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London, 14th September 2015

KURDS TO DEMONSTRATE AT THE DSEI ARMS FAIRKurds are being massacred by the Turkish State and the world is watching…
The 'International Partner' of the Arms Fair is the Turkish government's Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporter's Association.
Right now London is hosting one of the biggest arms fairs in the world, with tanks, guns, drones and missiles being showcased at the DSEIArms Fair in the EXCEL Centre.  Since Monday, protesters have been successfully blocking the vehicles that are transporting the weapons, and even gate-crashingthe set-up inside the EXCEL building.
The 'International Partner' of the Arms Fair is the Turkish government's Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporter's Association. Turkey is keen to promote itself as a key exporter of arms, with Turkish companies building new drones, producing new MPT rifles and designing the Altay battle tank for the Turkish military. Turkey is also developing…

Women goes on trial for allegedly wanting to fight against #ISIS

Shilan Ozcelik trial begins at the Old Bailey*) in first PKK trial in over a decade
The trial against Kurdish woman Shilan Ozcelik, who was arrested in January for allegedly attempting to join the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), will appear in court on Monday 7 September, 2pm, for the first day of her trial. 

The 18 year old was charged with ‘engaging in conduct in preparation to for giving an effect to an intention to commit acts of terrorism’ under section 5 (10) (a) of the Terrorism Act 2006 and has been held on remand in Holloway prison since early March.

Her arrest and charge was met with outrage by the Kurdish community in the UK and supporters of the Kurdish struggle, who condemned it as a blatant example of selective and political criminalisation of the Kurdish community, which has continued since the PKK was listed as a ‘terrorist organisation’ in 2000.

We reject this labelling of the PKK, which we believe confuses the Kurdish people’s legitimate struggle for self-determination wi…

HOW IS POLITICS DONE IN PERU? Protest against neoliberalism and ecocide in Peru.

Editorial from Lucha Indigena by Hugo Blanco via
                                       HOW IS POLITICS DONE IN PERU? According to Ipsos, the Peruvian government has just a 33% approval rating.  According to Gfk, 71% of the people disapprove of what the congress is doing, while 70% disapprove of the judicial branch.           And what is the outlook for next year's elections?  58% say that the political parties do not represent the electorate's interests.  As we have said, voters have a choice for president between three super-corrupt individuals and a citizen of the USA.  And 31% are resigned to the return to power of the thieving murderer Alberto Fujimori.           We are aware that Fujimori is in prison and that the candidate is his daughter, Keiko, but we also know full well that she will pardon him and that it will be he who will govern from home or the presidential palace.  As we have indicated, she did not protest when her father had her mothe…

PYD statement on Turkish threats to militarily intervene in Rojava

Statement to regional and global public opinionInrecent days we have seen threats issued by Turkish officials regarding the possibility to create a military buffer zone in northern Syria. We would like to make some points clear to our people and the international public opinion. 
We are a democratically elected party, working inside the Democratic Self Administration of Rojava, and we strive to respect and maintain the internationally recognized borders. We are furthermore determined to establish friendly relations with our neighbors. We reiterate that we do

Witnessing HDP victory in Turkey: Election monitors report back

Witnessing HDP victory in Turkey: Election monitors report back Where: Committee Room 6, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
When:  Tuesday 7 July 2015 // 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Hosted by Kate Osamor MP Speakers:

Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley,Lecturer in Political Sociology in Department of sociology at Cambridge UniversityMelanie Gingell,human rights lawyer; barrister, Doughty Street ChambersBronwen Jones,family and immigration barrister, Mansfield ChambersJohn Hunt,journalist, writer, and editorSean Hawkey,photojournalist andGreen Party memberDerek Wall,International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales
On 7th May the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, the HDP, won a historic victory in Turkey’s general elections and gained 13.1% of the national vote, surpassing the 10% threshold by a margin unexpected by even their most avid supporters. For the first time in the history of modern Turkey, an openly pro-Kurdish party will officially take up seats in Parliament.

Not only did the resul…

Spinoza and Other Heretics: The Marrano of Reason

Yirmiyahu Yovel shows how Spinoza grounded a philosophical revolution in a radically new principle--the philosophy of immanence, or the idea that this world is all there is--and how he thereby anticipated secularization, the Enlightenment, the disintegration of ghetto life, and the rise of natural science and the liberal-democratic state. The Marrano of Reason The Marrano of Reason finds the origins of the idea of immanence in the culture of Spinoza's Marrano ancestors, Jews in Spain and Portugal who had been forcibly converted to Christianity. Yovel uses their fascinating story to show how the crypto-Jewish life they maintained in the face of the Inquisition mixed Judaism and Christianity in ways that undermined both religions and led to rational skepticism and secularism. He identifies Marrano patterns that recur in Spinoza in a secularized context: a "this-worldly" disposition, a split religious identity, an opposition between inner and outer life, a quest for salvat…

UK election monitors return from Turkey following stunning HDP result


Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

11 June 2015

UK election monitors return from Turkey following stunning HDP result
Six elections monitors who took part in a delegation to observe the Turkey general election last weekend have returned to the UK after a stunning result took the pro-Kurdish HDP into Turkey’s national assembly for the first time.

The group has reported that it witnessed no violations on the election day but was able to clearly observe palpable tensions among the public in Diyarbakir and Gaziantep, where the delegation was based. On the Friday prior to the vote, an explosion at the HDP’s last election rally killed 3 people. Two days after the election, three HDP members were also shot dead at a coffee house.

The delegation included:Sean Hawkey,official representative of the Green Party for England and Wales;Melanie Gingell, human rights lawyer; barrister, Doughty Street Chambers;Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley,Lecturer in Political Sociology in Department of sociology at Cambri…