tar sands oil

just had this, good news Press release: Tar sands oil - MEPs reject plans to ease way for tar sands oil MORE O'FERRALL Richard Add to contacts 14:38 Click for online version

Press release – Brussels, 3 December 2014
Tar sands oil MEPs reject plans to ease way for tar sands oil
The European Parliament's environment committee today voted to reject new fuel quality rules proposed by the EU Commission, which failed to include a separate methodology for assessing greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands oil (1). After the vote, Green climate change spokesperson Bas Eickhout, who co-sponsored the rejection, said: "Tar sands oil should not and cannot be part of the European fuel mix. The production of oil from tar sands is not only dirty and damaging to the environment, it also has a far greater impact on climate change than conventional oil. If the EU is serious …

Caroline Lucas says Cameron 'obssession with new roads is environmentally reckless'

Roads funding: Only Greens committed to delivering a real transport revolution

1 December 2014 *Transport policy still heading in the wrong direction *Major new road schemes 'economically questionable as well as environmentally reckless'. The Coalition government’s re-announcement of plans to invest £15bn on roads over the next five years locks in our unhealthy, carbon-intensive transport policy, says the Green Party, the only party committed to delivering a genuine transport revolution. Under the plans - initially announced in 2013 - £15bn will be spent on 100 new road improvement schemes and1,300 new miles of extra lanes will be added to motorways and A roads. More must be done to reduce petrol and diesel use and make walking and cycling safer says the Green Party. Yet more roads are not the answer to our transport crisis. Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “The Prime Minister’s obsession with major new road schemes is economically questionable as well as enviro…

Derek Wall and Robin Hahnel meeting 4th Dec on climate justice.

4 December at 18:00–19:30 in UTC Malet Place Engineering Building, 1.02 (2 Malet Place, Greater London WC1E 7). What strategies and policies should the environmental movement be focusing on? Robin Hahnel, radical economist and environmental activist, is joined by Derek Wall from the Green Party to discuss environmental strategy going forward, evaluating current programmes and what “we” should be doing in preparation for COP 21 in Paris in December 2015.

Derek Wall is International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales. He is a political economist, whose last book was ‘The Sustainable Economics of Elinor Ostrom’. He is a founder of Green Left, the anti-capitalist network in the Green Party. He is also a columnist with the Morning Star and is completing his new book for Pluto ‘The Economics of anti-capita...lism’ which will be published in 2015. You can find him on twitter at @anothergreen.

Robin Hahnel is a radical economist and political activist. He is Professor Emerit…

Kobane solidarity event in London this weekend

Ciwanen Azad Kobane Event
Understanding the Rojava Revolution:

At the Kurdish Community Centre, Haringey
11 Portland Gardens, N4 1HU

Saturday 15 November

5 - 6pm Debate about the Rojava Revolution & the Constitution

6  - 6.30pm Screening of the 'Female State'

Sunday 16 November, 6pm

Kobane Concert with

Koma Zelal
Grup Umut
Hakan Kobane Xan
Ahmed Husseini (Kurdish Poet)

Slide Show;  Food & Drinks; Merchandise for Kobane

All contributions will go to Kobane through Heyva Sor

Organised by Ciwanen Azad, Kurdish Youth Group

Dirty Coal Tour

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The world’s biggest mining company, BHP Billiton, is holding its AGM in London on Thursday 23 October. London Mining Network (LMN) is working with LMN member groups Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Coal Action Network, Coal Action Scotland, Down to Earth, War on Want and WDM, and with People and Planet and Fossil Free Universities groups, to host representatives of Colombian communities affected by the company’s part-owned Cerrejon coal mine and Indonesian organisations working to stop BHP Billiton opening an opencast coal mine in the rainforest of Central Kalimantan.
They’ll be attending the company’s AGM to tell shareholders about the destruction of Colombian communities and livelihoods by the Cerrejon mine and the potential impacts of BHP Billiton’s proposed mine in Indonesia. They’ll speak at a public meeting at University College, London, which is sponsored …

The Resistance of Kobane will Triumph Over Tyranny

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign Statement, 16 October 2014
The Resistance of Kobane will Triumph Over Tyranny
The Kurdish people of Kobane have shown tremendous courage and resilience in their resistance to the ISIS onslaught. The determination of the men and women to fight to defend the territory where they have established democratic self-rule has inspired people across the world.
The Kurds in Kobaneare defending the values of democracy, inclusiveness, respect for difference and gender equality, against a ruthlessly intolerant force that offers only an orgy of bloodletting, carnage, public executions, vile abuse of women and even the repudiation of the right to education, learning and independent thought. The Kurdish resistance, and in particular the brave men and women fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ), represent the hope that these humane values will triumph over a tyranny that would take humanity back to the dark ages.  As such, the Kurds have received widespread re…