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Fidel Castro Obituary – by Hugo Blanco

Fidel Castro Obituary – by Hugo Blanco
Fidel is dead, the symbol of the Cuban revolution, headed by him, Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos and other fighters of the 26th of July Movement.
Cuba, an island 90 miles away from the most powerful capitalist country in the world was a centre for corruption, a brothel for the Yankees, a nest for the mafia. That is the Cuba that many of those who have fled to Yankeeland yearn for.

In the era of the dictator Batista and before, workers were crushed. In the country, by landowners. In the city, by capital, like in the rest of Latin America. The abuse was aided by the governments, the courts, the police, the army and the media. Misery and analphabetism were widespread.
Like Carlos Puebla sings: ‘And then came Fidel’ ‘El Comandante came to make it stop’.
He expropriated the foreign sugar and petrol companies, as well as the businesses and lands of other capitalists and landowners. The empire organised the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was crushed by the Cuba…

Działacz Partii Zielonych (Green Party of England and Wales) pochodzenia polskiego potępia ataki na obywateli UE po Brexicie.

Działacz Partii Zielonych (Green Party of England and Wales) pochodzenia polskiego potępia ataki na obywateli UE po Brexicie.
Michał Chantkowski, obywatel UK pochodzenia polskiego oraz Koordynator Programu Politycznego Partii Zielonych w Sunderland (Sunderland Green Party), potępił wzrost ataków, które wystąpiły od momentu ogłoszenia wyników referendum, na obywatelach UE urodzonych poza UK. Partia Zielonych uruchomila wlasnie nowy program członkowski dla imigrantów oraz obywateli UE, którzy nie posiadają brytyjskiego obywatelstwa a chcieliby zostać członkami partii, Michał wydał oświadczenie.  „Wzywamy wszystkie demokratyczne siły w naszym kraju aby jasno i głośno wyraziły swoje potępienie dla rasizmu, dyskryminacji oraz ksenofobii. Ostatnie wydarzenia mają swoje korzenie w ciągłym nakręcaniu spirali strachu, uprzedzeń oraz dezinformacji, rozpowszechnianym przez niektóre siły polityczne w tym kraju. Partia Zielonych Anglii i Walii nigdy nie była, oraz nigdy nie będzie, częścią tego festiwa…

Motion to Green Party conference Expressing Solidarity with Rojava.

Cβ 23. Expressing Solidarity with Rojava.

Proposed by Derek Wall*, Dee Searle, Kieron Merrett, Jack Mcglen, Emily Blyth. Synopsis This motion calls for Turkish government to end military assault on Kurdish communities in South East Turkey, advocates peace talks and calls for unbanning of PKK and freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. This motion promotes solidarity with the Kurds in Rojava where they are promoting a selfgoverning ecological society,

Motion Add into RoPS

Oppose Turkish war against Kurds, solidarity with Rojava.

After a period of peace the Turkish leader Erdogen has carried out attacks against Kurdish communities in South East Turkey. This has reignited the war between the PKK and the Turkish state. We call on Turkish government to end its military assault on Kurdish community and for both Turkey and PKK to end the conflict and negotiated. The historic leader of the Kurds, Abdullah Ocalan has called for a move to purely non violent campaigns for Kurdis…

Natalie Bennett not to stand for third term as Green Party Leader

Green Party press release For immediate release Natalie Bennett not to stand for third term as Green Party Leader * Natalie has led the party through a period of phenomenal growth Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, has announced that she will not to stand for re-election in the Leadership elections, which take place this summer and culminate at the Green Party’s Autumn Conference. During her hugely successful two-term, four-year stint as leader, Natalie has guided the Party through a period of extraordinary growth and increasing impact. Under Natalie’s leadership, the Party has increased its number of MEPs by 50% in the 2014 European Elections, recorded its best-ever result in a General Election in 2015 (amassing over one million votes for the first time and saving 123 deposits compared to 4 in 2010) and, most recently, recorded its best-ever performance in London elections, where Greens are now the undisputed third party. Membership of the Green Party of Englan…


Hugo Blanco is the historic leader of the Peruvian left, at the age of 81, he is still active as editor of Lucha Indigena (Indigenous struggle), here is a recent editorial, you can read Lucha Indigena here

The UN's Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 symbolizes the birth of the imperialist neoliberal system that governs today's world.  Capitalist competition has not disappeared, but the multinational or transnational corporations formed from the agglomeration of capital from many countries is flourishing. Wealth is increasingly concentrated in fewer hands, while poverty spreads among the majority.  The world's richest 1% owns more than the remaining 99% of us.